Carnivores, what condiments do you use?

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Thinking of going Carnivore.
Tried the egg diet/fast/whatever you want to call it and discovered that I don’t process dairy as well as I thought I did.

Keen to give Carnivore a go but I’m stuck on condiments.
I can’t eat a steak plain, etc, do you use anything other than butter?
Also, what meat do you eat the most of?
I don’t have a lot of experience with cooking meats other than the odd steak so I’m keen to see what people eat the most.

Cheers :slight_smile:


Heinz makes a no sugar added tomato ketchup that has 1 carb per tablespoon. Tastes just like regular ketchup. I add tobasco sauce to it for some kick. Helps to spice up a ribeye. Also can add a touch of horseradish to make a cocktail sauce.

And the various types of spicy/brown/horseradish mustards are quite low in carbs and make for interesting meat dips. Mixing up mayo and mustard is good, too.

Also you can use a little of the Heinz ketchup in your fried or scrambled eggs to add a sweet, vinegary taste.


Most of the beef I eat is ribeye, fully cooked whole ham (good with horseradish mustard), sardines (I add my own hot sauce), chicken legs and wings, pork chops. And tuna fish salad.


I still use sugar-free ketchup, mayo, blue cheese, ranch, and hot sauce.

The meats I eat the most of are ground beef, steak, lamb, and chicken wings.

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I will definitely stock up on the sugar free ketchup

Pretty much what I shall be going with, and oh my I totally forgot Ranch even existed!


Thx for this post. After this past weekend, I too have gone carnivore. I tried it and OMAD on a one-off last week, and was thriving, feeling like a new me. I went back to regular keto over the weekend and just didn’t feel good at all…I’m assuming it was the dairy.

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The reason I’ve chosen to go carnivore to be honest
I’m tired of calculating macros and thinking too much about food
Meat 4 lyf

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Side question; I keep reading about carnivore adapting and people being really hungry

Is that different to Keto adaption? Because i’m already fat adapted and don’t feel hunger.

Am i going to feel worse switching to carnivore or am I over that hump?


Blockquote I’m tired of calculating macros and thinking too much about food > Blockquote

Exactly! I didn’t count anything last week and didn’t have to worry about overdoing anything, which just adds unnecessary stress to my life

(Kirk Wolak) #10

Tomatoes are nightshades and kill me. I had to give them all up. Currently Carnivore.
Planning on going Full PKD (Meat, salt, Water) and testing for Leaky Gut, based on Dr. ZSofia Clemens out of Hungary.

Actually, I don’t think steak needs any kind of sauce. The Russians say “Hunger is the best sauce”… If a steak made with simply salt and pepper doesn’t look AWESOME to you and taste wonderful. Fast for another 24hrs and try again. Repeat until you can’t help but chow down! LOL.

I eat a ton of bacon as well. In fact, I am starting to cut my Ribeye down, and switch the Chuck Roasts and bacon. To keep the fat content higher. I do NOT put button on my steak, usually.

Bacon, Fatty Beef (Ribeyes), Ground Chuck, All Natural Sausage, and chicken legs make up about 90% of my diet. Mix 2-3 ingredients, and make a bacon wrapped meatloaf!

(Garrell Herndon) #11

A simple Au Jus is nice on beef and chicken. I heard Richard talk about making Au Jus on one of the podcasts a while back. He used fat from the seared meat, a little butter, garlic, and red wine. Simply delicious. Of course the meat was prepared with Sous Vide.

(Dawn O Miller) #13

When I was Carnivore I found combining two different proteins worked better in terms of flavoring things up for me than adding herbs or spices or condiments to it.

Some of my combinations make sense and some don’t: eggs and bacon obviously, hamburger patties w/ bacon, hamburger w/ mussels, hamburger w/ eggs, than steak and shrimp, steak and mussels, chicken and shrimp, chicken and imitation crab, pork and shrimp, white fish and clams, etc…and just add salt and that seemed to do the trick.

For me surf & turf worked better than turf w/ turf and surf w/ surf. I prefer to keep it surf & turf.

(mole person) #14

I think it’s like keto flu and is very individual. I’ve read a lot of things carnivores say that didn’t apply to me at all. First I had no excessive hunger or negative effects of any kind on induction. Basically I felt exactly the same as on keto except my abdominal bloating finally completely disappeared, my mood and energy got a minor additional bump, and I lost a bit more fat.

Second, a lot of carnivores say they can’t do OMAD because they find that they need sooo much more meat. Neither was true for me. OMAD is exactly as easy as a carnivore as it was on keto for me and also I don’t actually find I’m eating more meat really. I’m honestly not clear on WHY there should be any need for excessive meat consumption on carnivore compared to keto, the 20 grams of carbs is only 80 calories of energy food to make up. That’s basically another tablespoon of fat and that’s it.

Finally, I do stick to a keto/carnivore diet. My fats are always in the 72%-80% range.

(charlie3) #15

After a year of 30 net carbs keto and now a couple weeks zero carbs there has been a steady evolution flavoring things. Ground chuck cooked in a fry pan is the main meat. On that I’m using salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, and paprika. Scrambled egges get swiss cheese, onion powder, salt and pepper. My daily mug of cold brewed coffee gets heavy cream and liquid stevia. I eat bacon and salmon as is. I’m noticing a trend toward less and less cooking time for meat and eggs. My meat is getting very rare and eggs noticably less cooked and they taste better that way.

The main ZC challenge so far is over eating. Having said that it’s not translating into fat gain–so far. If fat gain becomes too much of a challenge I’ll go back the big dinner salad or may be a less big dinner salad. I like a lot of things about carnivore. I hope it works for me.

I wonder if I can eat more calories on carnivore because digesting all the extra protein is less efficient? But it’s only been a couple of weeks, too soon to be drawing conclusions.

I have a year of detailed cronometer records. I also have 7 months of data from stepping on a bio impedance scale with blue tooth and results stored on my phone. I’ll plan to keep up with that on ZC. There is always a margin of error to be considered but week to week and month two month the objective measures from tracking nutrients and the bio impedance estimates seem to temper the emotional baggage that goes with eating.

(Elizabeth Howard) #16

Imition crab is Pollack and sugar


condiments are so personal. it really is about what you want to keep in with small amts to flavor your meats and does your body tolerate it well.

So in the beginning I allowed a lot more spices and did fine on them.

then as I got longer and longer on plan I ditched spice after spice cause I got to where I started to dislike them.

I used about a 1/4 teaspoon fresh minced garlic on my ribeye steak. Delish for a while. Then it got SO sweet I dumped the garlic. Never use it now.

So use what you need to stay carnivore a bit, your tastes will change and you probably will drop more and more condiments to the wayside. I used to buy the low sugar ketchup and use a teaspoon on a cheeseburger patty…now I don’t do that anymore, in fact I hate ketchup now LOL

Some carnivores use a tiny bit of steak sauce…like A1. But in the end they ditch it too cause they find they don’t desire it like they did before.

So when new to carnivore, sure if you must use a few things then use them but in the end, you will evolve and your taste will definitely change about what few condiments you will keep in your life.


Good day, my son and I started carnivore 2 1/2 weeks ago, I’ve been keto for about a year and have lost 75 lbs but still have another 120 lbs to go, Anywho, we do the Heinz sugar free ketchup. Only 1 gram of carbs per Tbs., Also, we slow cook boneless pork ribs in bone broth, a 4 cup box, then do a sauce of 1 cup of that broth and 3 Tbs. cream cheese, simmering until thick, about 30 minutes. It’s great on pork chops, chicken breast, and of course the boneless pork ribs.

(Jeff Fields) #19

I’ll be honest. On my personal experience, I’ll easily go 24 hrs between meals. Even then I eat, not because I’m hungry but because I feel I must. I know that might not be true of others but I am taking it very serious and I am not nearly as hungry as I once was. I’m in the middle of my 4th week in and have lost 24lbs so far and I am feeling great.

(Elizabeth ) #20

I wish you all the best, but after being in this arena for over 4 years most people don’t make it to 6 months because they don’t eat enough. You’re on a high right now because you’ve had great results but as 99.9% of the people that have lost weight quickly can tell you, it doesn’t stay off because you haven’t developed the proper mental and emotional ways to deal with eating properly. You can starve yourself and lose weight on any kind of diet. That’s why all the long-term veterans say average about 2 lb a day especially the first 6 months.

(Sophie) #21

Some have suggested sticking with it for a couple of days. Looking back, i noticed that my taste have changed after cutting out sugar-y foods.

Butter and salt are staples in the CD. One upgrade you can use is tallow. You can make it yourself or buy at stores.

As for steaks, buy what’s in your budget. I do prefer fatty cuts of steak.