Center of gravity is off

(Patrick L Anderson) #1

I’ve been a trail runner for longer than I’ve been doing keto but now that I’ve lost a bunch of weight I find that down hill running is a bit of a challenge (scary) at times due to my center of gravity being different. At least that is my theory, Anyone else have a similar experience?

(Old Baconian) #2

I’m not a runner, so can’t comment. It’s interesting, however, and a consequence of weight loss that I’d never have thought of.

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(Carl Keller) #3

I’ve caught myself a few times almost falling over, when going from a prone or sitting position to standing. I wrote it off as my muscles and brain having forgot that I lost a lot of the weight I was carrying before. I would compare it to carrying a 40 pound bag of concrete around, everywhere, every day for 5 years and then setting it down one day. It’s my hope and belief that my body and brain will get better at adjusting to different mechanics and balance.

(Jane- Old Inky Crone) #4

After losing 60 lbs a few years ago I started falling. I had some really nasty falls with severe injuries (a concussion with a black eye that lasted 9 months) and was worried that there was something seriously wrong with me. Even though I haven’t fallen in a couple years now, I’m still afraid of going up and down stairs. I’m sure now that it was my center of gravity that caused the falls, but boy did it cause me some lasting trauma!

(Jane- Old Inky Crone) #5

Oh, and I have pictures of the spectacular black eye!


Interesting… do you also have an issue with tinnitus either before or after going keto?

One of the things keto does is alter inner ear metabolism, which is where your sense of balance comes from. I’ve always had a horrible sense of balance and minor tinnitus.

(Patrick L Anderson) #7

I haven’t had any issues there but I have found that my eyes are much more light sensitive first thing in the the morning. I was going to ask my eye doctor about that at the next checkup.