Cheryl's 90 Day Carnivore Challenge: Started on Nov 01 going through to Feb 29, 2020


Thanks Renee…off to learn more on it all :slight_smile: appreciate the info.


good morning. no scale, sick of doing that!

yesterday food was

4 thin cut bone in pork chops
1 s/b chicken breast sautéed in grass fed butter and a lot of it for dipping
2 hunks cheddar
8 oz. ribeye steak

Not sure on food today. Might head toward seafood.

Last night I got some cravings but thought there is no way in heck I am going off this challenge. Thanks Cheryl…your kept me from a small bit of dirty carnivore :slight_smile:


Yesterday’s foods:
beef liver
hamburger with heart
bone broth

Today’s breakfast menu included some salmon.

(Daisy) #44

Yesterday was bone broth for breakfast, rotisserie chicken and beef/sausage for lunch and ground beef and bacon for dinner. I did let curiosity get the better of me and I got on the scale this morning. 149.0. Slightly disappointing, but I’m seeing so much improvement in body composition, I’m not worried about it.


Impressive Carn food list Renee!!

Daisy, yea never worry about that scale just like you said…cause when one gets to seeing the fluffy leave the body and composition improving, it shows the great benefits that come from Carnivore eating. Rock on!!

(Cheryl) #46

Yesterday’s food was a can of salmon and 5 bacon strips, New York strip steak with tbsp butter. Not hungry for breakfast in the morning.
Today, 4 eggs, cheese, bacon. Can of salmon and more bacon. Not hungry for supper.


Sounds yummy, Cheryl.


Glad you are doing well Cheryl. How are you feeling into your carnivore adventure?

yesterday food was

10 slices bacon
2 s/b chicken breast
tuna & mayo
9 jumbo shrimp with alfredo sauce for dip

I ate light. Yes that is light for me :slight_smile:

I am moving into very not hungry at all stage. I love this time. I desire nothing. No cravings. Very calming. A place I like to be!

not sure on food today. I have a 8 oz ribeye I defrosted and have to use so it will probably be in the menu today. I never lose meat to the trash can, I will eat it before that happens, lol

Hope all are doing well on the challenge!

(Cheryl) #49

Feeling good Fangs! Not much appetite here either. Not hungry for breakfast. I have a whole chicken breast (I prefer the taste to the thighs) to pack for lunch with butter on the side to fatten things up. Thawing liver for dinner tonight alongside some bacon.
Following hunger signals. If I’m not hungry for lunch I’ll skip that too and save for tomorrow’s lunch.

I too love this place of not craving nor desiring anything. My tummy is happy. I’ve not eaten since yesterday at 1PM. I’m not forcing a fast, it’s just happening. I have plenty of fat stores to feed on I suppose!


Great report Cheryl. I am so happy you are doing so well!

Beauty of carnivore is no hunger and you force nothing. I never want to be a slave to IF. Why put an eating window on yourself when you don’t have to ever do that to yourself is my say on that :slight_smile: Carnivore gives it to you freely and no thought about it ever. It just is. Just is becomes what life should be all about, ease of life and living to the fullest without having to put work and effort into it.

I look so forward to hearing your full report after your whole 90 days.
90 days you will be a whole new person and I love reading how this eating plan changes everyone and their success that is achieved from it.

(Daisy) #51

I was a bit sick yesterday to my stomach. Had my morning broth a bit later, my sausage/beef a little later, then really didn’t want to eat dinner last night but I talked myself into it. (Bacon and eggs) Got terrible cramps a bit later and ended up very sick to my stomach. Went to bed at 7:30!

Today, I’ve just had the broth even later than yesterday and haven’t had anything else. It’s 2 pm here. I feel a bit of hunger, but not overwhelming. I think I’ll definitely only have one meal today. Having weird back pain today…


What did you eat leading up to the upset? Store/restaurant prepped food or home cooked?
Hope you feel better soon.

(Daisy) #53

Home cooked, except for the rotisserie chicken (I had it the day before with no issue) and I had one slice of Oscar Meyer bacon that was cured in sugar. That was my only thought, but it was one slice, then I read the package. Here was the quote from my previous days meals. [quote=“Ketodaisy, post:44, topic:94651”]
Yesterday was bone broth for breakfast, rotisserie chicken and beef/sausage for lunch and ground beef and bacon for dinner.


Ok. Just curious as you never know what you’re getting with takeout and you might have a sensitivity to a spice or additive. Carnivore has a way of uncovering those.


Sure hope you feel better soon Daisy!!


Good morning. Feeling wonderful on plan.

yesterday food was

8 oz ribeye
2 s/b chicken breasts pan fried in gf butter

some roast beef slices but couldn’t take but a few bites. Had to put it up in the fridge. I just couldn’t eat anymore.

I am hitting into very not hungry mode now. Which I like. So my small roast beef I cooked yesterday will be a leftover for today I guess or pawn it off on my husband for sandwiches etc. I am SO picky on reaheating meats.

not sure on today. will eat as I need.


Reheated chicken = :face_vomiting:
I will eat ground beef cold if it’s only on the 1st or 2nd day in the fridge. Will reheat if it’s been frozen because it takes a while to thaw.


too funny!! but so agree on chicken…yuk for me also.

(Cheryl) #59

I don’t mind leftovers or re-heated anything…except for re-heated liver. Ack!

No hunger this morning so no idea what to pack for lunch. Ham slices and cheese cubes?
I guess I should think of what to thaw for dinner for the hubster. Have a feeling it’s going to be a no hunger day as well. Let’s see how this plays out.

Make it an amazing day everyone. I’ve got my first snow fall of the season to contend with on my way to work a little later. I live in Ottawa, Ontario Canada.:canada:

On that note: Where is everyone from?


South Carolina