Carnivores at restaurants

(Allie) #41

I wouldn’t now either, but at the time didn’t have any clue what it was… I think I was maybe just 4 or 5 years old.


Blood is awesome though, I loved it as a kid. Grandma kept hens.

I can’t get blood anymore (once the egg lady who keeps and sells rabbits too gave us some but it was once in decades). Well we have that not-sausage thing but it’s always very much filled with rice. Always, there are no other versions ever. I don’t even like that so much, I always go for the sausage… As they are usually together: the blood thing, the liver thing (very rarely lung is used but that’s not so common) and the sausage, the REAL thing, meat and flavor and no grains!

But blood fried with onions, that is so, so, so good…

(Ronnie) #43

White pudding link.

I prefer black pudding tbh, but both are good,

Watch the carbs though!

White pudding - Wikipedia

(Pat) #44

My son had this meal at Nonnas restaurant near us. It’s supposed to be a share meal but he finished most of it. Rump steak, pork ribs half rack, 6 buffalo wings and cheeseburger. He hardly touched the chips and coleslaw. That was $71.95. He said next time he will finish it. My son does Keto too and he eats mostly meat and some veggies/salad.



I had a binge at Texas Roadhouse that stretched about 6mo, where every steak I ordered was over cooked (usually not too bad), but BS for a “Steak House” every time I sent it back, every time I got a gift cert for my next meal, and I ate my steak… Small places almost never screw up.

(Bob M) #46

I just had dinner last night in Montreal, Canada. Had raw beef ($17 Canadian, about 25% less in US dollars) for an appetizer, rack of lamb for dinner ($54). Doubt there was 6 ounces of lamb Luckily, the rack of lamb had a big hunk of goat cheese. Add 15% taxes and 15-20 % tip. Went to rental and had yogurt and dark chocolate, as I was still hungry.


yea it is hard cause in a way ‘our life at home and costs’ can sometimes make a meal meant out for enjoyment tank!

I am right there too and I do have to draw that line mentally on ‘having fun’ and ponying up the extra bucks’ and then let it go…not saying this was you on your meal outing, lol, but for me, I AM SO into prices at home and ‘my good’ food prep vs. going out for enjoyment anymore.

it was a very very hard habit/social life/whatever ya call it ‘normal’ eating out practice of today? thing I had to let go sometimes…but yea, I used to voice it, now I just mentally shut up to family and try oh so hard to ‘not go there’ now HAHA

last lamb I had eating out I said NO ANYTHING on it, no sauces, no weirdo rubs no anything on my lamb lollipop appetizer I ordered and the darn thing still came with some weirdo azz mint/oily crap on it…ugh
and I paid big time at some fancy restaurant to not get what I ordered and hubby gave ‘me that eye’ and I just scraped off some and ate a bit and then gave it all to him which he easily inhaled :slight_smile: and said, oh so good, nope…yea I lied thru that darn dinner big time HAHA but it worked in the end…can ya see I haven’t ‘truly let it go’ just yet cause here I am typing about it :unicorn::clown_face: Most times I return easily but sometimes the hubby makes me need to just let it go…oh well :sunny: