Chicken wings

(Troy Mitchell) #21

I like my ninja air fryer. I don’t miss my old fryer.

('Jackie P') #22

OMG now maybe I can’t eat them again either😥

('Jackie P') #23

But … these are my piri piri chicken wings. Shaken with a mix of piri piri seasoning, baking powder (just a tsp, it’s meant to make them crisper) put in my halogen oven for 20 minutes each side. The halogen oven is a bit like an airfryer!

Sometimes I just tuck in or sometimes I melt some butter into some Frank’s extra hot sauce.

(Edith) #24

I just discovered that if you live in an area that has a Buffalo Wild Wings, they deep fry their wings in tallow. I was very excited to find that out. I can stop feeling guilty when I eat their wings.

(Bob M) #25

I use a normal fryer, with the heater element in the area where the oil should be. I put a metal container (and sometimes a jar also) containing the tallow into my sous vide and put water up about 2/3s of the way. I heat to about 130, and you have to do this a while before to get everything heated.

I store in a metal container with top for storing frying oil. I don’t get as many cook cycles out of it as I would like, maybe 5 or so. That’s partly because what you put in there usually has a coating on it, and the coating comes off.

I use a metal strainer + a paper filter to filter it. I have an Infrared Thermometer, and I wait until the tallow gets cool enough, say 140, then run it through the filter/strainer.

I’ll see if I can remember to post the stuff I have, as it’s all from Amazon.