Cheryl's 90 Day Carnivore Challenge: Started on Nov 01 going through to Feb 29, 2020


So I ate great yesterday and WOO HOO, down 1/2 lb again this morning. Body is loving more food…ok I am cool with that :slight_smile:

food yesterday was

12 oz ribeye steak
about 1/2 lb. smoked beef brisket…delish, from local BBQ joint
1.5 lbs. snow crab legs with butter

I am watching salt intake. If I ‘feel’ I need more I go very heavy handed, cause I am a salt addict to the ultimate, but I am going more in tune with body and shake way less on days I feel like ‘I just don’t need it’ so that is working out well. I doubt now I will drop daily salt from my life, so far I still like it too darn much :slight_smile:

other than that I am feeling wonderful.

weather is warmer today and sun should be coming out. I think a hike with my kid and dog is in order later. Will hit up local trails and get out and about a bit. Take advantage of decent winter weather today.

(Daisy) #664

What is this?

I’m glad to hear things going so well for you. I also am in a job I absolutely love, but it does bring some extra stress in my life. It is hard to balance sometimes!

(Daisy) #665

So I haven’t been tracking my foods but have remained 100% carnivore this week (from Monday). I have had a bit of cheese at the end of the week and a little processed meat Friday night. My tummy troubles are back, but I’m going to blame them on oxalate dumping and push forward. My energy is also pretty low. Bring on the next week!

I will not be getting on the scale for a minimum of a month.


Jarlsberg. The cheese made in Norway. Not the ‘Jarlsberg’ versions made in the USA Or Ireland.


food yesterday was

1 lb. of bacon with some melted cheddar
1/3 lb. cheeseburger
6 oz thin ribeye steak
16/18 or so shrimp with melted butter

I thought I might eat a bit more but I ended up stuffed for the day.

Woke up VERY not hungry this morning. Still have a full feeling so that is good, no hint of hunger, I like that LOL

I can’t remember how many started this challenge actually? Is everyone doing ok? So far I am loving it :slight_smile:


Ugh. Back at work. Ate chocolate. Even the dopamine hit from these forums feels muted.

Visited family(in-laws) for dinner ate vegetables (there was some meat), not enough fat, not enough satiety and fruit for dessert… felt hungry. Restless sleep.

Figs are in season. If you want oxalates, eat figs. Mother-in-law is confused at dinner time fig avoidance.

Drove back to closest capital city to start work on Monday. City is coastal but has no surf. Commute from city pad is 30 minutes each way sitting in car to uni campus work. Commute from home home is 3hrs each way. Excellent for low carb podcast listening.

Have been inside all day for 1.5 days and can feel the blergh. Sitting at a computer. Completing admin tasks. Need to be at the beach.

But today is another day.

1pm breakfast is due. Am going to hunt around campus for carnivore foods. Pretty sure I can get eggs and bacon.

Coffee with cream killed the morning hunger. But now am agitated. Heading for on-campus cafe. Need to get past junk food machines lurking like ninjas in the corridors.

Carnivore is not so much the challenge as the work environment is.

Challenge is on! Am going to feed off the good vibes and lessons from the first 10 weeks.


food yesterday was ok…just seemed to eat it and not care about it

1 sausage patty
2 thin cut pork chops
6 link sausage
6 oz thin ribeye steak

the above does not have that stay power of a 1 lb. thick ribeye I usually eat as my first meal. I must must must find some ribeye meat sales. I thrive on ribeye, the big ones…these little thin cut ribeye steaks that were on sale and I grabbed are like a tease. They don’t have that ‘good meaty’ thickness to them, they taste blah compared to the big boys.

Pork. not a big fan anyone. the sausage patty and link sausage are pork and I do use them as a side dish. The pork chops, haven’t have them in a long while. They didn’t thrill me at all. I noticed pork is dropping off of my eating list more and more. I do still like the fatty country style big pork ribs, but also haven’t been buying them like I used to.

I truly think I am becoming a ribeye and seafood person. Uh, just interesting in seeing how my food changes happen.

Darn FB this has to be a shock to your system. Even the word commute gave me the chills. Then the words sitting at your desk. Ugh.

Hubby and I took early retirement. I am 58 and he is 54 and we sold a lot of farm land when we shut down the farm business. But a lot of that is earmarked for kids college money. I noticed we both might have to go get small jobs as money supplement. Watching finances tightly. He drives cars now for a dealership which isn’t a daily job, he likes it cause he goes out of state and delivers vehicles and he likes the guys he drives with, so that is some money coming in right now but I think to myself…what if I have to get a position? I think I would go batshit crazy being controlled at a job. I was a computer programmer back in the day, SO very long ago. Then when I met hubby we started farming and all my days were mine to plan as I needed. I haven’t ‘worked’ for someone most of my life now. I truly don’t know if I could…I would probably kill someone at the office or something HAHA ‘don’t be telling me what to do!’ HAHA

Hold strong! Sorry you are out of sorts but you will get your new routine etc. sorted out :slight_smile:


Cheryl how are you doing? Haven’t seen a check in from you and hoping all is going well for you now!!!

I want to thank you totally. In that I have cleaned up my ‘dirty carnivore’ on your challege and you woke me up again…and truly wanted to say thanks to you :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I found a cleaner me again and I am feeling fab doing just that so a monster thank you for your challenge you started!


KetoConnect tries some new products and one of 'em is a carnivore snack that might be handy for an emergency food:


(Daisy) #672

Lol I had a big eating day today. A small steak for breakfast, bone broth broth and pork roast for lunch and rotisserie chicken and shrimp for dinner.

(Andrea) #673

How do you guys get on with lamb? I live in a place where lamb is in abundance…and also very cheap. I was thinking of eating it as much as I would beef. Anyone have issues with lamb?

(Daisy) #674

I personally just don’t like lamb. I’ve tried it 3 times now. But if you do, I don’t see a thing wrong with it.


yum…I am so into pairing up meat with seafood…love me surf and turf LOL sounds like great eating!


no issues when I’ve eaten it. not a big seller around me, actually hard to find in a lot of my stores but if you love it, have it very handy to buy, then you enjoy it. If you find your body doesn’t accept it for any reason, then ya know if you don’t do well on lamb, but most carnivores can eat lamb easily and do very well on it!


wow very interesting. that carnivore snax they seemed to love…calling it a winner and just enjoying the heck out of that meat :slight_smile:

(Daisy) #678

So interesting observation… I’ve been trying to watch my liquid intake while eating (not super consciously, just not purposely drinking). I’ve really only had a couple of times of digestive distress in the last 9 days. Today, I ate my “breakfast” and upon the last bite, I got the hiccups. So I grabbed my bottle of water and chugged it, eliminating the hiccups. As soon as I did that, I thought “oh no, I just drank a lot, wonder how that will affect digestion…” sure enough, within 5 minutes (probably within 2 or 3), I had the all to familiar rumbling in the tummy and had to run to the bathroom. Multiple times. Still sitting here now as I type :joy:

(Andrea) #679

Thanks for the reply. I live in remote Scotland so lamb is readily available here (in fact I live in what is known as an “open” village where all the local sheep are free to go wherever they want…they’re regularly in my garden which is great for keeping the grass short!!).


and you can pick out your next dinner while on the hoof HAHA
hey, that one looks plump and meaty :slight_smile:


that is a really wild observation for you. I have heard a few won’t do liquid and their meal…they kinda keep them a bit separate but it isn’t a common thing…hey you are in the uncommon category of carnivore LOL cool you are finding what suits you!


The challenge is real. Snuck away from the toxic city life to work from home for the rest of the week. And had to meet a client for an animation project in a rural town (preserving native wildlife).

Gargh, over-caffeinated plus stress talking about budgets and payments and timelines and deadlines. Carb cravings are strong.

This morning had a surf and felt very weak, but loved being back in the ocean.

Last night had baked pork ribs at mum’s house. But when I walked in found her collapsed on the bed semi-conscious, pale grey skin colour, light, feathery breathing, clammy skin. She mumbled she was having a hypo (hypoglycemia). I smeared some honey in her mouth and took a blood glucose reading. On mum, now I think about it maybe I should have tested me as well. She was 6.2mmol/l (112). She couldn’t remember how much insulin she had injected. She was adamant that her lunch had been 1 boiled egg. Eventually she recovered and I got her to eat some vegetable soup that she had ready prepared. She gradually got better. Her blood glucose before injecting insulin had been 11.9mmol/l (214). Then she said she had gone out to coffee with two girlfriends before lunch and had a large milky iced coffee with ice cream and some cake (but that was not her lunch). Who would be a keto coach?

I stayed bit longer than planned to make sure she was really OK and left for a 3 hour drive home at about 9pm.

This morning I had a 3 egg omelette after surfing. ‘Fasting’ pre-feed blood glucose was 6.3mmol/l and blood ketones 0.1mmol/l.

Tonight is a hot summer night. I might just drink water and relax now I’m back in the countryside near the sea.

2 boiled eggs for dinner. That’s enough today. Now for 10 hours sleep.