Cheryl's 90 Day Carnivore Challenge: Started on Nov 01 going through to Feb 29, 2020


if all ya had was a few mushrooms then you are doing so darn wonderful. a lot of people can’t even get there LOL so thumbs up to ya!

Again super jealous on your beach day. I am having big heavy sighs over here missing my ocean and hot days times!

You are finding that steak and eggs makes ya so friggin’ happy to eat and you feel great and I know when ya dump the few mushrooms from that meal you will never even miss them truly :slight_smile:

mind control from the good darn food you are eating!

hey I cooked my ribeye darn near blue rare yesterday. I find I am now walking that way. I was one who loved to over cook all meat to super well done, then I was medium for a long time, then I went more rare and now, even more rare is not as good as blue rare. I have to say I am walking down my carnivore path to raw?, hmm, not sure on that just yet but I am changing in my likes for sure on how I cook my meat.


This is what I’ve learned from your writing and am trying to act on it. It’s not easy, but it works, I think.


yea. it worked for me. it became a very important key element for me to ‘change’ over and give me ‘time’ to work on the plan and accept changes and more. I do hope you get some good out of trying it :slight_smile:

I also had to drop the old baggage diet thoughts of punishment if bad ya know. If I would eat French fries my punishment was to fast the next day? what the hell kind of fun crap in life is that to do to yourself? It didn’t work for me LOL

I had to find a way to eat so well, be full and happy and ALLOW that to happen any time I wanted to eat the French fries and more…so I knew I would give myself total permission to eat all the on plan food I could, all the best crab legs and eat up a whole lb. of bacon if needed and I would not put one negative spin on doing just that. Not one bit of guilt or shame or anything. I was allowed to eat all the darn on plan food I needed thru any situation at any time and it was a positive move only in my brain. Positive I stayed on plan at all times and not once did I have to cave into sugar crap cause my on plans were allowed, fine, ok to eat in any quantity I wanted…….hey once I let that sink in and accepted it, I felt way more secure and safe in my new eating changes.

well it helped me a lot…everyone has to find what works for them and gives them a positive spin on things vs. the negative ‘nasty diet’ we were fighting against.


Lamb is yum.

(Daisy) #727

@Fangs, thank you for the reply. Lots of good food for thought there!!
I realized yesterday that I really do need to cut out cheese. It causes uncontrollable hunger for me. I love it so much and it’s one of the few things I love that much that I really can moderate, but it just makes me ravenous and induces cravings. I’ve been fasting for the last 20+ hours, to try to clear it out of my system. I am battling my mind right now. I’m hungry, but it wouldn’t kill me not to eat. But I WANT to eat!! Lol. But this is an important battle I need to win. So I’m thinking maybe I should take a nap lol.


hey a nap is never a bad thing :slight_smile:

you know I have heard that a few times out there in keto land etc…a few say that cheese is a monster trigger and creates cravings. Many are in that low tolerance for dairy but some find cheese just a bad item for them and gives them nothing but troubles.

you are smart to delete what is being such a tough item for you!


food yesterday was

3/4 lb. cheeseburger patty
3/4 lb. ribeye steak

Happy as can be on carnivore plan.

Off to hosp. early morn to catch cardiologist who comes in early and chat up and check on mother in law.

Nothing much more doing at this point. Hope all are doing well on plan :slight_smile:


I had a nap as advised by @Ketodaisy. It was wonderful.

Morning surf check black coffee with 35% cream
2 hour surf
Breakfast at noon:
4 fried eggs, bacon and cheese
Afternoon hunger snack despite nap:
2 boiled eggs
Pan fried Atlantic salmon and halloumi


now that is a carnivore day :slight_smile: are ya feeling like ya want to start to roar yet HAHA Cool, and yea, a nap, heck, it is a darn good thing when ya need one!!

(Daisy) #732

Lol glad you enjoyed your nap @FrankoBear!
It was very helpful to me as wel, as I’m now sitting at 37 hours of my fast. Last night was REALLY hard. But I’m ok as of now. Going to keep pushing it and see how I feel after church and errands (will be another 6 hours at least before I get home)

(Daisy) #733

Ok so I decided I better break my fast at 45 hours. I could have gone longer, but I’ve been testing my blood glucose and ketones throughout the process and when I checked it this time, my glucose was 60 and my ketones were 4.1. Since my good buddy google said those were very dangerous territory, I broke my fast. I had a cup of bone broth, waited about 20 minutes, then had a lean steak cooked in ghee and topped with butter, a little bit of rotisserie chicken and then 3 slices of pork belly. I feel very full but not disgustingly so. My last bite of pork belly got stuck on the way down, so I instinctively grabbed my water bottle and took a couple gulps, so I expect the digestive distress any moment now lol.


How in heaven’s name do you do that? LOL I would be dead on hour 5…haha…one reason I love carnivore is I don’t have to do that HAHA

I hope you don’t get any digestive distress :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


food yesterday was

1 lb. cheeseburger patty, it was a monster, lol, loved every bite of it
5 slices bacon
2 chicken breast

eh…food was ok. I miss my ribeye. I must find a good sale and restock or I am gonna get ticked soon now HAHA

My monster burger held me very well. Didn’t get hungry til later in the evening, which is not good for me, and I debated long and hard if I should eat that chicken around 8:30 pm…but I did cause I was hungry then and I paid for it a bit. Didn’t sleep that great. Got a small bit of that restless legs being all annoying, ugh, hate that. From food on the belly so late and sleep? No idea. rare I get that leg thing anymore but last night just irked me a bit. So I should have just not eaten but…eh, I went for it LOL Gotta be sure my eating times don’t fall too much like that in the day. I like to eat my final food at least by 6 pm and done for the day and then everything feels so right for me.

Mother in law doing better. Meds and more tests and see where it all stands. So far so good vs. it could be worse kinda thing.

Hope everyone is holding strong on the challenge!!

(Daisy) #736

Lol this was the first time I’ve been able to fast for over a year (since I fell off the keto wagon the first time). It was only with God’s help that I made it through. Lots of prayer.

I would like to start incorporating some 24- 36 hour fasts maybe once a month for health and spirituality, but I don’t think I will try going any longer than that again. I didn’t feel right all afternoon. I felt like maybe my blood pressure spiked. I had that weird pressure in my head, followed by a headache the rest of the day. I only ate the one time yesterday and am quite hungry this morning.
But I felt like I needed that fast to get rid of the cheese from my system. I was also fasting in prayer for a couple of situations in my life. And I want to be able to do that more. So I’m glad I did it, just won’t try for as long the next time.


yea I get that. It seems maybe ya pushed your body a bit too far with your feeling weird like that but at least you know and you can do smaller fasts that won’t hurt you in any way.

Plus staying on carnivore plan you will easily ‘fast naturally’ as in heck, I usually stop eating around 4-5-6 at night and don’t eat again until, like hmm, sometimes as early as 10 am, but mostly like 11-12 for first food so that gives me like a 16-18 hr fast anyway so I figure I am good enough at that point relieving the body of digestion etc and allowing down time for good healing.

but I know a lot of people like it for a spiritual journey also and when that happens we all should do what we need to do for our lifestyle. I sure get that!

and you purged that cheese from ya now HAHA


ahhh, so I got back from the dentist for my cleaning and hubby had a very small pork loin cutlet fried up for me and 2 slices bacon.

He said, here I got this for ya cause I knew you would be starved when you got home and I was so thankful he is a cool guy helping me with carnivore.

My voice said thank you sweetie but my mind instantly thought…are you friggin’ insane, that is a nibble to me and not worth my time chewing HAHA

in a bit I am frying up a 1 lb. ribeye steak and yes I woofed down the little pork cutlet and bacon in 1.3 seconds…LOL

I am training him so well and he is doing his best for me…love it :slight_smile:

(Mark Nelson) #739

cough cough
Well seems I got sick end of last week.
Friday I was feeling off and was wondering if it was part of my unintentional fasting. I broke the fast at about 38 hours with a 3 Tbsp’s of full fat Greek yogurt for the probiotics as I didn’t have any bone broth. After waiting 90 minutes I ate 8 oz of steak and then it was time to get ready for a date.

Date was lovely and as we were cuddled up she mentioned that I felt warm. So I got a thermometer and sure enough I was running at 99.6f (37.6c). We continued to watch some shows and maybe an hour to 90 min later boom! 101.6. It was time for Briana to go home anyway so off I went to the local pharmacy and grabbed some oil of oregano, garlic oil pills and good old NyQuil night time gel caps. Right to bed with me!

Woke up Saturday with no fever! That was wonderful as I had to drive 2 hours south to Eugene to give a presentation and interact at a conference until 5 and then a 2 hour drive back.

Food wise at the conference, I avoided all of the carbs! No muffins, no fruit, no nada! I did have two things off carnivore, I added 2 packets of stevia to my coffee in the morning and I had 5 bacon wrapped Jalapeno poppers stuffed with cream cheese to go with my double patty blue cheese burger.

Got home about 7:30 Saturday night and with-in an hour I had another low grade fever. Canceled another date I had for that night and stayed in bed! Sunday woke up feeling fine, ate 4 eggs with 6oz of steak. Relaxed until a date at 1. Bowling practice after that and then home by 8pm.

Still not that hungry but I’ll eat more today I’m sure. I’ve got this cough hanging one that is leading me to suspect an upper respiratory thing is going on. If it gets much worse or hangs on another day or so I’ll head to the docs.

(Daisy) #740

Today was bone broth, pork belly and eggs for breakfast and then another lean steak with ghee and butter, some rotisserie chicken and some dirty carnivore hot dog chili (it has cocoa and tomato paste) for dinner.


sorry you got bad Mark.

so true, if it persists go get some meds cause that upper respiratory thing can become a nightmare fast sometimes! It takes an act of congress to get me to a Dr most times LOL but when I feel anything in the chest I go immediately and get meds fast. I can’t handle that one bit.

You did good having none of the junk…and your few poppers won’t damage ya a ton LOL you are doing great with your eating I think!


ahh, not bad.
my mind is on some dirty cocktail sauce for my next big pile of shrimp now :slight_smile: so I might be going dirty also a little like you, lol