Chicken skin as a wrap!

(Candra ) #1

I just saw a recipe for “Fried chicken egg rolls” where the author uses chicken skins as the egg roll wrapper! Although I haven’t had the opportunely to make the recipe yet it got me pondering all of the possibilities!!!

I cook a lot of chicken every week for meals and for dog food so I always have a lot of skin. I usually leave the skin on while cooking the chicken and then eat some while it’s hot with salt or save it to fry up for a fat bomb.

So I am wondering … what other things could I wrap in chicken skin? I am thinking taquitos with chicken and cheese dipped in guacamole would be awesome! I also make a chicken roll that I wrap in bacon and bake so am thinking I could use chicken skin instead.

Do any of you use the skin in recipes or as a wrap?

(Michelle) #2

GAME CHANGED!!! I never thought of this (well, of course, because I have very rudimentary cooking skills). But, this could totally change the way I cook! I will check it out and see if it’s outside my zone or not.

(betsy.rome) #3

I’ve never tried chicken skin as a wrap, but holy moly, dice it up into 1" pieces and fry in avocado oil or chicken fat - better than pork rinds! I bet those egg rolls are good.

(Candra ) #4

Genius, right??? I did a head slap! Wish I had thought of that!

(Candra ) #5

I adore fried chicken skin! It is my favorite part of cooking chicken!

At my house we cook a lot of chicken leg quarters for my dog’s food (he has sensitive belly) and we call it “chicken day!!” We always cook a little extra that we can eat while hot and fry up some skin! I live for chicken day! I also have a ton of great chicken broth in my freezer!


No but it is a great idea

(matt ) #7

I like this!!

(Andrew Anderson) #8

When i roast chicken I take the dark, my wife takes the breasts, and gives me the skin. Perfect marriage.

(Candra ) #9

As long as I get a wing I am happy!! And the giblets go to me … and the tail (I know … I’m the weirdo of the family!)

(Rebecca) #10

I reckon mozzarella or haloumi would be awesome wrapped in chicken skin and baked. I have chicken skins in the freezer I think I will have to try this.

(Sheri Knauer) #11

What a great idea to use chicken skins as wraps. Ive been meaning to get chicken skins from the butcher just to make cracklins out of. My sister (who is not keto) had posted a picture of a big pile of chicken skins she got from her butcher for free since they were slated for the trash bin. Since rehearing the podcast today, my interest in getting chicken skins was renewed. So I asked at one of the grocery stores I frequent and was told they no longer have on site butchers and everything comes to the store already cut and pre packaged. This is Giant and I was told they got rid of the butchers to save money. I also had inquired at Wegmans a few months back and was told the same thing. Although they do have a butcher, they get all their chicken pre cut so had no chicken skin.
So, now my mission is to find a grocery store with an on site butcher than can give me a big ol pile of chicken skins so I can start wrapping stuff in it!