Chicken WIngs: Double Fried

(Raj Seth) #1

I finally discovered chicken wing Nirvana. Double frying. Additional advantage of this method, you can par-fry a huge bunch ahead of time, and finish fry them quickly just before serving - good for the super-bowl party! Of course no one says you have to wait, you can slow fry them, take em out, let the heat build up and drop em right back in for immediate consumption

Cook time: 1 hour


  1. wash and dry chicken wings

  2. heat lard to 225 dF

  3. add wings - crank heat to maximum
    NOTE: unlike when using 425dF oil, the wings dont create a humongous foam up, so you can add a ton of wings if your pot is large enough. I had a gallon of lard in a huge 3 gallon stock pot and added 30-50 wing sections. They just calmly simmered. Of course the oil will cool down, so cranking the heat gets it back up to 212. Oil will not go above 212 (boiling point of water) till the bulk of the water in the wings is gone.

4.Cook for 45 minutes, or until the oil temp goes noticeably above 212, I waited for 235dF (I had a deep fry/candy thermometer in it the entire time)

  1. remove wings from oil. Put aside, or refrigerate, or freeze - as desired.

When ready to serve:
6. Heat lard to 425-450 dF
7. fry wings for a few (2-3) minutes till they stop bubbling vigorously. When fried in lard, they do not get dark brown patches that they get when frying in seed oils - so don’t be fooled if they are only light golden with no dark patches.
8. toss with sauce of choice and YUMMMMMMM

(Allan L) #2

Looks like a very complicated way to cook something that is so simple.

Chicken wings fried in lard for 8 minutes, perfect every time.

The most difficult part of cooking with lard for me personally is heating it up without burning it. Its smoke point is 370oF so anything above that and your frying pan could burst into a fat fire! Heating lard up for only 2 minutes seems like a lot of effort!

(Raj Seth) #3

Yes - it certainly seems like it - but I am a chicken wing snob - I make them all the time - and this double fry method yielded wings like no others before…
I dont use a frying pan - I deep fry them in a big stock pot…
once you try them this way - you will wonder why you ever did them any other way…

(Thomas) #4

I usually oven roast them ahead of time then fry in light tasting olive oil or peanut oil for serving. Lard sounds like a delicious way to do it, unfortunately all the lard I can find around here is partially hydrogenated.

(Raj Seth) #5

Make your own tallow from beef fat!