Cheryl's 90 Day Carnivore Challenge: Started on Nov 01 going through to Feb 29, 2020


food yesterday was

3/4 lb. ribeye steak
can of tuna and mayo…used reg. old house mayo, I was lazy but I am cool with just a tablespoon, I let it slide
1/4 lb. cheeseburger patty

All going very well.

I feel my ‘old carnivore’ ways kicking in. I am gearing at a very more narrow option of foods I am liking.

When I ‘dirty carnivore’ a bit I find I want way more variety and tend to eat a lot more different meats with a tad more seasonings on them.

When I ‘clean carnivore’ which I have been doing for a long time now it seems I shrink my wants of food and variety. That to be is always a good thing :slight_smile: I know I need a ribeye steak in my day. That is one of those must have, love it, foods for me. Key item. After that I can have a little this or that, like tuna or shrimp or burger and noticed my food list is getting smaller and smaller on my wants. Happy with that approach and many carnivores find this happens a lot to them. So yea, I am in tha stage where beef like a ribeye steak is necessary and key to me for my main big meal and then after, I just pick something from my other small list of foods and eat as needed.

So all rolling along perfect. Hope everyone is doing ok!!


I sure understand why you want away from that! I am a country gal to the max and that type of city life and hustle and bustle and pollution of all kinds, even that noise pollution it carries is rough on many. Some just love it and thrive, I shrink and run like you HAHA

So sorry to hear about your mom!! That is scary for sure.

My mother in law is going thru tough times like that. She is in pain right now from a small back fracture that is being treated and at the same time she is not focusing on food at all. She is doing super low BS and then takes insulin at wrong doses and then crashes up and down and since she is on pain meds and not eating well at all, she is messing her BS up for sure. She is a horrendous eater. We chatted all types of diet with her but she is the I love my bread, can’t give it up and I won’t eat a piece of cake, I will just have this fruit person…ugh…yea fruit tops cake. Uh, talking sugar here! She doesn’t get it at all. We tried and have given up. At this point it is what it is in her food and it isn’t good selections. Her last sonogram on legs are showing circulatory collapse and more. Has the swelling ankles etc. right now. We are fighting a mess of troubles with her.

It was so lucky you did find your mom and took action…hope her recovery is a fast and good one!!

Yes…absolutely relax. You are in your element by the sea :slight_smile: enjoy the heck out of it and let the wonderful ocean salt air take away your stress~!

(Daisy) #685

I’m glad your mom is ok! That’s so scary.


Does a cheeseburger pattie have cheese in it? I don’t know what they are. Like they say in Pulp Fiction, a Royale with Cheese, is a hamburger (not even ham) with cheese.

I’m pretty sure @barefootbob calls ground beef (we call it mince) patties “meat cookies”.


if the cheese is cooked inside the meat it is then called a ‘Juicy Lucy’ and yes you will have to google that cause I ain’t saying more HAHA

My burgers are just hamburgers with cheese on top…nothing more fancy or mysterious ever on that :slight_smile:

If I have a burger it must have cheese. I can’t do plain hamburger patty…to me it is like eating sawdust, but ya put cheese on it, the whole thing transforms into delish wanna eat food for this carnivore!

(Mark Nelson) #688

Absent for awhile.
Mental illness flare up, just wanted to isolate and not do anything like track food or interact with humans.

Food wise Staying on track with all carnivore all the time.
Weight has stayed steady the last 2 weeks at 221.3 to 222.8 but I’m suspecting maybe… just maybe 2 days of using minimal stevia, and by minimal I mean maybe 6 total packets. has caused water retention?


Forgot my steaks I cooked for lunch dinner today at my partners house in Vancouver,Wa. 3 hour round trip to get them so I may just unintentionally fast for the next day or two.

(Mike) #689

I would love to print this entire challenge post. Anyone know if there is a way to do it? I tried copy/pasting the entire thing from top-to-bottom but the way the page is set up it won’t work for me.

(Daisy) #690

I’m sorry to hear about the mental illness flair up, but would be interested to know more. One of the reasons I do carnivore is for mental illness benefits and I encourage others to do the same. I find it curious that you had issues while remaining strict carnivore. I do hope you’re doing better now.


I would love to print this entire challenge post.



oh boy I have no idea on any of that…I can barely work the forum HAHA
My guess would be go to that technical section and ask an administrator how to do all that? sorry I couldn’t help but I am sure someone can!

Are you wanting to go carnivore? Need some ideas on food choices and all that? If you have any questions jump on in and chat it up :slight_smile:


wondering where you were :slight_smile: Glad you are back.

Don’t worry about the scale at all. We can’t lose lbs. every single day so just let it happen and hold strong.

Sorry you left your food. That stinks :frowning: Our meat is so important to us LOL

I also get not wanting to interact sometimes. I just shut down a bit to recharge my personal battery bank and when full again I join the human race when I feel like it LOL I have some anxiety issues but they corrected out so much better now…but it takes time for sure for all our hormones to balance out etc. and we get good improvement but for me I know it won’t ever be a total magic pill for me :slight_smile:

You rocking this all our Mark!


Do what is in front of your hands until the light comes back.

(Cheryl) #695

Hi gang, I’m still here and well past the Holiday madness and doing great with Carnivore. It was a big fall off the wagon and I didn’t want to drag anybody down so I waited to get back here to re-join everyone. As soon as I get a chance I’ll read back on all the posts.


back on and edited to say…I got on the scale and I am down .4
I got on the scale cause of I feel like I gained at least 5 lbs of bloat on my body and wanted to see…and to my surprise I am at my lowest weight and I swear I don’t know how that can be cause I feel huge literally from bloat. I swear I must as I try to know it all with the body, this just shows I sure as heck will never HAHA I don’t know, just crazy but I am thrilled to see darn near 1/2 lb. gone again. SLOWLY going down the scale and body composition is changing to leaner and meaner and all the time! I eat so darn well and full. Love it.

food yesterday was

10 oz flank steak
5 slices bacon with bit of melted cheddar
bout a 12 oz ribeye steak

the flank was ok. more tasteless. no marinade or anything, just slice very thin and a fast high heat fry for a few minutes and it was super tender, but the taste was so blah. Good meat but not that ‘beef punch’ taste I like. But I got it on a super deal and decided I had to have it. Like 11 bucks and got it for 4 on mark down so…it filled me up :slight_smile: Won’t be stockpiling it tho. Just not enough flavor or fat for me.

Ohhh I had to fight some darn cravings last night. Family were snacking out. Chips and ice cream. Luckily the chips are the kid’s favorite type and I don’t like them and I got hubby the black cherry ice cream he likes and I despise so…not desire to eat that which they were noshing, but I got jealous…yea jealous I couldn’t just grab a ton of sugar and join in HAHA

So I just made a promise to me that tomorrow I would eat a lb. of snow crab legs since I love them so much and that would be my pay for not eating sugar…ok, sounds good…it go me thru my cravings and jealousy.

I feel bloaty cause I hit salt very hard yesterday. I salted my flank steak very very heavy cause it was so bland…the bacon got me…and then on my ribeye I hit up a good bit of salt again. Just wanted it. I guess the body was asking for it in a way but today I feel icky. Just bloaty and I don’t like it.

So today is watch salt intake. Plus I am not drinking enough water like I usually do…another thing that just happens to me in colder weather, so every now and then it hits me to ‘drink some darn more water’ cause my body actually loves it…so I will sip sip thru the day and flush out of sodium in the process I hope.

nothing dramatic…but you know eating so carnivore clean I can feel bloaty sodium so fast in my body. When I don’t feel lean and mean and have that more empty good feeling I like, I need to correct it a bit cause the bloaty feeling just sucks rocks to me HAHA

all good…hope everyone is ok!!


Big win. Got out of the crowded supermarket without brushing a tentacle anywhere near the heavily discounted sweet carbohydrates. I did buy some extra double cream though.

What is it with surf and turf @Fangs? Is there a symbiosis? I just had a 14 oz Scotch Fillet with some shrimp (that may have had some lime juice and chilli to hold them apart). Steak and shrimp just seem to go together.

Many will not remember the forgettable sausage incident I had at the butcher shop in the local village when I asked about the filler used in their all beef sausages. I had to run fast and far, then return in disguise. Well, today, I asked about the 100% beef mince patties. That is 100% ground beef hamburger patties for those in northern climes. The beef patties looked a bit too white. I risked asking the apprentice. He said, “It’s the binder.” So I asked what was in the binder? He brought out a sack and the ingredients were: gluten and soy. and the binder dust smelt savoury sweet, so I reckon it was also part mono sodium glutamate. Not 100%, then? And he replied, “The meat in them is 100% beef.” Ahhh, food processing allows secrets to be added. (e.g. a gluten intolerant person trying those patties will blame the beef for their gut upset). I wanted ground beef after listening to an excellent podcast today where the functional medicine doctor said that carnivore is not a low carbohydrate diet and is often not ketogenic.

This morning’s food was a 12 noon breakfast of 3 egg omelette with cheese and bacon. I did have coffee and cream at about 9am after meeting with the plumber. And I had 4 small black figs (extremely high oxalate) with cream and chunks of cheese.

"If you want to get fat, eat fruit" I can’t remember which dietary expert dropped that in a recent podcast. But it’s seasonal summer fruit time here and this is fruit from trees I know.


Wouldn’t y’all in the frozen wastes beyond the wall be guzzling down bone broth by the gallon?

I’m drinking rain water by the gallon here in the oven.


LOL heck no, I don’t drink my nutrition. I eat meat and seafood, I am not a bone broth gal at all. I used it back in the day and realized I don’t need it, don’t like it enough to bother with it, and it can take away some of my appetite and I don’t like that, I want to eat my food so I ditched bone broth…others love it to death, me, I pass it on by.

and yea it is fricking cold here. I am now just sitting here waiting for early early early spring.

I know you got it real rough in your oven weather!! Being colder now I cut down water intake and I notice it in my body. So today is drink my delish well water I have. I am always so happy we are on a fresh great well water and not some chemical treated state water supply. Ick. Where my water comes from is very important to me LOL


I know right? They pair up so well. I use shrimp all the time as a side dish to my meats…it just is one of those great pairings :slight_smile:
Bet it was delish!!

I don’t remember hearing about this but I sure can imagine!!!

and wow on that mince patty!! See, see, that is why I never buy that crap. I can’t believe it has no sign saying ‘form of nasty binder in here with this 100% fresh meat…’ and yet that binder is so nasty and people have no clue what they are truly buying, but someone like you knows, cause you are smart enough to ask :slight_smile: Only the meat is 100% beef…well yea they had to say that also and claim it as truth, cause if it just said ‘minced burgers ready for the grill’ it could then be, say, who knows what combo of meat from what critters in that burger with the binder…ohhhhh don’t get me started on all this HAHA

Very true, carnivore is not an active ‘be in a deep ketogenic’ state like a Keto Plan strives for and other plans like PKD. Carnivore is not low carb LOL well, duh, geez…haha

I have to say tho for most carnivore does put a person in ketosis. Most are never out of ketosis but we are in a very low form of ketosis. Plus once longer and longer on carnivore your ketones will burn different and only a blood test will show true and accurate ketones that are in your system.

You are on a first hand basis with your fruit tree huh? Is that fig better than say, the neighbors fig? Is that fig better than those commercially grown and told to be ‘organic’ figs? Organic figs I hear are treated super humanely and fancy cared for I heard…Hmmm…what the fig FB?


All these summer fruits that have dirtied up my carnivore challenge are tree ripened to the point they have to be eaten in the food forest. The trees are treated with kindness but honesty. Often pruned by tall kangaroos. They, the fruit, can’t be picked and put in a basket as even touching each other causes bruising. They are small. Small doses of packaged summer sunshine. Not monster madness fruits the size of a toasted koala. I don’t eat my neighbour’s fig, that is a no-no in our culture. But my mother-in-law gifted me a fig from her tree (the mother tree from which we took the graft cuttings), and that fig, although obviously the best in all the world, was still not as good as my fig. I know my figs and summer fruits from the soil up. We are part of each other.



Nevermind on that one HAHA