Chicken livers, how to use?


is this the right place to ask for recipes?

So, chicken livers.
I’m not a fan, but I am on a tight budget, and they are sooooo cheap that I would really love to utilize them in my diet. Plus, they are so good for us that I think it would be good for me to at least try them.

What I want to know is if the flavours bleed?

So if I put them in a spicey curry sauce, would the curry sauce mask the chicken liver flavour, or would the flavour of the livers bleed into the sauce and make the whole thing gross?

What other ways could I utilise chicken livers without adding lots of expensive ingredients?

And I am only talking about chicken livers as that’s what I can get. They will cost me about £1 per kg. Which is 5-10 times cheaper than chicken breast.

(Allie) #2

I was once told the best way to make them palatable was to marinate in double cream overnight then fry, but never tried it.

(Alex) #3

use pepper and salt generously and fry them with EV Olive oil until they darn a little dark, they need to fry well for the taste to come out. You can also throw in some diced garlic towards the end if you want. Delicious!

(Diana) #4

If you have left over bacon fat……highly recommend frying them up in it, cover with lid as it will splatter. It only needs a few mins on each side. When you flip to the second side add about 1 tablespoon of paprika and cover again (you can do less if you’re not a fan, but I love the flavor). I grew up on this stuff and still eat it like this. Delish! My problem is I could eat way too much of it….

Also what the other poster said above, marinating them in cream or milk takes out some of the ‘taste’ that most dislike. So you can do this prior and follow then the recipe I noted. But I never marinate it.

Of course add salt and pepper to taste.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #5

I believe we have several recipes for chicken livers, apart from simply pan-frying them, on these forums. Have you done a search?


Google Southern Fried Chicken Livers, just swap the flour for whatever you use, and you’ll be good, I’d say coconut would be best for them for the consistency. Fried Chicken Livers are delicious when done right, I really can’t see putting them in a sauce being too good. They’re always a fried food for a reason.


Only google. But I wanted opinions as much as recipes.


This sounds good. I’ve just bought some almond flour for the first time so it may be a good thing to try this weekend.


Nice, thank you.


Great stuff. Thank you. I’ll try marinading in milk as its cheap to try.


I just fry them. I like liver (well, it depends on the animal… I am okay with chicken liver, love beef liver and don’t eat pork or turkey liver) but chicken liver has a very strong liver flavor. I used to eat it almost every week but got bored and I rarely eat it now. And when I do, first I try to enjoy the novelty but it’s best if I mix it with some proper meat to make the strong flavor milder and better. Pork and chicken liver mix very well if you ask me :slight_smile:

I rather buy turkey wings on sale, the same or less price here and turkey is tasty (pork is still worth it more, more substantial and my fav)… But for variety, I like some liver here and there.


That’s interesting. I was working off the assumption that chicken livers were the most mild in flavour.
The larger and older the animal the stronger its ment to taste. Chickens are only 3 months old, where beef are over a year when slaughtered.

(Joey) #13

Chicken Liver Pate spread is simply awesome. You can find any number of “family” recipes via the search engine of your choice.

Along with the chicken livers, typical ingredients include: butter, cream cheese, onion, garlic, salt, pepper, perhaps a little sherry, hard boiled egg, … virtually no carbs and super delicious as a spread on something else, or by the spoonful. :chicken:

[Also known as “Chopped Liver”]


Beef liver has the mildest flavor I found in liver. Not really liver flavor, it’s sweetish and I love it :smiley:
My SO can’t stand it.
Chicken liver is very strong but pork liver is strong too and not even soft… We don’t like the latter.
Duck is special but it was decades ago and I may not remember well. But it was great.


Pate is pretty carby in my world, liver itself is quite carby and the plants on top, eggs have carbs too… Just saying, it’s no problem, I ignore animal carbs anyway as they never seemed to matter and the onion and garlic may be super carby, we typically use little of them.
But I guess the stuff itself isn’t eaten in big amounts normally… And that matters, not the carb percentage. That’s why I had barely any carbs from my chocolate bananas on my early keto, I get more from a bigger scrambled eggs :smiley: And liver if I like it at the moment.

But good idea, pâté is nice. The usual recipes I find have a ton of fat (usually duck fat or butter), some spice and that’s it. Never saw hard boiled egg in it but that’s my kind of recipe, I will try that! :smiley:
My own pâté is usually just liver with a bit extra fat or rather chicken liver and pork as I wrote before… But there are so many things one can put into it…


I’m a great fan of liver, but I’ve never had chickens’ liver.
Only lambs.

That’s on the bucket list now.
I’ve had foie gras, in a restaurant in London, which I liked…but then when I looked into it…no.

(Joey) #17

To clarify, in the typical “Chopped liver” recipe, those onions are carmelized for 30 minutes or more … the carbs have been cooked into oblivion.

As for garlic, I had no idea garlic had much in the way of carbs - again rarely eaten fresh but cooked, baked, broiled - which reduces the resulting dietary carb content.

Also good for fending off vampires - who tend to be pretty thin, likely reflecting all that human blood and garlic avoidance. Probably LMHRs. :thinking:

(LS Conway) #18

I added this to another post. A family fav at Christmas and Thanksgiving! Chicken livers wrapped in bacon. Amazing!! I cook them in my airfyer. Can do in oven or stovetop. Many recipes out there. It is called Rumaki. Some people marinate them first. I have not done that.

(M) #19

I know this topic is old, but I think the best way to eat liver of any animal is to eat it in its own fat. So if eating chicken liver, bake some chicken thighs or drumsticks and throw the liver in at the last minute, then eat it in the drippings.


When chicken livers are over-cooked, they’ re dryer than a popcorn fart (Hubbie’s expression, likely from the military, lol). When I make that mistake, and I am in a hurry, I mash them up with some boiled egg and mayo. You can add whatever. Still tastes great that way.