Cheese Tortillas?

(Dave Wells) #1

Made this amazing discovery at the grocery store last night. Literally zero carb tortillas made out of cheese! Anybody tried these yet?

Keto food you would pay for that isn't available to purchase readily (for you)
(Sonia A.) #2

Oh, I’m completely jealous. We don’t have that here. France is so late in the game about keto it’s not even funny.


awesome find. i doubt i’ll be able to get these in canada. i can’t even find riced cauliflower.


I tried riced cauliflower and broccoli from Steamfresh, and it was terrible, full of woody unchewable pieces. Maybe we will get better and more products in time, US, Canada and everywhere. One thing is for sure, we eat mainly homecooked food since going keto at our house.

(Dave Wells) #5

Tried the Green Giant Riced Cauliflower Medley last night and it made an awesome fried rice. Three net carbs, so not too bad:


(Susan) #6

I will be on the lookout for those! Where are you or what store did you find them? Have some “low-carb” tortillas that are ok, but they have 14 carbs so rarely eat one.

(Dave Wells) #7

Hi @KetoSue,

I am in Austin and found these at our regional grocery chain, HEB, in the specialty cheese section. They also had parmesan and jarlsberg flavors.

Looks like they are in a few select stores currently:,177


I just called my grocery store’s product request line, and they are going to see if they can get it and call me back. :slight_smile:

(Susan) #9

Thanks for the link, guess I’m out of luck for now since I’m in Tennessee. Will have to tweet them and my local grocers to get together!


yeah home cooked is best but i don’t have the patience or time to rice cauliflower or make zoodles etc

(Bacon, Not Stirred) #11

No. sob

We don’t have a grocer in our area that carries them.


(Daryl G Jackson ) #12

I live in Chattanooga and i buy mission low carb wraps, 6 net carbs lots of fiber. I get them at Wal-Mart in the tortillas section. I suppose one could cut into tortilla chips and deep fry or toast to make crunchy, I have not tried that but will before New Year’s eve. The main thing I do, since I am a truck driver on the road most of the week, I will stop at Subway, and transfer the innards of my sandwich into the low carb wrap, it’s wonderful! If you are interested in low carb bread, bagels or rolls you can mail order them from Sami’s Bakery out of Florida. The bread is dense but when grilled in butter it makes the best grilled sandwich in our universe! The bagels are great also, I cut one in half and toast them, with butter or/and cream cheese it’s the best bagel I ever ate, one could make a grilled bagel sandwich, I have, unbelievable wonderful! The low carb bread is 10 carbs 8 fiber per slice, 4 net carbs and 16 fiber for a wonderful sandwich. The bagel is 28 carbs with 24 fiber! GET your decadent keto meal on and your fiber to!

(Daryl G Jackson ) #13

On the low carb wraps did you subtract the fiber? Mission carb balance is 6 net carbs. I use them often. One or two a day is it though. I transfer my sub sandwich innards into my warmed wrap and it’s a meal!

(Alex ) #14

Apparently Costco now carries these. I have not seen these at my local grocery stores & obviously I have not tried these. However, they seem much better than low carb tortillas given they have zero to one carb, plus high in fat & protein. Has anyone heated them up. Do they melt or crisp up?,177

(Cary) #15

You can make them very easily at home. I’ve done it and they are great. Also made taco shells for no carb tacos!

(Rebecca) #16

Can you get it from Amazon Fresh?