Chicken, celery, mayo


one of Carl’s first recipies on the podcast was simply mixing together roast chicken, celery and mayo together.
This has become a staple of mine and I have a few variations.

My favourite is by using left over chicken from the BBQ along with some bacon.

I also love adding a good helping of curry powder.

Another good one is adding apple. Watch the sugar. I allow myself one quater of an apple when I cut one up for my son and it goes really well. In fact, if you add walnuts you have a Waldorf salad with chicken.

Also, a dab of mustard and parmasan cheese makes it a bit like a ceaser salad.

Sprinkling a handful of sunflower hearts, of pine nuts is great to.

I have a few more ideas to get next week.

What else should I try?

(Diana) #2

I add hard boiled eggs and some avocado (to the main mix of chicken, celery and Mayo). Eat it on lettuce or with pork rinds! Sometimes I chop in broccoli.

Another variation is use the main mixture and add in buffalo sauce or your fave hot sauce. Yum!

(Bob M) #3

That’s what I would call “chicken salad”, which is usually chicken, mayo, and celery, plus whatever else you want to add.

All of the stuff you’ve listed sound great.

Olives might be nice, as would some onion. I’ve been making fermented (hot) peppers, and if you like those, they would add some kick.

I love squirting hot sauce on it.

Pickles (cut into small chunks) could be interesting. Might need something crunchy to go with it, though.


Adding crunchy pork rinds sounds great. I was planning to make some this weekend so that’s a winner for Monday.
Eggs would be good to.


Pickles deffo!
I love my hot sauces. I have some Carolina reaper peppers at the moment. I’m planning on making a stevia sweetened sauce soon. I bought some stevia for the first time, but after being on keto for a while, I now can’t think of many things I want to make sweet. But that’s a good place to start.

(Bob M) #6

That would be interesting. If you figure out how to do that, let us know.

(Kathy) #7

I do many of these with Turkey as well, dill pickle add a nice crunch.


Nice. Turkey isn’t really very popular in England other than at Christmas. Not sure why.

(Bacon enough and time) #9

Probably because you folks already had geese over there to compete with turkey from the New World. And for the converse reason, we have much more turkey here, because it’s native, than we do goose. At least, that’s my guess.


Yes probably. I’ve never eatten goose or even seen it for sale. Duck is easy to get though its just very expensive.


Some grated cheddar, or Parmesan cheese.


I’ve started using bacon lardons in a lot of my concoctions. They are very tasty and versatile, and usually value for money (can be smoked and unsmoked).

As for flavours? Yip, i use English mustard too, somtimes mixing it up with ollive oil, butter, Worcestershire sauce and dark Soy sauce.

(Bob M) #13

@Sunlove Turkey is a great idea. I’ve found that if you sous vide turkey breast (possibly with a brine beforehand), it comes out great.

@Rusty If you think duck is expensive, don’t look at goose. The other problem with goose is that you end up paying for a lot of bones.

@coopdawg Interesting, I’ve never heard of lardons. Looks like I’d have to use fatback, which is great but salty:


They do have fat, but plenty of bacon meat also. They will definitely make your meal salty…this from last night, if you haven’t already seen in that other thread. Very tasty even by themselves.

(Edith) #15

For those of you who can eat dairy, I used to make a Buffalo chicken salad: cooked chicken, wing sauce, celery, mayo, and a touch of blue cheese dressing. Quite tasty! :yum:

(Little Miss Scare-All) #16

Buffalo chicken salad! Did anyone say that yet?


What is buffalo chicken?

(Little Miss Scare-All) #18

Buffalo sauce is hot sauce with a little melted butter in it to make it unctuous. You toss it on chicken wings, or on anything poultry, traditionally. It’s very popular here in the US.


Oh nice. Thank you. We just call them wings. I always wondered how you got the wings off the buffalos.

(Bacon enough and time) #20

Very carefully, lol! :grin:

(Actually, the recipe originated at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York.)