Cheryl's 90 Day Carnivore Challenge: Started on Nov 01 going through to Feb 29, 2020


food yesterday was

1 small pork loin cutlet, 2 strips bacon
3/4 lb. ribeye steak
can of tuna

woke up hungry this morning. got my mind on a 1 lb. ribeye steak and a ton of shrimp as a side dish. oh yea that will make me happy!

all well on carnivore. my decision today is do I just make homemade alfredo sauce for my shrimp or do I dirty carnivore into some cocktail sauce…hmmmm! I am drawn toward that spicy from the cocktail sauce but my mind and taste is saying, ahhh….a thick rich creamy parm cheese laden thick sauce over them shrimp…so,which way will I go…not sure will wait and see LOL

(Mark Nelson) #744

Food yesterday…
I ate…
ummm meat
drank some coffee
drank some water
had 4 eggs and some bacon
bag of pork rinds with salt

still not optimally healthy

Work has thrown the challenge at me of clearing out our old building that we moved from last year. This is in addition to my normal IT work which is fine. I’ve always been of the mind that I get a paycheck no matter if I do my job or push a broom so here we go.

Friend of mine celebrated 17 years of sobriety so instead of bowling league I went and celebrated with him which was nice. Still didn’t get home until 9 where I have 2 laptops waiting I’m in the middle of repairing. Finally called it quits at 10:30 and slept hard until 6:35 this morning, a full hour past when I normally wake up.

Back at it full bore today!

(Mark Nelson) #745

Funny, all this talk of “going dirty” doesn’t have me thinking about food.


OMG too hysterical Mark!! Yea yea we keep the mind on our food around here HAHA

I am like you. A paycheck is a paycheck, whatever they ask to get that check…I so am the same way :slight_smile:

Don’t worry about your ‘optimal’ type nutrition etc. You are doing great on carnivore. We all have days when busy or hectic or whatever we eat a bit less optimal and go for what is super convenient but if you stay carnivore you are doing fab. I have days I eat less than par but I never question it at all. On plan is on plan :slight_smile: We have stellar eating days and we have those other days but if on plan, scream it loud and clear…on plan and doing great!


Just gotta sneak in here and say how glad I am to mark my 3 months carnivore/PKD (Paleolithic Ketogenic Diet) date. :smile:

I couldn’t have done it with all I have going on without you all. Thank you, guys! :heart:


Super Congrats!! I hope you have seen great results!!


yesterday eating was

3/4 lb. cheeseburger patty
6 link sausage
14 shrimp

WEEeeee….scale dropped another 1/2 lb. I am going down the scale in baby steps but am noticing zero carb lean mean body machine is happening. Pants are getting baggy and time to ditch them sooner than later and get into a smaller size. Sounds ALL good to me HA

not enough food at all. I just wasn’t hungry. I feel in low energy mode. Winter is shutting me down. I despise cold weather and it is getting colder and colder and I am getting more lazy into hibernation type mode LOL and not moving as much.

today tho I require a ribeye steak. 1 lb. I am friggin’ starving this morning. I got my eye on a ribeye and I think I will eat some chicken today as my second food when wanted.

I got the winter blahs. Yuk. Too darn cold for this old gal :slight_smile:

(Aimee in wonderland 🐰) #750

Let’s swap seasons Fangsy. I will gladly give you the heat in return for the cold. Swapsies!! Congrats on the scale going down, it’s always a good feeling. And the baggy pants and clothes. :grinning:. My clothes are getting baggier and baggier too. I had Bacon today for the first time in bloody years. Had forgotten the taste. Still got a few Ribeyes in the fridge so will have one tomorrow. Having shitty stomach cramps after drinking 3 litres of water. Lol. Maybe because I drank 1.5 ltrs in one go. Lol xxxxx


yea water can literally ‘sit right on top of our tummys’ and irk the heck out of us. I can’t drink a lot after eating, the water just sits on top and makes me wanna hurl. I do best sipping all thru the day. Start with big amt in the morn and just sip sip and gulp a bit thru the day. Never a lot at one time. But you guys got it HOT there so I guess you are swilling a lot of water right now?

(Aimee in wonderland 🐰) #752

Yup, except I’m no longer in the bloody bush, so have to cop the public pool so it’s not the same :smiley:. I betcha anything in the friggin world that everybody pees in the water too, so it’s kinda F#cked. :joy:. Have to be desperate to go there. Give me a fresh water river any day. Yeah I’ve peed all that excess water out so happy times :joy::smiley::heart: …Oh my bad!! I misread your message. You said Swilling not swimming, brain farts on me :joy::joy::crazy_face:. What an image, swilling pee water in a public pool. :flushed::joy:


omg B, yea drinking it, not swimming in it LOL too funny!!

(Aimee in wonderland 🐰) #754

Yeah, you must have thought I was a lunatic before you read the end of that post :joy::crazy_face: xxx

(Mark Nelson) #755

Food yesterday
some sort of amount of beef.
lots of coffee
some water
bag of pork rinds (salt and black pepper only)

So friken busy its SEEMINGLY hard to take moments to write things down.
I say that in caps because I’m pointing out to myself that I’m doing my old habit of deciding things are to difficult, or I don’t have time when in reality, I do.

One thing I notice I’m doing when reading others threads on this and other sites is seeing how many decisions are being made on thoughts and feelings. I find myself saying in my head “but get the data!”. Of course This applies to me too, so here I am typing this out so I see it and get it out of my head. It helps me realize I need my data to make informed decisions and not emotional ones!

Heading to Vancouver tonight for an overnight with a partner who has a scale so I’ll get a weight measurement tomorrow morning. I realize it’s just one data point, but psychologically if I can break below 220 it’ll be a big boost!


nah no lunatic, I kinda followed what you were saying with a head tilt and a hmmm…then I got it HAHA

(Aimee in wonderland 🐰) #757

Lol, yeah i read it back after and thought oh F#ck time to edit that one :joy::joy::joy:. Another night of insomnia for me right now. I’m getting a terrible headache, I don’t get them often but when I do it hurts like hell.:confounded:. I’ll be ok though. Guess I better have some aspirin. Oh shit, that means MORE water :joy:. Xxx


and that now becomes a ‘thing’ for you in that you don’t need to track food, limit food, pretend in any way you are not eating good enough and you are doing one darn thing that is vital.

you are not taking care of you. now this goes literally to the balance of work and your life. A VERY hard combo to manage but for all that time you might deem important to whatever, could you give that time to you to get a darn steak, sit and enjoy your meal and take literally a 1/2 hr for your own darn health and life? I KNOW, I know LOL it is hard but we must must must put our health first or in the end thru it all we have 0…zilch…nada…nothing.

So I don’t truly know if this applies to you or not? please take it with a grain of salt cause you sound super busy but life will not ever give you a pass in your health. The physical being is just that and if we deny or excuse the ‘real basis of life’ for our bodies we can put ourselves right where we never want to be…plus the mental side of the worry of ‘I should be doing but ain’t’ and then we got that total…what the hell? overall horrible thing happening to us.

So just some thoughts cause I feel like you are on that turning point of ‘DO I hold strong on my health’ or 'do ‘I deny/pretend/excuse’ my health for _____…fill in the blank.

Now again, if this is not you and you ain’t here then I get it LOL
just some suggestions cause once I put ME before every darn thing in life, even my kid asking for whatever, which could wait, but being a mom ya know it is a priority LOL I found ME in all this mess of my life!!!

so just think a bit and calm it out a bit and think about YOU thru it all. Cause from what I see Mark you are one darn fine dude!! Love your personality and spunk thru all this and you are just a nice guy!! I just hope you put a bit of you in your day and make it all about you and what you need. Life can run us over at times, oh yea I been there, til that little bit of ‘hey what is life all about? and can I find me truly and what I need in it all for my best’ does it start to kinda make that better sense…hey and what I wrote was a lot about me LOL :slight_smile: if ya get anything out of it cool but take care of yourself please! :slight_smile:


Don’t you be giving our Upsydownsyland summer away Aimee!

I might as well keep writing.

Back to work in the city. So great to see @Marknel posting again and mentioning the wider ripples of attempting carnivore in the wild (not a metabolic ward) with the distractions and disruptions of daily work life balancing.

Daily approach is:

Black coffee with cream in the morning (this is drug not food; self medicating)

You know @Fangs Fangsy, if the carnivore diet is not eating plant foods, and if coffee is a pharmaceutical, a drug, and not food, then coffee fits into carnivore as a non-food? The slippery slope here is if one considers chocolate as a drug rather than a food (which it is).

After Noon:
5 eggs scrambled
4 slices bacon
@Fangs look away
1 large mushroom
1/2 small avocado

6 hrs later about a few hours before bed:

last night it was 3 types of fish cooked in butter
night before it was racks of pork ribs to the horizon (4 racks)
night before was roast lamb

In there I had 2 fork fulls of leafy salad or cooked veges (brocolli) to disperse gazes of staring extended family. But there’s also Dr. Ted Naiman’s thoughts on extended satiety with a small dose of carbs. Fangsy has a thread about fiber in which I posted about that.

I have had some oxalate dumping signs with eye crusts, minor heart palpitations, interesting cramps (memorable one in upper abdominal), aching joints in fingers. So have upped the magnesium citrate another 30% to 900mg per day (recommended dose is 150mg - 300 mg, or 600mg if paleo) and that’s sorted out the heart arrhythmia signals.

Brain clarity is good at work. No afternoon slumps. All those around me yawning with their “energy” :rofl: drinks clattering from their hands.

Carnivore is still challenging.

Happy unAustralia Day @Bubby1 Aimee for this long summer weekend. Lamb on the menu? Or rock lobster? :australia:

(Aimee in wonderland 🐰) #760

LOL, Rock Lobster?? That’s hillarious because I’ve been playing that damn song on repeat for two weeks :joy::joy:. Happy UnAustralia day FrancoBear. Probably will be steak though, T bone or Ribeye. Am in a food coma right now after a big steak. Lol.


This is a good feeling isn’t it? I do like leaving that slump in our day behind :slight_smile:

Ok, I looked away on that little bit LOL You are doing great!!

Coffee. Yea coffee is fine. So many can’t and won’t give it up but it is a personal thing for each of us. I never liked coffee at all and never drank it, my first drink of the day back then was a diet pepsi. I was a diet pepsi addict, no doubt about it HAHA


food yesterday was

1 lb. ribeye steak

Done. Boom. Not enough food at all. I felt tired, slumpy, blah yesterday. Not sick but feeling a bit sick? Kid says some virus bug is going around school and I let her stay home yesterday cause she didn’t feel well. I woke up feeling ‘ok’ but not stellar. Can’t pinpoint any major thing to say I am sick but I feel low and slow. Ugh. Kid woke up feeling better so she is going to school today, I am just doing some errands etc. thru the day. Just let this day go on by and hope none of us go down with some crappy buggy sick thing.

Hope everyone else is staying healthy out there :slight_smile: