Cheryl's 90 Day Carnivore Challenge: Started on Nov 01 going through to Feb 29, 2020


food yesterday was

12 oz ribeye
7 link sausage
1/3 lb. cheeseburger patty

I have been feeling very hungry but that is waning a bit now. I am eating good and to my fill but still had that ‘wanna eat’ feeling but I woke up in this ‘calm’ this morning. Woke up with no real hunger and that ‘feed me darn it’ feeling :slight_smile: So that makes me happy :slight_smile: I can feel my body and am very in tune with hunger into that super empty feed me feeling and right now I hit my true calm. I know this calm feeling and I know it is, like, hmm, easy to stay on plan simply without making food a focus kinda situation. Hard to explain but I woke up in a good place for me this morning and will just continue to cruise along on carnivore.

hope everyone else is good!


Its great, thanks.

Had one hour in the surf today. There was this thing called a “salmon ball”. It’s fish feeding on bait fish, and they are actually not a salmon. It was amazing to watch but I didn’t like that it drifted under my legs because those things attract sharks. So I surfed in and waited awhile. It only seemed to attract a pod of dolphins.

Anyhow the surf pushed breakfast back to 4:30pm, so it looks like OMAD today.

Big porterhouse steak* and 3 eggs. (*bacon substitute)
Black coffee with 35% fat (single) cream. A big slosh.


oh wow…yea I seen those bait balls on tv. The predators go crazy dashing in and out of the ball feeding…and you had that near your legs happening? man I would be out of the water fast on that one, I hate creepy things around me in the surf.

When at St. George Island State Park in Florida one year we were camping, kid was in the low surf playing in the sand and a sea turtle popped up right in front of her. She yelled, the turtle showed some deer in the headlights look, like what is this thing LOL We watched and followed it out into deeper water and I thought, hey wait, things like to eat these smaller sea turtles, I am going back to shore now HAHA

you live a cool life FB! I love reading up on your day and what goes down for ya :wink:

(Mark Nelson) #646

1/7/2020 food intake
40oz coffee black
32oz of water
Cup of bone broth
1/3lb ground beef
12 oz fatty steak
32oz water
1lb ground beef
24 oz of water

Major mental stress day yesterday for no reason. Didn’t do any food therapy around it so thats a plus!


Well done. Small notes like that are doses of inspiration for us.


food yesterday was

12 oz ribeye steak
tin of sardines
1 pound of bacon with some melted cheddar

feeling great. eating good. all going well. really enjoyed my pound of bacon last night LOL I haven’t eaten a whole lb. in a good while, usually fry up 1/2 a lb. but I thought, I am going for it cause I want it and it was yummy :slight_smile:


It’s non-stop cheese adventure here.

3 egg omelette breakfast
3 slices streaky bacon
1 sheet nori seaweed
50g nutty Norwegian
60g vintage cheddar
Large butter knob
Black coffee with some dodgy cream

Then tonight a neighbour came over. She had tried to make “Keto pasta” with cheddar cheese and egg yolks. She found it would not cut into noodles and offered a sheet to try for us.

So I …@Fangs (look away now)… cooked up some very non vegetable (but maybe plant?) No, they are not, mushrooms have their own Kingdom in taxonomy. It’s like living organisms that become food Game of Thrones. When I eat mushrooms I am not eating a plant… non-plant mushrooms in the bacon fat. And I rolled them in the Keto paste blanket, forming a bakeable construction the English might call a pasty and Italians call a calzone, or a sock is the English translation. Baked it in the 150’C oven for 20 minutes for the win!

Don’t look now, I just invented vegetarian carnivore!

You can have it all.

When I started this challenge I never thought I’d be the founder of a new nutrition cult; vegetarian carnivore. Thought you heard of it before? Yes you have, 2 paragraphs up. But this is the first place you heard it.

Is this a fad diet evolution branch point? Do I start my podcast, YouTube channel, tictoc, Insta and Tinder socials right away?

But here you have it (until someone points out another thread from 2017 or some such), patient zero of the newest fad diet.

Vegetarian carnivore- newest dietary craze

You’ll make millions! Millions I tell ya!!!

well maybe not :frowning: heehee

that post was funny as heck, loved it.

now that keto pasta…have her look up youtube…carnivore noodles. At least on the video the lady’s carni noodles cut fine HAHA

but I have to say…a simple substitute…wrap shrimp in that keto pasta and you got a great food to eat…adding in that game of thrones living mushroom, hmm, did you eat a living being? Did ya hear any screaming while chewing?? Not sure on that HA HA

Hey at least you are having fun with food :slight_smile: Can’t get better than that!!


Fungi can squeak when you bite them.

It wouldn’t be a carnivore challenge if we didn’t have these* surprises.


(Mark Nelson) #652

So it must have been mushroom carnivore day yesterday @FrankoBear

Food for yesterday
20oz black coffee
32oz water
1 1/4lb GF/F Steak
32oz water
20oz black coffee
1/3lb roasted chicken
assorted wild mushrooms
Homemade Alfredo sauce
1/2 serving lily’s salted caramel chocolate

One of my partners came over last night and since they asked me to make dinner, I ended up getting a roasted chicken from the local market. I like this market as they only salt and lightly pepper the chicken. Since this partner is “ketoish” in their way of eating I picked up a pack of frozen wild mushrooms with the idea that I’ll deconstruct the chicken and slice it into 1/2 inch x 1/8th inch strips or close to and cook it all up in a pan filled with good old bacon grease and butter. While I was at the store I also noticed her favorite chocolate was on sale (Extra Dark Lily’s Chocolate 85%) so I got a bar of that and some how :roll_eyes: a bar of my favorite Lily’s made it home too.

Anyway, I was right in the middle of warming up the mushrooms and prepared chicken when it just hit me that it was going to need more. So out came the garlic cloves, Heavy Whipping Cream, Parm cheese and butter. After some quick garlic chopping, butter melting, cheese grating and application of appropriate heat and time scales, I drizzled that over the skillet of chicken and wild mushrooms and we had a tasty dish.

Oddly enough about 1/2 through the cooking process I got really light headed to the point where I asked Gina to keep an eye on me and somewhat joked that due to my medical insurance make sure I get to the right ER.

Even after taking some salt, extra water and eating I just felt off and we ended our date early.

Woke up feeling okay this morning though and as I type this, my coffee is present and work is waiting…

(Daisy) #653

Strange… I’m glad you’re feeling better today!!


ok ok what is it with the 'shrooms HAHA

yea I had funky weird tired times. I had some lightheaded times. It means for some reason I went past my ‘hunger’ signals. When I do that, thinking, eh just a little hungry only…then real fast if I move quickly or am amped up a bit from whatever, I can go down real fast. So I learned to really read my hunger signals.

not saying this is you at all but thru adaption time and all, any number of things can kinda get ya…detoxing still with the body and more can all come into play. Just rest and eat thru it :slight_smile:

great report tho!

oh and Lily’s HAHA uh huh…I have been contemplating adding some of my fav 85% chocolate into my day also. been holding it off tho cause I know when I add it back, even a few squares, I am gonna want it and want it, so right now holding off and keep telling myself I sure don’t need it :slight_smile: I will see if I listen to me or not


HOO RA! Scale dropped. Finally!!!

Down 1 whole lb. Wee. I don’t drop ‘fast’ anymore on carnivore like I did when I started back in the day. So I just eat my fill, all day long, as I need, as much as I want and boom, after so long the body gives me something and every time it does, I am thrilled with that HAHA

Body composition is improving big time. See core area changing to tighter, bloaty gone etc. Everything on my body is ‘inching’ its way down to the lean mean zero carb machine it should be…well will take a bit to get it all handled, but hey, I got time…time to eat so well and just wait. Time flies anyway, if I hold my plan well and thrive, the lbs will drop when they want, and they are :slight_smile:

food yesterday was

1.25 lbs. bone in ribeye. this was a big yum.
5 link sausage
3 lobster claws and crab meat with butter for dipping
2 slim jims

LOL I know. Slim jims. but I use them to give the dog his pills. I put the pill in a little chunk of slim jim and he hoovers it straight down. no muss, no fuss. So I grabbed 2 of the dogs slim jims, heck they were delish LOL

I am thriving. I feel wonderful. I see improvements.

thanks Cheryl again for starting the challenge! This cleaned up my dirty carnivore and it was well worth it…feeling good.

Hope everyone else is rolling along fine!


Vegetarian Carnivorism has faded into history. But it feels like only yesterday.

Black coffee

Breakfast at 12 noon
Lamb shoulder
Sous-vide then smoked chicken breast
some green vegetables vs Oxalate dumping (broccolini, snow peas)

Activity: 1.5hrs surfing

Dinner (I was hungry):
250g Scotch Fillet steak
2 bacon rashes
3 eggs…
still hungry
100g nutty (flavoured) Norwegian cheese

Today I watched someone eat a chocolate brownie. They repeatedly offered me some. Repeatedly. Repeatedly declined. There was something psychology going on. Maybe because I was watching with a ‘hard to fathom’ look on my face? It was hard to fathom.


I gained several pounds when I started carnivore. I’ve been craving fat lately and upped my amount a tiny bit. Down 3 pounds, lol.


You body told ya, you listened and your body responded. Very cool!


I know. A brownie I could watch someone eat and refuse easily.
Put me in front of a person eating pizza…omg I want to die. Cause I want that damn pizza point blank. Pure jealousy for me. Some foods never a trigger, others…oh boy watch out HA


food yesterday was

1 lb ribeye steak
8 link sausage

I just wasn’t that hungry.

Then from my post above to FB, you see my jealousy over pizza :slight_smile:

My husband comes home from work and has a small pizza box from our best loved pizza joint…2 slices he picked up for our daughter.

I was jealous as hell instantly. I gave him a look, and he is like, what you wanted some? You don’t eat that? and I got ticked. My kid thankfully took her treat into her back game room to eat it and it was out of my face but holy cow, the food devil gods awoke and I wanted it and I was jealous and got irked to no end.

And that is what sometimes happens when I am ‘surprised’ by foods.
He could walk in with a cake. No effect. He could walk in with a bucket of fried chicken and French fries and biscuits and more and no effect on me. But pizza! That is my one big chip on my shoulder. One food I left behind I SO WISH I could have back in my life.

And while on plan a long time now I still have that monkey on my back LOL It is like I won’t let it go…I won’t allow myself to release it :slight_smile: heck I don’t know why??

But after giving him the evil eye and laughing it off I got control of me.

If I know they want pizza I am sure to eat big. Very big. I take action to make sure I won’t dive onto that meal. But this little walk in and surprise in front of me just irked the living furball out of me for some reason LOL

but I lived thru it, got past it fast but I tell ya I have my darn days.

I let so much go from my life and it is all good things that came from it but that one annoying factor in my life is that stupid pizza…put me near Pizza Hut or some chain pizza…not another thought. Put me near my fav local small family owned fresh pizza joint we love, omg, I go wild almost HAHA

But years on plan have changed me thank goodness but I have my flare up times I have to battle. Annoying but I get thru them.

So just a chat on some insanity I walk thru every now and then for me.

today I am eating big. big carnivore. darn right I am…good revenge! lol


The surf has dropped off so it was just a short swim yesterday. I spent a bit of time easing out of holiday mode with the work year looming on Monday.

My morning fasted measured markers are back to carnivore levels. BG 5.8mmol/l (104) and blood ketones (bHB) 0.2mmol/l

I do have ketone envy of those ladies over in the Paleo Ketogenic Diet thread.

The work stress feeling manifested in an earlier breakfast yesterday (only by an hour) at 10:30am.
But the booboo there was that I had my coffee with breakfast instead of hours before. Theoretically that could induce an glucose spike (if carbohydrates are present? I need to check my research). I try to keep my coffee separate.

Supplements: magnesium citrate, Vitamin B3 (nicotinamide), zinc, 2000mg fish oil
3 egg omelette
80g vintage cheddar
60g nutty Norwegian
50g smoked salmon (Tasmanian farmed, I know, I know some aquaculture is bad for the environment)
1 sheet Nori seaweed (weirdly it tastes a bit sweet these days) (and it’s weird how weird has the ‘e’ before ‘i’… I never attentively listened to the full version of the ‘i’ before ‘e’ mnemonic.

I before E except after C, and when sounding like A as in neighbor or weigh. Either, neither, leisure, and seize, are exceptions if you please. Weird is weird, and it makes this rule bunk, and whoever spelled Budweiser the first time was drunk. …And as if in one final act of defiance, come I-after-C words like conscience and science.


Last night I had a birthday party to attend. We were being fed and that was a concern. So…
Pre-party loading = 250g scotch fillet steak (I can’t compute those weird pounds and ounces and fluid ounces)

Got to the party to see a ‘sheep on a spit’ roasting away and some horrified veterinary nurses (V is for vegetarian). The birthday girl is a veterinarian but her hubby is a farmer. So I enjoyed a medium sized party plate full of flame cooked lamb. Others around me had slight arched eyebrows as they put a bit of meat on a bread roll and surrounded that central citadel with an invading army of ‘salads’ including potato salad (cooked and cooled safe starches?). There was birthday cake, it looked like red velvet cake, but I will never know.

2019 was a year of change with my employment. For 2 years I had been enjoying a health giving lifestyle pretty much as I have been portraying in these challenge posts: surfing, outdoors, active, sunshine, shark dodging etc. And surviving on 10 to 16hrs casual, part-time work per week. Then I picked up some extra casual work as an emergency fill in. That turned into a contract. And now it’s a full-time job doing something I had always dreamed of doing. (Trick to getting the job you want is put yourself in that place when things become available. Trick to getting the health you want, feed your body the stuff it needs to do its thing.) So I find myself in it. But the change brought a dose of work stress, a bad work-food environment, a more sedentary computer shackled work life, dietary challenges and carbs, not so much crept in, but leapt in (bye, bye leptin). Despite maintaining ketosis, I gained a lot of weight over the 6 months preceding the challenge.
So today I’m taking a 10,000ft look at biomarker comparisons 1 year apart:
+16kg (35lbs) heavier (I am 195cm tall)
waist measurement = +2cm
My body proportions/shape has changed and I am stronger. Have gained muscle mass.
Blood glucose and bhB are similar (from Jan 2019: 5.6mmol/l & 0.3mmol/l)

The acute stress of a new job has passed as I move into a more stable situation. This year, with some planning, as @Marknel is showing, health and work/life balance is a possibility.


Now that’s my kind of party. Farmer gal here also. So while others are horrified about that meat on a spit, I am drooling over it. We did one of our Boer goats but we didn’t spit roast her, we butchered up the meat and my friend own one of those ‘egg’ smokers, we put big roast cuts in the smoker and omgosh it was like we were in meat heaven when we ate our BBQ. I bet that lamb was delish!

I think it is great you took stock of your markers, where ya are in life and how you want to change things up and all. I think we all need to do that from time to time and you are so right that ‘work’…that nasty 4 letter word…can easily screw us up in that it takes mental focus obviously but can then add in a major stress factor to many of us etc. I think work/life balance is so super important but so many of us can’t truly find it. Best we can do is try to make changes that work well for all of us and run at that but happy to hear your work stress is minimalizing now for you!!