Cheryl's 90 Day Carnivore Challenge: Started on Nov 01 going through to Feb 29, 2020


ahhh, you sound like you treat your wife so nice. I like that :slight_smile: bet she is happy with ya!! Cool, like reading how well people do as a couple, sounds like you guys got it down!!

Fangs, look away??? how about before that? How about look away before you typed the mushrooms! :frowning: mushrooms bad along with that nasty avocado HAHA

Be careful now cause if you want a ‘real and true trial’ for carnivore ya ain’t doing it. No pressure on ya FB but if you don’t eat carnivore and hold it, you can’t give one single true impression of your time on carnivore at all. You can’t focus on any real changes that eating a real carnivore situation will give to you. Just sayin’…a jolt back to reality IF YOU really want a real trial carnivore plan working in your system :slight_smile:

my envy of your location and your lifestyle of beach living is just thrilling to me FB. I so can’t wait til I can make this my lifestyle. Beach lover, any and all water lover here to the max. I am so there with ya and in awe of your great days and how you enjoy them! I wanna be you ya know HA


Ah yes, I see that has been on your mind today. You posted similar about Joe Rogan? I agree that my comments will be limited to my experience trying to be carnivore, rather than actually achieving and being carnivore. Absolutely right. It is a challenge to get there.

The main thing I’ve learned for me is that carnivore is risky for me to go all in, totally strict. But incrementally I can still experience the benefits as I work on it. And I believe eventually it is achievable for me as I heal more.

The other thing was that wonderful whoosh day. And I know people experience that on Keto.

Further, there is another thing I’m experiencing. That a break in the challenge is not a disaster. Just get back up and eat that horse. Carnivore is so easy to reset and restart. Emotionally there is no avalanche of self loathing for slip ups. The slip backs are to Keto whole foods. It’s not like falling back into a big bed of sweet carbohydrates. The emotional anguish from that can be debilitating. So slips and stumbles on the carnivore path are refreshingly judgement free. Just things to fix and keep calm and look forward to the next steak.

But @Fangs did you hear the trap snap shut? The one I set. It’s time for that discussion for this newbie carnivore that starts, But mushrooms aren’t plants.

What say you?


LOL cut those little tricks out :slight_smile: Carrots, squash, spinach, green, yellow and red peppers and mushrooms are all fibrous carbohydrates. Because fibrous vegetables are usually low in calories in addition to high in fiber…blah blah blah.

Just don’t eat the known poison ones that kill ya faster than the ‘healthy slow poison ones’ HAHA

I get that cause I did it. I was tripping from carnivore to extreme low carb. I did it for a good bit til I could change me over to all carnivore. It is not easy to ‘give up all food’ especially from old habits, smells of cooking, social events and more. Oh heck yea I get that but you are walking very well toward some goals and doing great. I just gave ya a reminder is all…not judging you but just pointing out the benefits of carnivore don’t come eating plants/fruits.

NOW…darn it…am I confusing you with someone else who is going all in carnivore as a trial??? Did you say you were doing it full on?

I think I might have mixed you up with another poster saying they are going all in? If I did that than I am sorry saying you gotta go all in to get the benefits IF YOU are not going there LOL I think I mighta did that, mixed you up with all in trial carnivore with another.

a few said they were going to trial carnivore and I think I put you as one of them and then commented on what ya ate, but if you aren’t full in on trial then I didn’t mean to confuse that up for you :slight_smile:

if I did disregard what I said HAHA

(Daisy) #626

Ok, I had a very bad Sunday but it was a catalyst for me. I very dramatically threw all my fat bombs in the trash last night and I am ALL IN for carnivore today. Like… ALLLLL INNNNNN. Praying for God’s strength to get me back to a good place!


{{{Daisy}}} I figure that most of us here have done the same thing, ugh. Who doesn’t love a good fat bomb? Problem is that if one is good then more must be great, lol. One of the things that helps me stay carnivore is that I have zero cravings now. I admire your determination, hon. You’ll get this figured out and then you’ll be right where you need to be doing what works best for you! :heart:

(Mark Nelson) #628

Weekend food updates:
Didn’t keep track of what I ate, but it was all carnivore for sure.
Mixture of factory beef and GF/F and butters. Yesterday I was huuuunnnggrrryyyy. I know I ate at least 3/4lb of ground beef and then at least another 1.5lbs of new york steak, tons of water and at least 6 eggs.

I seem to have long days naturally as both Saturday and Sunday I was up at 6am and in bed at 11pm. shrug something I’ve not really paid attention to before.

Back down again on the scale: 221 down from 226 the previous week
Waist is down to 46 1/2 in

Added in about 10 min of exercise this morning too so that’s still newish :slight_smile:

(Mark Nelson) #629

I’m fricken ravinous!
Just finished 3/4 of lb of GF/F ground beef with 2tbsp of butter and 32 oz of water. It’s been nearly 20 min and I feel like I haven’t eaten a thing!

This is crazy!

(Daisy) #630

Day 1 back into full beef carnivore and the digestive issues are back after a dinner of ground beef. Lunch of leftover Texas Roadhouse steak was fine with no digestive issues.

(Edith) #631

Maybe you need to eat more? I’m a petite 53 year old woman. I eat about 1.5 pounds of meat a day. I’m sure you need a fair bit more than that. Many people eat pounds of meat a day.


Sending good vibes your way :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Yes I went thru crazy changeover times, it is awful. But one thing I did learn thru this insanity. I learned ME. In other words you are changing habits, thoughts, actions and approaches as you need. You are learning how to do this for you. The nice thing is if you desire your change into carnivore enough like I did, you will find all your ways to make it work for you :slight_smile: You got this!~! Just hold strong thru all the nutso times, like trashing foods! Do what you must at all times for the better. Mine was going outside and ranting in the backyard how unfair food in life was and so different for all of us and yelling I can’t take this torture HAHA I got thru it and so will you!!


Super congrats! You are doing so well for yourself, love it!
Also isn’t it wonderful to be able to eat your fill and be happy and satisfied while the scale is moving down? I just love that perk of carnivore :slight_smile: Happy for you!

Hey…this is OK :wink: I’m fricken ravinous!
Just finished 3/4 of lb of GF/F ground beef with 2tbsp of butter and 32 oz of water. It’s been nearly 20 min and I feel like I haven’t eaten a thing!

This is crazy!

Funny thing is, it is crazy when ya come from a limited food intake and trying to control your ‘everything’ to get healthy. Your body is now asking for more food to repair itself internally. It is absolutely ok to feed it as it asks. This will change for you down the line. Your appetite will recede as it needs to, when it doesn’t require good protein and fat for healing. You got this! Just keep on listening to your body, it is the best you can do!


food yesterday was

12 oz ribeye steak
a lot of shrimp
can of tuna
2 beef sticks
2 cubes cheddar

I needed a bigger steak than 12 oz. to hold off my ‘carnivore junk food’ eating. To me carnivore junk is a can of tuna, some beef sticks and a chunk of cheese LOL even tho legal, it never has the staying power of just eating a monster steak!

But doing well and I am happy to report the scale dropped another 1/2 lb. Wee. It is slow loss for me but I don’t care. All those 1/2s add up to a lot of lbs gone in the end of it all. I mean I eat fabulous, I eat ALL I want, any time I want and am satisfied. My body drops the lbs. on its timeline vs. me not having to starve down the scale to do that so it is all working well for me!


@Ketodaisy Daisy, it’s interesting that the steak left you with no issues while the ground beef did. Hmmmm

(Daisy) #636

Yes, because I added the same amount of fat to both. But maybe it was the extra rendering that naturally occurred with the cooking of the ground beef that caused it. That’s the first digestive issue I’ve had since I veered off the strict carnivore trial a couple weeks ago.


@Ketodaisy Yes, I’m wondering about the extra rendering too. It takes a bit to figure out what our bodies like in the beginning and what they don’t. Interesting too, that after a while, some things that don’t work early on are just fine later.

(Daisy) #638

Well I’m fully committed this time, so I’m going to do ZERO cheating. So we’ll see how it goes!!

(Mark Nelson) #639

Food for yesterday
20oz coffee black
32oz of water
Cup of bone broth w/ 1 Tbsp of butter
3/4 lb ground beef with 1 1/2 Tbsp of butter
32oz of water
20oz coffee
3 eggs cooked in bacon fat and 2 tbsp heavy whipping cream
1/2lb ground beef cooked in the fat skimmed from bone broth
Cuppa bone broth

Really felt like I was over eating but I was genuinely hungry!
Letting go of judgement around this and just doing.


Has a 2 inch thick porterhouse steak last night and a 4 egg 2 cheese and bacon omelette at 1130 am breakfast yesterday. TMAD.

My fasting blood glucose this morning is 6.7mmol/l (120mg/dl). Blood ketones present at 0.1mmol/l

Warning chocolate addict trigger warning.

Champagne and chocolate.

Could it have been the 100g of milk chocolate and 2 glasses of champagne I had last night? I theoretically could have eaten just 20g of the chocolate but I’m an addict and I ate the whole lot. My relationship with chocolate is destructive.

A steel frame, bushfire resilient, modular tiny house that I designed landed on our property/acreage/block yesterday. it was the culmination, at least a major milestone, in 3 years of working toward a sustainable, off grid lifestyle.

It’s weird how we celebrate with food and alcohol. But I don’t really hate to say it, it was nice.

No problems. The blood results don’t lie, so neither will I. Back to the challenge now with amazingly no guilty feelings no self judgements. i think that emotional response is a carnivore diet side effect? Wonderfully I have no chocolate cravings. I just feel happy :blush:. Especially since my body is healed enough to stay in ketosis despite the dietary detour.

Back to the challenge with not feeling hungry this morning, so will break fast around lunchtime as usual. With bacon and eggs! yeah!


Love this thought! Carnivore is what it is…just eat as ya need and let it happen :slight_smile:


oh heck yea. I love this type of stuff. We own a toyhauler rv. We off grid a lot…boondocking…and are self contained with a genny etc. We are chatting about selling the house and 5 acres we have left after selling off the big farmland, and living in the rv on the road for years, then doing a tiny home in the best damn coastal location we find and love while out on the road exploring. Tiny home, off grid lover here also :slight_smile:

I bet you love your new home! So cool FB