Cheryl's 90 Day Carnivore Challenge: Started on Nov 01 going through to Feb 29, 2020

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Nope and they never will. Carnivores can be savage creatures, we are back in touch with our primal instincts. They better look out!!! :lion::tiger::joy:


told hubby a few times he could be my dinner in dire situations if it ever happened that way for us HAHA he never thought that was funny tho LOL

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I was going to mention eating them instead in my last post but then thought " Hmmmm maybe I better not go there, she might think I’m too weird" but then you just put it out there. Great minds think alike, or Maybe we are just strange. Hmmmm will ponder on that one. :roll_eyes::joy:


I’ve been practicing making food I can take to work for lunch.

Here’s what I did.

1 large egg thin omelette in butter
Melt one slice of Jarlsberg on it
Pink salt and Lite salt
Lay it out on the chopping board
Add previously cooked bacon and smoked salmon
A few thin slithers of chorizo
Roll them up like a marijuana cigarette

Make that 4 times over. They look like enchiladas

Put the plate in the fridge

When cooled can cut them up like a sushi roll or eat them like a kebab, a ketobab.

Had three for breakfast at 3pm, Today will be OMAD.

Last night I ate a whole rotisserie roasted chicken.

Today I bought 4 steaks at the butcher: 2 scotch fillets and 2 dry aged t-bones, and some shrimp. That should get me through the weekend.

Another Carnivore Thread

wow I like this FB! You made good food for you and ‘work’, that nasty 4 letter word not many of us like anymore, you got your work food…very cool!

how many of those suckers do you need to eat tho? I would be needing a ton of them LOL

Whole rotiss. chicken. Oh yea, been there, done that, darn great to eat it all isn’t it? Like we got one up on everyone eating a whole chicken that is delish and not batting an eye :slight_smile:

Your steaks and shrimp sound wonderful. Guess what, that is me this weekend too…shrimp and steak and maybe snow crab legs. Got a few in the freezer but kid might be taking them from me…eh, it’s ok it is my kid and I will let her have them and wait for another sale to restock.

Loved your post, sounds like you are in good form!!


That chook kept me not hungry for 20 hours. I think it is Ted Naiman who said eat the whole body, but I think he meant a whole egg, or a sardine. Not a whole mini T-Rex.

I thought I could eat at least 4 of the egg rolls quite easily. But I got to the end of the third one and hit satiety.

My wife loved the other one after her yoga class. She ate it as a side to a big plate of vegetables.


wow very cool you are in that zone!!! You are rocking your eating now FB and making it all work for you now. Love it truly!!!

Hey your wife is smart to grab the good protein and all you made, hey side of veg for her, cool :slight_smile: She knows what she likes, what floats her boat and if she is doing very well, then she needs to keep on what works for her!

How’s the job? Getting on your nerves just yet?


I’ve just listened to the most amazing woman talking to Dr. Salad. She is Dr. Jaime Seeman MD. She is an OBGYN. I was listening because they go into the pathways of hormones including oestrogen in males and a nice review about thyroid function, and how a potentially lower circulating T3 blood test result (that gets medicated, especially in women) often does not take into context increased thyroid hormone sensitivity in the low carb eating state.

I’ve got a friend who is pregnant, so it was interesting to hear all about the hormonal milieu that is the pregnant and nursing mother.

There was some cool stuff about how a carnivore diet may shorten the duration between the start and end of cycles, sometimes from 28d to 25d. But Dr. Seeman does go into more specifics toward the end of the podcast about carnivore diet eating and amenohrrea (I wanted to see if I could spell it. I couldn’t). Loss of a period can happen in particular when swapping from a higher carb diet to the zero carbohydrate zone of carnivore. Dr. Seeman particularly talks about how to regain the cycle and then maintain it on the carnivore diet.

She also did some interesting n=1 bio-hacking with a continuous glucose monitor where she tested her glucose response (and compared it to her cognitive state) when eating strict carnivore, carnivor-ish (with some avocado and berries), and then a wholefoods vegan diet. She did the last one and she talks about how she had to do an assisted birth forceps delivery while in that nutritional state.

It is one of the best low carb podcasts I have listened to this year. I recommend it as essential listening for all men.


Thank you very much for this, I will watch it today.


food yesterday was

1 lb. ribeye steak
7 link sausage
1 giant pork style country rib

And I wanted to eat out the entire kitchen of junk. I wasn’t hungry. I was satisfied easily on the above food but I wanted all the sugar I could get my hands on. I had to fight my mind big time and it sucked big time LOL I hate those days dammit!! Why and how they come on for no good darn reason irks the crap out of me. Boredom maybe…so much heavy rain and it was nasty out and I just hibernated inside the house. Blah. Well I ate nothing crappy and that pizzed me off even more in a way cause I really really really wanted to! Yea, figure out that reasoning right? No one can HAHA

Woke up in a better mindset this morning tho. All I can ask from the universe I guess :slight_smile:



:thinking: (Hmmm… I winder what happens if one pokes Fangsy with a stick when she is in carni-craving mode?) :thought_balloon:

Dr. Ted Naiman has a glycogen seeking theory for the strict zero carb carnivore cravings. It runs parallel to the protein leverage and micronutrient leverage theories. Basically, you eat until you get what you need.

Your body may have been saying, “Hey, how about some glycogen here? Remember how when you had carbs we could fill up the tank?.. I don’t want to have to do this with gluconeogenesis… mumble, grumble (sometimes heard as stomach grumbles).”

"The vast majority of people [who start strict carnivore] will end up being omnivores. Right?" Dr. Jaime Seeman in the video clip about 2 posts above. It’s linked to start just as she talks about carnivore and her experience of it.

Good to see. Where are the shrimp?

Maybe it’s shrimp deficiency?!


yea where’s the shrimp? I got shrimp’d out a bit I think so I just ate the steak. but yea, usually I do a steak and XYZ for more fullness and happiness :slight_smile:

maybe the sausage and rib wasn’t enough. I had a second monster rib I put up in the fridge cause I just couldn’t eat it, but maybe I should have?

But I have to say FB, I don’t feel my body is in need of anything at all. I feel wonderful.

I think I watched too many damn tv commercials and then, hmmm, you know what, you got me thinking here, I watched that tv show, 600 lb. Life and the guy ate like 3 pizzas, then he had a monster bag of McDs, like 4 burgers and 2 large fries and then he was eating like 6 homemade biscuits with sausage and egg and then snacked out on ice cream, chips and more and MAYBE, just maybe, I think I was friggin’ jealous he was scarfing it down. Poor guy weighed in at 892.

but I think my mind said, hell he can eat all that and yea he is big but if I eat some junk I want so bad…I won’t allow myself to do what he did, I can cheat up, be sicky a bit doing it and get back on plan the next day :slight_smile:

You know I think my mind was saying over and over again to just cheat and taste sugar and enjoy all the crap food ya gave up and say screw it…all because I was also pretending in my mind I could get back on carnivore plan easy the next day and who would know? Who would care? But for me I would be off plan for longer than a day. I know me. I would be in a carb binge of epic size if I allow it. I can’t allow it.

but ya know in the end I done this enough years where I know my warped thinking about food. I think winter boredom inside has an effect on me since I am such an outside gal and then I watched food commercials and tv shows watching people eat so much.

geez this is sad truly. It helps me to chat it out tho and talk about it and let it all go from inside me. I need to vent out crap like this to the universe and other carnivores!

I don’t know. Something drags me there, has to be focusing on food just too much from outside influences I guess like tv and boredom here in this cold nasty weather. I think I best find ways to get thru days like this…maybe pull out the old Richard Simmons exercise tapes and do some Sweatin’ to the Oldies or something LOL


Gold! You’re always helping others Fangsy. It’s great to empty those toxic thoughts out. You’ve got this! :steakcake:


Today I had

black coffee

4 x single egg omelette roll ups (still practicing) at about 12.30pm (18 hour not eat overnight)

coffee and cream (had some homework to do on the computer)

Tonight I have one of those 4 steaks to eat and some shrimp. But I’m not hungry yet.

The sun goes down at about 7;30pm. It’s 6;40pm now. So I’ll go and water the food forest. It’s a warm, sunny, summer evening. There are red tail black cockatoos sqwarking in the trees.


thanks FB, yea it truly is good to dump those toxic thoughts on you guys HAHA


ohh ohh so jealous :slight_smile: Your weather sounds beautiful. I know you guys are HOT but from this cold damp miserable rainy icky winter cold weather I have right now…what you typed sounds so nice!! So glad you are enjoying your fine day.

Ya know with all the keto products being produced to date…you could market your egg omelette roll ups in frozen form and become a keto food mogul maybe? hey ya never know :slight_smile:


Yes! I’ll add it to the success of my diet crazes: carnivore vegetarian, insectivore carni-vegetarian, and my as yet famous podcast 2 Keto Druids (where I can self promote and sell the egg roll ups!)

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Yesterday’s food was bone broth and a good pound of ground beef with added beef tallow for breakfast, then a small sirloin with added beef fat for dinner with 2 sausage patties. As I mentioned in another post, ever since my 16 oz Texas Roadhouse Thursday night, I’m back to running to the bathroom constantly. And I just feel bloated and icky. My stomach literally hurts to the touch. I think I’m going to try to fast today. Maybe a 36 hour fast this time. I don’t want to go as long as last weekend since it also didn’t make me feel good. But 36’ish hours might be my sweet spot, lol


I just finished watching the podcast… I do have to say I’m liking Dr.Salad more and more, especially I agree with his dislike of Layle - that man always bugged me.
Very interesting podcast and I am always so amazed at how much conflicting information we have. It’s very hard to decide who to trust, but Dr. Seeman’s way makes the most sense to me and my body. I never believed in carbs up…I like my limited veggies, but I refuse to eat more carbs than I should, I feel best with less carbs.
I remember watching a podcast recently, I think Polly shared it with us, and the lady said 2 pounds of difference in weight can make-or-break amenorrhea (I tried too, failed at first, gotta thank the person who came up with spell check!!) - I had the same experience, gained a little weight and my period came back.

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Just kidding, I was hungry after 19 hours lol. Ate 2 sirloins with a bunch of added beef fat and a couple chunks of beef liver. Oh and a cup of bone broth. So my question is why did that make my blood sugar so high? It was literally equal parts beef fat to steak, super super fatty. Waited about an hour (really was just watching YouTube videos and didn’t want to move) and then took my blood glucose and ketones. I expected pretty high ketones with that much fat and pretty low sugar. But ketones were only .4 (whatever, I don’t care) and blood sugar was 98. Maybe gluconeogenesis?