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Orangemen all over the UK, South Africa, Canada, (Ithink the USA too are some?)…even the Irish Republic. Obviously, Orangism has its roots from William of Orange, the Dutch King who became, basically, UK King. That was in the 1680s and 1690s, but the Orange Order was not formed until 1795. It has evolved a lot since then, and is mainly a social fraternity, but also raise cash for charities.

Just a protestant Christian based quasi masonic fraternity which was founded in a NI village called Loughall.

We also have the Royal Black (and purple) Preceptories…which is like a next stage up I suppose.
I’m not a member of any- I just enjoy the parades, holiday and family day out each ‘Twelfth’ period.


Did you know how many former USA Presidents were of Ulster scots descent?

Check this out.

US_and_USA_Presidents_BK3_AW_6.pdf (