Chicken Liver Pâté



From episode #23 of the Keto Woman podcast - Chips ‘n’ Dips with Taffiny Elrod

300g chicken livers (doesn’t need to be exact - about 10 oz)
a rasher or two of smoky bacon
a pack of butter ish! (I think that’s two US sticks)
a couple of cloves of garlic
1 tsp thyme
black pepper
good splash of brandy
pinch of mace
about a tsp of mustard powder

Fry the chicken livers, bacon, garlic. thyme and pepper in a generous amount of butter on a medium heat. Don’t overcook them - they should be a little pink in the middle.

Once cooked, put the whole lot in a food processor then return the pan to the heat and deglaze with the brandy. You can use something else if you don’t have brandy - whiskey, dry sherry, dry white wine. Add this to the food processor.

Melt some more butter. How much comes down to your taste. I like to use a lot - probably almost as must as the chicken livers! Add this to the food processor together with the mace and mustard powder and blitz the contents to a smooth pâté.

Serve warm as a dip or sliced cold as regular pâté.

#023: Chef Taffiny Elrod - Chips 'n' Dips