Chart of Fasting Time-Points

(PJ) #1

Is there somewhere, anywhere you know of, a chart of time-points for fasting? By that I mean:

X hours results in Y process
Y days results in Z process
A hours starts reducing Y process
…or whatever.

Also: the same kind of info about “refeeding” durations.

It would really help people looking to make up their mind about experimenting, with how many hours they may choose to fast – or refeed.

I know this info exists to ‘some’ degree in the world. I just think it would be awesome to have a list – maybe a growing editable list or this thread, that when various researchers or papers might mention something, it could be added – that was here as a reference.

Even a small start would be great.

(Murphy Kismet) #2

Life fasting by LifeOmi. It has an article that goes up to 72hrs fasting. I really like it.

(Khara) #3

I searched for this but wasn’t able to find any articles, just info on a Fasting app.

(Erin Macfarland ) #4

Remember too that most charts you’d find would be based on someone that’s not fat adapted and they don’t usually address activity level or the state of your metabolic health. So someone with IR that is burning glucose and is sedentary would likely see benefits from fasting after a longer period- someone that is lean and active and metabolically healthy and is fat adapted will start to see those benefits much sooner.

(Murphy Kismet) #5

The articles are in the “learn” tab at the bottom.

Here’s a link to the article that should tell you what you’re looking for.

(PJ) #6

Thank you!!!
I’ll add the basics here. If I run across anything else I hope to remember this thread and come add it in.

12 hours
entered ketosis

18 hours
fat-burning generating ketones

24 hours

48 hours
growth hormone up 5x

54 hours
lowest insulin greatest sensitivity

72 hours
IGF-1/PKA reduced old immune cells broken down / new ones created

(PJ) #7

Admins, is there a way we could put this thread in the resources section? I keep trying to find it again for reference when talking in other areas and I seldom can. It’s such a basic kind of question it seems a good FAQ thing to me at least.