Cheryl's 90 Day Carnivore Challenge: Started on Nov 01 going through to Feb 29, 2020


Motion in the ocean… ooo, ahh! :scorpion:

Crustaceans are very close to insects. Are insects vegetarian? Am I about to invent…

Insectivore CarniVegetarianism!

I’ll start writing a book and launch a podcast and YouTube channel and replacement food products…

This feels a bit like Déjà vu


I need to watch this video after hearing Dr.Ted Naiman talk about a glycogen hunger in a no-plant diet. Not sure of his exact words. But the “Cravings on Carnivore” video may have another point of view, or interpretation of a “new to me” concept.

You are indispensible and inspiring in this thread Renee. Congratulations on 3 months carnivore PKD. The observations, updates and problem solving are really helpful. Keep 'em coming.

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Ski-doo-be-dop-eww, Ski-doo-be-dop-eww, we were at a party, his earlobe fell in the deep, someone reached in and grabbed it…Was a rock LOBSTER!! :lobster::lobster::lobster:. :joy::joy:. I guess when you really think about it (which I havnt until right this second) they do resemble insects!! :roll_eyes::grinning:

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Awww Fangsy I’m sorry that your not feelin your top self today. Just try to take it a bit easy. I had a down day yesterday so didn’t eat enough either. Then because of that my stomach was gurgling at 4am and I had to have a peice of salami shut it up. I made up for it today though. Omg I was f#cking full :joy:. Take care, care bear xxx​:heart::grinning:


also wanna say WEE. Dropped .4 on the scale to a new low.

I lose very slow now on carnivore but I don’t care about that anymore at all. weight loss of ‘whooshing’ fast down the scale doesn’t interest me anymore. I am fine with just less than 1/2 a lb. gone. Whenever it wants to leave my body that is fine. I just keep eating carnivore. I eat big, as much as I want at all times, I am never hungry, I am never restricting food in any way at all on carnivore and I lose weight. My body is still leaning up in composition.

See for me now it isn’t about drop lbs. as fast as I can. I want like another 20, or 25 (those final 5 vanity lbs, haha) to be gone now. So another 20/25 is my goal area but we will see where carnivore takes me. I just eat carnivore and it will happen on its own good time. I don’t track weight loss, I just get on the scale every week or so and check in and see if any little bit has left the building LOL So today I was down a little again.

Thing is carnivore is my plan. I won’t restrict it. I won’t track it. I won’t monkey with it in any way. I eat as I need at all times. Means slower weight loss without manipulating and starving etc. to get results? sure probably but I don’t care about that. I know it is more important for me to ‘eat well daily’ and thrive than it is to have a darn lb. off the scale. My lifestyle requires good meat/seafood daily and be happy or I wouldn’t hold to any eating plan. Carnivore suits me to a T of allowing me to be me to eat as I need and the scale gives it up a bit.

So all pressure is off me in the ‘I must lose lbs instantly’ cause I ain’t there in that realm anymore. I am in carnivore zone to feed and heal my body and it releases the lbs as it wants, when it wants, as little or big as it wants. I am cool with just that :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

so just some carnivore chat on how I am approaching ‘weight loss’ on carnivore and how my mind is now about just eating plan and thriving while doing so and letting the body drop the weight as it sees fit.

And it is, little by little, with all the time I am eating so well and content and satisfied. This is the type of plan I needed my whole ‘insane dieting’ years and now I found what works so well for me.

I like the calm on carnivore. It fits me. Calm to just eat well and lose lbs as they just go little by little and just chill thru my changes I am making for my health and lifestyle.

just ranting it out a bit, chatting it out. I am cool now with not having to wrestle every darn lb off my body as fast as I can and usually struggle and go nutso crazy trying to do just that and end up flailing and failing. I am so past that now and happy about it. LOL

just throwing out some thoughts on how things are going down for me and how I am changing my mindset and more on my plan. I like it all, all good benefits, results and changes for me on carnivore. Not a newbie on carnivore at all…so these changes to me personally took some time to kick all in but I am in good form on plan right now. So have that 20/25 I want gone and will let carnivore do its thing and just wait for it to happen for me.

Curious is anyone else having decent weight loss happening in their plan for them? I am just slowly inching down the scale and the inches are leaving the body also :slight_smile: Anyone else still holding the clean carnivore challenge and seeing good results? Some of us have been here since the beginning, wondering about anyone else check in and report a bit?

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When I finally went 100% zero cheating carnivore at the beginning of January, I swore to myself that I wouldn’t step on the scale or take measurements for AT LEAST 30 days. So my plan is to take some measurements next Wednesday, but I think I’m going to push off the scale for at least another 30 days. But I feel good. My clothes fit better, there is OBVIOUS fat loss in my mid section (my most troublesome area) and my whole body is firming up some.

Yesterday I was omad with some eggs and an abundance of pork belly. This was my “breakfast” around 10 am and I fully expected to eat dinner. But when dinner time came, I wasn’t hungry so I didn’t eat. What a marvel concept! Lol. I’m trying to start listening to my body more. Not even just listen to my body, but to speak kindly to my body. I’ve NEVER been good at doing that. But I’m trying to work hard on my mindset.

Today is going to be a beef day. I’ve been doing a lot of pork and chicken lately. I need some beef. So breakfast will be some ny strip and dinner tonight will be at the Texas Roadhouse.

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Mmm that was perfect. Just over a lb of super super fatty local grass fed/finished Ny strip. The fat cap was as thick as the meat lol. But it was delicious and I am quite comfortably stuffed.


Pork belly one day and a NY strip the next! What’s not to love?!

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food happened - all carnivore based
scale this morning was 221.2 still not below the magical psychological number yet but time will tell.

Feel good over all physically, mentally (super important) and the two reasons I got into doing carnivore, arthritic thumb pain (greatly reduced and mostly not noticeable now) and and eczema (zero itching!) are good indicators that things are working.

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Oh work did a Chinese New Year celebration lunch today.
I may have ate a bit to much.


I saw your other post on the other thread and now this one and I love love love both of them :slight_smile: I am so happy for you Daisy.

I think something clicked so good for you now. You got that connection with your body starting and you know the mindset is now gotta change to suit you and your lifestyle and all in a great positive way. I think you hit your sweet spot. And hey when any of us do that, we just find it all so much more calm on plan. We just find that ‘it factor’ for ourselves and I think you are right there!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Wonderful update report D!!


Darn Mark that was a sweet picture! Wish I was pickin’ on that pig!!!


from what I am reading us carnivores are eating darn good!!!

Love it…rock on carnivores. We will all do well and just thrive on our plans! Cool!

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Unless you’re dumping oxalate and then it could be considered a medicine to help moderate the dumping. :crazy_face:


I’ll take that reason! :slight_smile:
“But I thought you don’t eat chocolate?” “i’m dumping oxalates, back off!!” :joy:


food yesterday was…junky carnivore food to me LOL

3 eggs scrambled with bit of melty cheese
3 link sausage
2 chicken breast
small small cheeseburger patty

My day was off on food. I wasn’t hungry but leaving the house for errands and thought, eat. I shoulda done the ribeye. I went for eggs and haven’t had them in, like, um, at least 6-7-8? months cause they don’t cut it for me in holding power…ugh those 3 eggs set on my tummy like a friggin’ rock. Eggs, pffft, dropping them again. I don’t feel a reaction to them, I am to where they are useless to me on carnivore now.

So when home I shoulda ate that ribeye but my tummy was off a bit and not all that hungry so I opted for chicken breast. Yum. Made me happy but then a while later I got hungry again and HAD TO WRESTLE a small amt. of meat from hubby who was using my burger to make a meatloaf for himself…I heard him cooking out there in the kitchen and thought, omg did he snatch my ribeye and saw him using my burger and ran up, jumped in and got a tiny bit for a tiny darn burger from the pack. He didn’t even want to give me ‘that little much’ from his meatloaf, I said suck it buddy HAHA I have point blank claim on ALL meat/seafood in this house :slight_smile: Hey he eats other junk and I only have meat/seafood…darn right I am first at all times HAHA

So woke up this morning feeling low kinda. Not bad at all but eh. My 1 lb. ribeye will be my first food later in the day. I need beef point blank!
Gonna concentrate on beef and more beef. I am eating too much of the lower form of carnivore. Beef does me so well so gonna make sure I hit it up big.

(Aimee in wonderland 🐰) #779

Suck it buddy!! God you make me lol :joy::joy::joy:. Hope you get your Ribeye soon Fangsy. Me, omg can’t even think of food right now. I feel like a huge python that’s eaten a hippo :speak_no_evil::joy:


hope you feel better fast B!!!
yea like hubby thinks the meat is his domain, he got another thing coming HA

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Happened to me yesterday. The last peice of Salami. She tried to sneakily get to the fridge and pinch it. I got up and was like, oh no way!! That’s my bloody salami. Lol. Like they can literally eat whatever they want and they do, but then they eat our limited food as well. Lord almighty!!! :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::crazy_face:


I know I know LOL drives me batty!! Well sounds like they aren’t getting one over on us!! heehee