Cheryl's 90 Day Carnivore Challenge: Started on Nov 01 going through to Feb 29, 2020

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I enjoy reading on paper (more than online) and would love to work through this entire post.


I put tallow on mine.

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Touch It or put the cursor over it and it will unblurr.


oh…did I do it to myself? HA HA
I had no idea LOL
thanks a lot!!


Carnivore thru and thru!!! Love it!

How are you doing on carnivore Bob? Any new good benefits or anything changing for you or are ya just cruising along in fine form?

I gotta say I am flourishing!


Now hot darn if that wasn’t the most informed fig post one could have ever given me about a fig they ate! Loved it!!

a toasted koala…now are we saying here that we can put koala on a spit, fire high and roaring and call it dinner? hmm…


Doing well, have had some more apparently oxylate related issues but feel great.
I got the idea of calling burgers “meat cookies” from Kelly Hogan. I precook them and eat them cold with a tallow spread on top, love it. I don’t like ground beef or burgers when they’re hot anymore.


yea Kelly is cool!

I gotta say that is wild how your tastes have changed with carnivore. From hot burgers to loving only cold burgers with tallow. Thing is when one does carnivore we just have to follow our taste and our meat as we need it. So important and you found your spot on that. I bet your meat cookies just fill you up so well and satisfy you!

Meat cookies are sounding like a good backpack item for me when going on long mountain trail hikes. Emmm., you gave me good thinking here…thanks. Small, portable, easy to pack with a cold pack and instant great carnivore food on demand! Liking it!

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Do you do anything to the tallow or just let it come to room temp?

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So after leaving my food at a partners house like I posted above, I’ve been on an unintentional fast. 38 hours and counting.

Ended up pushing through lunch with some salt under the tongue a few times and lots of water.
I went to meet up with them where they went to go see a play and got my meat. Ended up going to a some new friends house right from there and talked until late and didn’t get home until 11:30 where I just said screw it and went to sleep.

May end it soon but I’m somewhat busy so I’m not focusing on it which is helping :slight_smile:


No, just spoon it out of the container and spread on like icing…delicious, carnivore icing.:yum:


Guys, I’m still here and doing my Carnivore/PKD but a couple of weeks ago my friend (83years old) who lives with us had a stroke. I’ve been at the hospital and rehab with her, then trying to keep the house going, ugh. She’s doing okay but I just haven’t had time to post. Boy oh boy did I really appreciate carnivore/PKD during this entire time. No meals to fuss over and I was able to throw PKD foods into my lunch box and head to the hospital/rehab place with no problems.

@Ketodaisy I’ve found that I need a lot less water on carnivore. If I drink with abandon I get similar issues. I’m glad you found that connection and can keep an eye on your water intake. Hopefully that will be a temporary thing.

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Thanks @ReneeRC. I just made that connection in the last 24 hours that I need MUCH less water than I usually drink.

On another note, I’ve been watching this woman’s videos all evening. I had heard her and her husband on carnivorecast a few months ago, but just happened upon her this evening. This video hit me sooooooo hard… it was like listening to myself, except I’ve always given in to the cheats one way or another.


I just worked out, after listening to Chris Kresser that I need to eat about 600g (1.33lb) of steak a day to meat my nutrition needs. That’s steak at 25g protein per 100g of meat.

4 eggs will give me about the same amount of protein as 100g of steak.

I might be under eating my protein foods on the challenge so far. Time to optimise.

Having oxalate dumping symptoms today or I am sick. Sore teeth, joint aches, brain fog, lethargy, tinnitus but no fever. Maybe those figs did me no good. Or it could be the chilli in the prawns, as suggested previously. I hear you Fangs, “Clean it up.”


Ohhh so sorry for her medical situation. Sending prayers to her for an easy recovery and sending prayers to your family as you all work thru this hard time!!~!! So kind of you to be there and help her so much and all!!


Yes I can identify with that. I did it, over and over again thru my journey.

I don’t do it now to that level. I still have some ‘jealous’ days when I smell/see other’s eating foods BUT there is one difference I do now.
I vent it out. I talk to myself about why I don’t eat that crap, I am darn proud and say I am to me and mean it that I stayed on plan, I know exactly why I made the changes to myself and I desire to hold those changes. So I combat the triggers easily now…cause I taught me to do just that.

Thing I gave up, after years of my life being all about a FOOD FOCUS of what I could not have, what holidays I had to ‘prepare for’ and ‘maneuver thru’ and fight like heck thru etc…was I put ALL my focus about being on my new plan, loving it and remembering exactly why I was doing it.

So for me personally, yea I did the insanity of this video. Who hasn’t? LOL But the thing is totally if you see this being you…how do you change it all to be a positive in your life vs. a negative?

I gave up some nasty thinking. Dropped it by the wayside. I grabbed onto a line of thinking to make me better in what changes I desired for me. I decided to stop the deny/excuse/pretending.

Any time we go off our desired eating to improve our health we deny, excuse and pretend. I decided one day I wouldn’t allow it any more in my life with food cause I was going batshit crazy over food focus.

I decided when I craved I would eat a ton of on plan food, the best of the best I loved and not for one second pretend I overate or gave it any bad meaning…cause there was none. That helped me a lot!

I decided I wouldn’t deny myself any on plan foods ever and to eat whatever I needed to get thru whatever situation and it was all positive then.

I decided I wouldn’t excuse any crappy eating any more. I would not say, hey I am on vacation and that crap food the family is eating is probably a 1 time try since I am on vacation and I wanna taste it!~ Nope. I order ‘on plan’ food from that vacation sight I am visiting that fits my ON plan foods and enjoy those tastes. Anyone can find a gazillion excuses to eat off plan, I know I did LOL and one day I said I am done excusing myself.

I decided there was no use pretending what it took for me to hold plan and stay there, I mean after all I want this plan for health and vigor :slight_smile: You think it would be important yet it felt more like punishment in the end of it all. I decided it wasn’t punishment, it was what I wanted. To change to healthy eating and thrive. Get internal healing. Get results and keep them. It was time to stop pretending that what I was doing for myself was an overall ‘darn near impossible bad damn diet’ and just allow my brain to accept this healthy eating plan I wanted to do for me.

I literally rode the hamster wheel on this thinking so much til the one day I woke up and said I am friggin’ done with this BS.

I now made food a non focus. Only focus food has for me now is to be on plan at all times, I have days I can eat hardly nothing and be fine and days I crave and get jealous of other’s and decide that is when I have to eat the best darn on plan food I adore and I do just that, and I eat a heck of a lot of it and then I talk to myself about why that food is not what I want and I won’t excuse eating it, I won’t deny myself any on plan foods ever and I won’t pretend for one minute that if I eat crap it would be in any way a good thing for me.

So basically it took me a long time to flip my thinking. So many successful people told me what to do but heck I swear you have to live thru it. Live thru it til ya can’t take the insanity of it anymore and your thinking flips to all positive of being on plan and how you are going to stay there all positive and life becomes SO much easier and simple.

And my eating now is easier and simple. Not one doubt about that but it was a long road of that video above type thinking that drove me nuts darn near :slight_smile: I was 1 step after years on low carb from quitting and saying f this. Then I grabbed onto 1 little shred of hope.

I knew when I ate a certain way I thrived. Ok. But how to hold it? Did I really want this change for me? Darn right I did and that is when my thinking flipped. I then decided if I truly desire this change for my own body, what the heck was I willing to do to get this change and hold it?

That is when my focus flipped from what I gave up and my old life long habits had to go and I focused on what suited me to make my changes happen for me and all positive.

But others told me this over and over again. You have to flip that mindset. Heck I could not do it! Til one split second years into this dieting hell nightmare I said…hey what am I willing to do truly for what changes I desire in life? That is when I gave up denying/excusing/pretending thru all this diet nightmare crap.

It is so personal if and when this flip in mindset will happen for you.
Some get it fast and easy, others fight like a dog to find it and I thought I never would til I was at my wits end and realized I had to be positive and grow from what changes I wanted, not beat the hell out of myself fighting every single change like it was my last battle.

So that is just some of the crap I went thru and it is friggin’ hard as heck!!! But when we do want something bad enough, we find a way around it all and bob and weave our way thru our journey and eventually find it and when we do…weeee……we start that real change we so desired! Mentally!! Not physically as in we ate on plan, but we change mentally wanting to be on that eating plan cause it is what we want from our life and we accept it. Acceptance of what you desire in changes for your life is key. We accept our eating plan as life long and it cements in those changes we so desire~! We stopped denying, excusing and pretending thru it all and ACCEPT in true form our new road to follow and flip our thinking to all positive on that new road we travel.

I truly hope some of that helps. It was what it took for me to get off the diet hamster wheel of insanity thinking. It was hard, not a darn thing simple about it. Yea some get it fast, some, like me took a long time for the mindset to change over.

Now I do things simple…as in my life is NOT about how do I avoid junky food at holiday meal time. How do I maneuver thru all this food in front of my face. I don’t go there at all…what I say is ‘for Thanksgiving I am eating XYZ’. Done. All on plan food for me and best of the best for me. I then say they are eating ABC…and I give it no other thought. I can do that now. I changed my mindset I will not fight thru a meal, I will do the best darn on plan meal for me and that is what I desire. That is what suits me. The rest of the crap food on the table is not me, not what I want, doesn’t help me one bit to help with the changes I want so badly, so why give it any focus?

So my thinking had to change. It was so simple yet one of the hardest darn things I had to do for me point blank.

Just take what you can from this post, throw away what doesn’t fit you and just think on it all LOL We can chat our experiences and it is great but sometimes we have to walk our own long timeline on our journey for those experiences of others to even hit home or make any sense ya know. Hold strong! You keep the desire for your changes as positive in your life, what you want and you will find your way around all the insanity of what it takes to change your mindset to make it all easier for you :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


You are a good person Renee. The situation and description feed into the idea of a challenge very well. This thread is starting to look like a film pitch. Best warm wishes to you.


HAHA yea I gotta say I AM carnivore and when I went a bit dirty carnivore and ate little things, like a bit of chocolate one day, a tad of cocktail sauce one day or had a bite or 2 of off plan crap…heck even when I stopped that tiny bit of junk, my body improved instantly.

Cheryl’s challenge made me see my little tiny things I did do, yea they had a small effect on me. I cleaned it up and I see the difference :slight_smile:

remember tho……those eggs will never equal steak. ever. Steak has protein and good fat running all thru it. Dense total food. Eggs will never equal that. So the protein amt is the same but it ain’t the same at all for your body after ya eat it :slight_smile:

thing is unless one holds very clean carnivore and then adds back only 1 item and see if it effects you, you can’t really tell what is effecting you or is it even the foods? It can only be a guess then mostly.

hey you are working on you and that is the best darn thing you can do for yourself so you rock on!


food yesterday was

6 link sausage
almost 1 lb. ribeye steak
18 xlarge shrimp sautéed in old bay seasoned butter. yum

holy…down another .4 on the scale and yes I should not be doing this…watching the tiny .04s but I am thrilled I am going down so easily again…little by little, inch by inch HAHA I am in a good zone for me right now!

holding plan well cause this is who I am :slight_smile: carnivore baby~! lol
feeling fab.
in good form and cruising along.

hope all are doing great!


Had a tiny coffee with cream. Then that 3 egg omelette with cheese and bacon. Took some extra magnesium citrate today to mop up those oxalates (if present). No adverse effect from the higher dose.

Did a thing I learnt in meditation where I acknowledged the unwell feelings and let them come and go as I mentally observed them I actually chased the pins and needles and aches around my body in the meditation. If I had an ache in my shoulder I would yoga nidra my meditation there but the pain would flee. So I’d chase it to my foot, and to my right hip, then into my teeth. It hasn’t fully gone.

So I went for a surf. My little brother is visiting from the city. He was too scared to paddle out because he does that rookie mistake of reading the shark sighting reports before going for a surf. I worry more about carb creep than creepy sharks.

Two hours in the water today. Arms felt heavy, it was hard work. But the ocean bashed the whiny whinging voice from my head. I don’t know how anyone puts up with a sick husband.

The exercise made me very hungry. That’s how a man of leisure can tell he has been too physically active. The German bakery was open next door to the post office general store in the coastal hamlet. The general store has amazing vegan vegetarian cakes. I left that danger zone with two dunny rolls by “who gives a crap” (toilet paper, not cakes) and crazy sweet carb cravings.

All settled now after a 400g scotch fillet steak accidentally cooked blue rare, 3 eggs all cooked in butter, and look away now @Fangs… 200g of mushrooms ( might have been the fibre research I did for that other post, or I am under the mind control of a brain exploding fungal spore like those ants get?).