Chicken crust pizza recipe

(Bob M) #1

My wife and I have been testing this recipe:

We use large cans of chicken from Costco, and we use two of them. I have been multiplying everything by 2.5 due to the size of the cans, so 2.5 eggs, 2.5 ounces of cheese. We are thinking of adding pork dust or replacing the cheese with pork dust, but have not done that yet.

Here’s what we did last night, which came out very good.

I put two cast iron pans upside down in the oven. Before heating, I used parchment and drew the outline of one of the cans. This allowed me to gauge the size of the pizza. I heated the oven to 500F, with each pan on a different rack. (I also seasoned the pans, to get them seasoned at the same time.)

I followed the instructions, but split the “dough” into three. I added 1 tsp dried Italian seasoning to the eggs before making the “dough”. I might add more next time.

I rolled each between two sheets of parchment into an approximate oval. I made one smaller and two larger due to the sizes of the two pans (one was larger). We then used a pizza peel and took the rolled dough on one sheet of parchment (having taken the other sheet off) onto the pan. We did this for 2 pans at a time, so we cooked 2 pizzas at a time. I followed the instructions in the recipe for cooking times.

These came out great. I think next time, we will split the dough into 4, as the smaller version came out crispier. It’ll take a bit longer to make 4 pizzas, but will be better, I think.

I’ll report back once we do this again. And if we replace the cheese with pork dust or add pork dust too.


Sounds good. I like simple (this is not very simple but simple enough) and not too cheesy recipes (especially the crust shouldn’t be really cheesy, I want the cheese on top and not very much there either. I am like the author regarding that). I will try this out. I mixed chicken with eggs before but that was fried and I called it carnivore bread :slight_smile: But that wasn’t crispy and crispy is very good in my books.


Send food porn! I’ve been trying to get a chicken crust pizza to work for a while. Can’t think of a better way to eat pizza and get tons of protein than that! I’ll give this recipe a shot!

(Vic) #4

My pizza crust is eggs and parmesan cheese only.
I’m gonna try this version with ground chicken. Sounds nice. :+1:

Canned chicken is not gonna happen, canned food is for absolute emergencys only, not daily food.

(Bob M) #5

Next time I make this, I’ll take some pictures of the process. We’ve only tried this twice, and that was easily a month apart, so it might be a while.

I went to the upside-down cast iron because we tried the sheet pan technique, but the crust wasn’t as crispy as it could have been. And I figured I could season my cast iron at the same time I’m baking.

@Carnivoor Normally, I agree with you about canned meats. Other than fish, which I generally have at work for “emergencies” (say, I’m still hungry after I’ve eaten my lunch, or I’m trying to fast but can’t make it), I don’t eat any canned meats.

In this application, it works, though. You can use regular ground chicken, but I don’t think you can get the chicken that dry. This comes out pretty thin and quite crispy. Made on the cast iron and small enough in width, you can easily pick up pieces just like a real pizza. If you use ground chicken, let me know how it comes out.

And, if you’re trying to avoid dairy, you can (supposedly – haven’t tried yet) substitute pork “dust” for the cheese. One reason we looked into this recipe is that the fat head dough has a lot of cheese, then you add cheese to that, and it’s a heck of a lot of cheese. This is better on my stomach.

As for pork “dust”, my wife buys pork rinds, then grinds them to a fine “dust” in the food processor.

I did find a pizza peel to be handy, as the paper gets super brittle and brown at 500F. The peel allows you to transfer everything, and just use the paper to lift up to get the peel under there.


I personally will use normal chicken, not like I can get any other type than that here :slight_smile: Dryness can’t be a problem I think… You just bake it until it gets dry, what’s wrong with that? And then I ground it.

Yep, the same. Someone told me oh it’s useful it if one doesn’t want to cook. They had little idea about my preferred size of meal… It’s not a can of fish for sure.
And it’s pricy and I don’t even like it so much so yep, only for emergencies and extra variety if I really need it.

I’ve read the comments and someone used almonds instead of parmesan for a dairy-free spouse… Is such a thing as a dairy free pizza? It was new to me. I don’t put cheese into everything, far from it but it’s pizza! :slight_smile: Though a really good pizza-like things sounds good even without cheese, it’s a very wild idea to me to skip cheese. Maybe because I can tolerate cheese just fine… Still. It would be lacking without cheese…

(Mg ) #7

Oh my heavens!
This looks amazing!
Screen shot! :rofl:

(Mg ) #8

Does it taste like egg? That’s the only thing. Imma do this tonight add some basil, garlic, oregano. I like it really crispy… This is awesome. Sick to death of four carb tortilla


While I do like chicken crust pizza, I much prefer doughtein dough pizza. So easy and fast.