Central serous retinopathy

(Venu) #1

Hi All,
I was diagnosed with central serous retinopathy CSR 1 and a half years ago and was wondering if any of you Keto buddies have experience of this condition and/or the effect of Keto on it.


Seems like the only things you can do are getting good sleep and keeping stress low, along with avoiding caffine, alcohol and corticosteroids.

I hope your dr. can get this resolved for you. I have vision issues and have had them all my life. No diet intervention has ever helped with any of it. But keto/low carb has improved the vision in my left eye a tiny bit. But I am F***ed if my right eye ever quits working for me.

(Joey) #3

You have my sincere sympathies - the onset of vision-related challenges can be very unnerving in life.

I have no personal experience nor useful knowledge regarding CSR, so I cannot be of direct help. But I will note that carb-restriction (“keto WOE”) is well-known to reduce systemic inflammation.

To the extent that inflammation exacerbates the discharge of fluid, or if the symptoms are connected with any kind of autoimmune or other related conditions, cutting the carbs way down can only help the healing and/or reduce the pace of future damage.

Hope some of this is helpful. Best wishes! :vulcan_salute:

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If high ocular pressure is involved, a ketogenic diet can often help lower it. No guarantees, however; keto can help a lot of conditions, but it’s not a panacea.

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Hi Paul,
Exactly I have higher ocular pressure and using eye drops since a couple years. I have bi-yearly checkups and its always below 20.

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I’ve never heard of your condition, an internet search suggests 6 months - 1 year? … is that wrong?
something incorrect online shock?