Chicken wings


Just looking at the nutritional information… I eat (non breaded) hot wings with some regularity…it appears that they have more fat per ounce or per gram of protein than any other part of a chicken …but still way less than many pork and beef products. I—but about the same as a ribeye steak…

CHicken wings and chaffles… now that is a lunch made in heaven assuming I can ignore how that fake maple syrup tastes

(Rebecca ) #2

Oh my goodness…that sounds delicious!! :yum:

(Allie) #3

I love them but can’t eat them since adopting hens… too traumatic for me, it’s like eating their little arms… :flushed: but yeah, they’re very good :joy:

(Edith) #4

We definitely compartmentalize at our house. We would never eat our pet chickens, but have no trouble eating store bought chicken. Hum… I’m not sure why that says about us a people. Probably that we are big hypocrites.

(Marianne) #5

Do you make them or get them out? If you make them, do you bake them or fry? Do you put a sauce on them? Haven’t had wings in 11 months and miss them.


I don’t think so.
My anchestors were peasants and I am sure some of them petted their animals, talked to them and raised them with more care strictly needed before butchered and ate them. I don’t do that but I can consider an animal a friend and eat another animal from the same species… Why not?
Cannibals do that with their own species…
I understand this all and don’t consider any of them hypocrites.

(Bob M) #7

I think if you were around 200 years ago, you would have no qualms about killing them. It’s killing them or starving.


My #1 preference is to smoke them! I buy them as often as I make them (maybe more) since we are blessed with a jillion wings places and they usually have specials (25 cent wings on Tuesdays for example)

I have fried, air fried, and broiled. Smoking is my favorite.

(Edith) #9

True, lol.


And they don’t worry about PUFAs

(Marianne) #11

Wow, the cheapest special around here is $.50/wing.

(Scott) #12

Dry rub is a little more keto but I have a thing for Jerk Wings dipped in blue cheese. At least they fill me up quicker now.

(Rebecca ) #13

Now I want wings!!!


Me too. But in Italy this is not something you can get easily!

(Rebecca ) #15

They practically “walk in the streets” in Pittsburg!! They’re all over the place! :rofl:

(Bob M) #16

I have to say that I’m concerned about PUFAs. I avoid eating fried wings out, for instance. I also try to limit chicken in general.

However, I still eat wings and chicken. I even eat them out sometimes, particularly on vacation. It’s hard enough when eating out, in particular, to get enough meat to eat, and limiting yourself to no chicken makes things harder.

Plus, even I like fried foods and bought my own fryer (use beef tallow though). And many chicken recipes are good and can’t be replicated with beef. There’s no equivalent to chicken wings, for instance.


I meant the cannibals. @Shinita and @VirginiaEdie had mentioned them earlier in the thread. THEY don’t worry about PUFAs. :bacon:


Really? I learn some interesting things about options and popular choices in other countries… I live in Hungary where every part of chicken is beloved (way too many people love chicken feet… I don’t get it, it has no meat, it looks not tempting at all, to put it lightly but still, people love them and able to eat multiple ones and no proper animal parts for a meal), organs are popular but pure fat or just very very fatty pork is popular even more (I get it, it’s great if good quality). Of course, dieters often avoid even chicken skin but normal people aren’t afraid of fat at all. No one ever looked at me strange just because I ate very fatty all my life. It’s normal.
It seems to be very different in other parts of the world…

(Bob M) #19

It’s also the things (if one cares) that chickens and pigs and the like eat:

So, chickens and pork in the US are not the same as they are elsewhere.

(Windmill Tilter) #20

I have questions… :yum:

I’ve kicked around the idea of buying a deep fryer because I love wings more than anything, but I’ve started to avoid in restaurants because they’re always come cooked in vegetable oil and served with soy oil based dressing (that damn “Fire in a Bottle” business has ruined PUFA’s form me…:unamused:). My wife has been patient with my keto eating but she’s not terribly supportive. I’ve held off on buying one, even though it’s the most keto thing ever when you use beef tallow because I think it would freak her. I miss wings enough now that I’m ready to buy one.

What fryer do you use for your beef tallow? Do you preheat the tallow? Do you store it in the fryer or elsewhere? How do you strain it? How many cook cycles do you get out of a tallow batch.

I wasn’t kidding when I said I have questions. Nobody seems to fry with tallow these days so it’s hard to find good info!