Carnivores at restaurants

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This is good to do, I usually have to pay two dollars each for the eggs though.


But if someone has dinner OMAD and wants to go “home” after a tiring day, it may work :slight_smile:
Well okay, we ate out in Greece even not far away from our apartman (I don’t even remember if it had a kitchen, probably but we never used it, we ate exotic canned things and watermelon at home) but eating out has a special atmosphere and they had wonderful appetizers for cheap (a whole octopus tentacle in vinegar, it was awesome, I used it instead of a main dish but I had dessert. It was probably right before I went low-carb).

If I was a long holiday, I surely wouldn’t want to eat out all the time though. I get bored of it eventually.

We never felt sorry for spending money as we decided if it was worth it before the need to pay emerged… Just like we never get shocked at bills as we know about their existence and often even may do something about it if we wanted.
But yep, of course it can get quite pricy… We often just bought something in a shop and ate it in a park, that is okay too. (I couldn’t do it on carnivore without packing food but I do pack food for travelling and I can wait until the evening anyway. I rarely slept somewhere without a kitchen.)

When we flied to Greece, I had no holiday since years and was so tired I couldn’t improve at riding my motorbike. We needed the holiday to pass my exams. It worked wonderfully and at least I was at the sea once in my life… (Croatia doesn’t matter, I just looked at it for some minutes.) Nice memories, it was worth it. Spending a TON of money on motorbike tours (once I was riding for 17 hours with one stop, other times all day in rain) maybe not but we had a passion…

This thread is so good to dig out ancient memories… My heart is aching a tiny bit now and my nostalgic smile isn’t fully honest… But I may to see the sea one day again. (Technically, we could go any day but it would be wasting the money we need more for other things.)

That’s why I like to pair fish (and fowl) with some more substantial meat, much better! :slight_smile:

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Latest instalment, I am in a classy (looking) restaurant next to the sea (in Melbourne).

Asked for a rib eye, but I don’t want the veg. Trying the swap strategy: “Could I please have 2 fried eggs instead of the veg?”

“No, we can’t do that. We can do you chips.”

“No thanks, just the rib eye with some regular butter please”.

“Are you sure that will be enough?”

“Well, no, I said I wanted fried eggs, but you can’t do that”



What restaurant can’t give you eggs? It sounds so basic to me… Restaurant eggs are pricy but I remember seeing them all the time (I never bought any, I always tried fun stuff I can’t cook home but maybe I will with my steak as it sounds perfect :smiley: Egg is my side dish, among others. Not always, I can eat meat - and basically anything except spicy sauces - all alone but eggs are nice.)

(Alec) #25

This one. It’s one of those “all too hard” scenarios that the service industry doesn’t understand makes them look terrible in the eyes of customers.

Of course they could do fried eggs, they just don’t want to. Care factor? Subterranean.

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Holy Cow! I never thought of asking for eggs as a side for my steak…duh! A diner we go to for breakfast has Steak & Eggs in their menu!


my side to any meat meal is seafood…ya got grilled shrimp on a skewer or bacon wrapped scallops you can throw on there.

Not an egg fan, I would not even consider asking for that but off the menu, where I was, most places always have that ‘surf and turf option’ but alot of times I pay a few bucks more but worth it

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I wonder if they might have any sausage or bacon lying around handy, instead of eggs.

It’s not reasonable that the restaurant has no eggs on site, however; it’s probably just that the waiter doesn’t know how to charge for putting eggs on your meat and doesn’t want to get into it with his or her manager. I tell the server-person, “If you have to charge me extra, of course I am willing to pay.” That always seems to help.

Just saw this post. You are abso■■■■■■■lutely right. Time to name and shame, perhaps?

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I already did on Trip Advisor, and for what it’s worth here, the place is called Waves on the Beach. It is in Frankston in Melbourne.

The interesting thing is that my waitress who said no was clearly the proprietor. An older lady who was clearly in charge of the place, and I am guessing that she was the owner.

(Alec) #30

Now, this is funny… I am now at the airport, and came in with low expectations on sourcing a decent carnivore breakfast. I went into the place that looked most likely: a bar that served food.

Ordered the full breakfast, but please, no toast, no tomatoes, no mushrooms, no baked beans, just the sausage, bacon and eggs. Barman wrote all this down studiously. Sat down and waited to see what turned up.

5 minutes later one of waitresses came over and said: “Your order… errrr… you don’t want any mushrooms?” “No thanks”… looking very puzzled as if this just did not compute. “No toast?” “No thanks” “You mean you really just want eggs, sausage and bacon?” “Yes, that would be perfect!” “OK”. Just as she was leaving I remembered… “Oh, could I please get some butter as a side?” “Yes, sure…”

She then came back with the butter, and said: “How are you going to eat the butter without the toast?” She was smiling, so this was a genuine question… “I am just gonna eat it… numnumnum…” She laughed… “OK”…

And look what came… I said to the waitress: “Look, this is fantastic, just what I wanted. Thank you so much!” After I had finished (it tasted fantastic), I leaned over and told the chef “Awesome breakfast, mate, just awesome… thank you!” He was well chuffed!

So, what am I learning from all this? It is the high class places with the haughty taughty attitude that are the ones to avoid… go to “lower class” places with young chefs and waitstaff who are keen as mustard, and look what you get… awesomeness!

I am a happy carnivore!


How adorable :smiley: Poor little normal folks with their fixed ways… I never understood the need to eat food groups together so I had an easier time I guess. (Never ate butter alone before low-carb though. But probably didn’t think it unimaginable.)

Nice plate. Looks pretty balanced, it has meat, it has eggs… :smiley: I personally am very fine with that little green on top too. Sometimes when I eat fatty meat and eggs, I like to drink some pickle juice (not from gherkins as I can’t make those and the shop bought is sugary and too sweet. my own pickle juice) or eat a slice of crunchy raw veg.

I guess both fancy and not so fancy places may be great, accomodating or not so much… But I have not much experience, my not so very many restaurant visits happened mostly before even low-carb. I just can’t imagine it differently, people are different, no matter the circumstances and people run restaurants…
(And one would think they want to please the guests when they want so little, just NOT putting something on the plate but there must be some odd barriers in minds…)


Great, so glad you got a result!

I have just thought - the other thing I’ve tried in the past is to go, “Yeah, I can’t have any of that stuff - it’s for medical reasons. I know, I know, it’s unreal, right? But yeah, I’ve got to stick to just meat and eggs else I’ll get really really sick, so any help you can give me with eggs or butter or anything else, that’d be so amazing, thank you so much.”

I think part of it can be that they’re fearful you’re going to go, “Where’s the other half of my meal?” when all of the carbs are missing.

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Very nice story, but they serve mushrooms with breakfast? I’ve never seen that.

(Alec) #34

Very common in a full English breakfast.

What’s also very common (in England, anyway) is black pudding… guess what that is? Blood! Never eaten it myself (I always avoided it) but that now sounds great to me, being a carnivore!

Might have other carbs in there as well, so need to be careful if you see it on a menu.

(Bob M) #35

I’ve had blood sausage, in the US, but it’s hard to find…

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I’m loving the way you already frequent about at restaurants again.

Only recently, at a cinema have I dined out before going in to watch a movie (Belfast, of course!).

Over here, (NI, UK) we’re just glad things are opening up.
The supply chain for everything is abysmal.
We’ll be more smart going forward.

(Ronnie) #37

I eat it. Once every quarter or so. Black pudding.
Black pudding - Wikipedia
This is my brunch this morning:

There is also white pudding available.

(Allie) #38

Blood and cereals, usually oatmeal.
Used to be forced to eat it as a kid.

" Oh but it’s GOOD FOR YOU!" :expressionless:


Yeah, you have to be careful with how many grains are in it - but I think it’s delicious.

I’m the opposite, Ally - I am glad I ate it as a kid and enjoyed it before I realised what it was.

(Rebecca ) #40

I just…couldn’t…but I realize I was never raised eating it.