New January 2024 thread.

hope everyone had a very happy time ringing in the new year and better days to come for all!

State a few facts and what goals you might have for our 2024 ZC journey.

I am starting year 7.
not much changing but yea, still a few weirdo changes in eating sometimes but nothing dramatic. became very very narrow and more mono eater now. I am super picky on my food too LOL walked thru alot of ways to eat zc and now I have found the right meats for me and what I do best on.

would still love the last darn about 10-15 lbs gone. vanity sake at this point but over the few years I used to say lose the last 20…now it has slowly wittled down to lose the last 10-15. So still lost a few lbs thru the years :slight_smile: eh, ain’t about my weight anymore. Lost 55 and feel great, but that darn few extra right? always in my brain but won’t ever go ‘dieting’ to get them off…just living zc life fine right now.

goals this year…watch myself and be solid on zc and keep on enjoying the lifestyle.

SO EVERYONE CHAT UP where you are at with zc and any new goals for this new year!!


(Marianne) #2

Good for you! At least you are headed in the right direction. I would like to lose 15 lbs., just for vanity’s sake. It probably would come off if I exercised. Ugh.

(Geoffrey) #3

I just intend to stay carnivore. It’s no longer a thought process it’s just a way of life.
I’m only 7 months in but I’ve surpassed any previous goals I originally had. I now weigh less that I did in high school and that was 49 years ago. I’ve stopped setting any goals as far as my weight goes and have decided that this is a weight optimization WOE and to just let my body decide where it wants to settle.
I’m getting thinner which is a big plus and I’d love to see my belly and moobs disappear but I’m not sure if, at my age, that’s a obtainable goal but that will not derail me in any way.
I think my biggest goal is to try to be less judgmental of others and to understand that we are all different.

(Robin) #4

Question for you @Fangs
If you didn’t have a scale, wouldn’t you probably feel satisfied with where you are? Clothes, health, state of mind, etc?


The more time passes, the harder for me to have some well defined goals eating wise… Probably because it’s not so novel anymore and I stopped trying…? Oh my I am sleep deprived and my brain doesn’t function well right now so why I am here, trying to figure out my goals? :smiley:

Well, losing some fat would be nice, yes. I never was much heavier than I am now (I definitely never was heavier since I own a scale), I was quite thinner when I went keto several years ago. Maybe I got a tiny muscle since then, not like it shows… And I still carry my stupid stress gain… I don’t tend to gain much when I go very off for a while but I never lose fat on keto… Whatever, I don’t care so much about that part, happens what happens.
By the way, I don’t know my weight as I always weighed myself in warm clothes in the end of the day, full with food and water. The thought just never crosses my mind earlier. But I am fat, that’s very obvious and I don’t really care about tiny details.

I do want chill, energy, good sleep and even if I track, I want to do it easily and simply. I won’t “accurately” track my days (unless I easily can) but I will see my food amount in a few days. Just not the fat content as that gets more and more mysterious as time passes, now I have these leanish pork belly pieces sometimes, not just my fatty green ham… Maybe I will track both as chuck, sounds good enough… As I need to track it somehow, I don’t just write down how much meat I ate.
But enough about tracking for now, it was nice not to do it since weeks.

I want to go back to my usual plan. No coffee, skipping lunch if comfortably possible, carnivore-ish (carnivore if that’s what I want but I won’t say no to half of a leftover pickle if it goes well with my current meat or eggs… I know my body has zero problem with that and I don’t want a badge. it won’t happen often, my pickle days are over, it’s very occasional)… Not trying hard at all, I basically eat whatever I fancy… I almost did that before, now it will be even more so. I may eat off on some weekends but if I am good, I merely “bake off” :D. As I probably still will want to bake. I did it a lot in December (day after day… sometimes twice a day…), I never had such a serious phase… But it’s over now. Of course, I bake on carnivore too but that’s a tad limited.

So, it’s January again, the first month after so many where I have no fruits. Until June! I always get more motivated in this period as carnivore seems not impossible :wink: (Of course, lots of carni and close to carni days are very very useful and enjoyable in any month but I still have some tiny curiosity about a longer period.)

But I will focus on my IF. I should wait until I get hungry (it’s VERY hard and I don’t believe I will be able to do it regularly. but skipping lunch most of the time should be enough. still hard but less so I guess) and then I get a decent sized meal at 4-6pm… And I will figure out the rest. Maybe I will need extra fatty items to make it OMAD, maybe a later second dinner will be fine (dinner always means evening meal to me as we have that word and not the complicated dinner/supper meanings of English)… Though I still feel I should be wary and avoid eating after 6pm if possible… But sometimes it works and OMAD carnivore meals are tricky for me. We will see. Main thing I don’t eat lunch just because Alvaro is eating and I am not fully satiated anymore.

I want my diet moderately simple and heavily meat based. I kept my low egg and not too high dairy consumption (I don’t think I can call it actually low…), it seems very good to me.

Less focus on food, I need that too. Food always will be a major enjoyment source for me but I don’t need to read, write, think and act about it as much as I usually do (let alone what I did in December, oh my).

I really want to keep most of my personal journey thoughts to myself in 2024. And don’t have too much of them to begin with but that’s even harder to control…
Writing about food and not overthinking my days is much better for everyone!

Have a nice, successful year! And okay, 2023 wasn’t my year at all, in the end but 2024 should be. It will be the Year of the Dragon again!!! :dragon_face::dragon: I don’t know when it starts, some time later but it doesn’t matter anyway, it’s just a tiny boost and pep talk for myself :smiley:

I ate fried green ham today, some sponge cakes, cheese whisps…etc., the usual. I don’t like the pâté I have bought, I won’t do it again, I can make my own, not like I am really pleased with that, oh well. I use part of it to feed worm medicine to the cats and it goes way better than last time! 2 cats are fine, 1 will be as Tofu eats everything, she isn’t the choosy type… Ginger is a foodie who HATES worm medicine even mixed in some good stuff every cats are crazy about (without the medicine). So she is the tricky one but she needs the medicine so I will do my best tomorrow. We just can’t get the easy chewy thing, the vet just doesn’t order them anymore. He says he does - and then we get the old stuff every cats hates (except Tofu). Can’t one buy it in an animal store I wonder, those big ones…? It’s just worm medicine, I don’t think a vet is so very necessary, our vet gives them in bigger amounts to anyone asking, just not the good stuff anymore (he did it once and it was glorious! ONE second instead of stressful days. it was worth the extra money).

Alvaro has food so no bream tomorrow either… I got out a small piece of pork belly from the freezer.

Today was no coffee BUT I only drank some after I ate first, it’s something even if I ate super early, maybe at 1pm… Sleep deprived me is bad at self-restraint.


you too huh? :slight_smile: yes it would if I did more moving and here I am going into winter and becoming more of a slug LOL I move in summer for sure but I also eat very well when I move more HAHA Well, me and you shall see this year right?

you know it is not the scale. well, maybe in a way. I lost 70 lbs starving myself on an old diet back in the day and that put me right in my best where I felt ‘super good’ and of course I gained it back, ugh, and then I lost 55 on carnivore but that darn last amt, that darn 15 or so to get me to my original 70 gone is like a friggin’ naggin’ challenge in my face kinda. Maybe I should drop it cause heck, yea feeling fine for sure. Only got a few pairs of size 10 jeans that don’t fit cause of that 15 still here but I don’t care about that in a way.

good point tho----satisfied? I am SO near there HAHA might have to rethink a few things, thanks for making me think again.

me too S! hope you get some good ZZZsss and feel better!

(Pete A) #7

I’m on my last 6 or 7 haha maybe 5

(Alec) #8

Happy New Year to everyone!

Close to entering my third year carnivore. Longest time I have ever been on a non-SAD diet.

Intention for 2024: remaining rock solid carnivore… OK, I do have some non-carni vices, but the quantities are always small. And if they help me stay 99% on carni, I think they are compromises worth making.

Any changes planned? Nope. I feel I am on the best health track I have been on for decades if not forever.


If you get down low. Right down low. The earth in your nostrils. The ants and spiders run all over your hands and feet. The welcome swallows are up near the swaying tree tops, catching insects on the wing. There are slight chirps and trills in the undergrowth. It’s humid. Warm and humid. A light misty rain falls out in the straw yellow paddocks. A cow startles in the forest. But if you get down. Connect with the Earth. The slightly damp earth. The perfumes are rich and spicy. Sweat mixes with a mist of rain. Down there is where the fairy wrens are. Deep in the forest. Down by the brook. Among the strappy green reeds and brown bracken fern. Flit they flirt. Quick smears of colour. Snipping the summer insects. The males bright blue. There is no time for this. There is no time.

Human been disconnected. In the old 1930’s cottage there is no clock. The water pump had broken. So, we used a pail on a rope to hoist rainwater from the tank. We are solar powered. So, is the house. There were early evening card games around the country kitchen timber table. People, family, talking to each other, and committing unforgivable deception for an invisible prize. We had steaks for dinner. Delicious scotch fillets. The family from the city cut one into three portions. Mrs. Bear had a half of one. I ate a rare steak, maybe 300g. Then got all the bits they couldn’t eat. If they didn’t slip some to the drooling, doe-eyed Labrador at our feet. They ate plants. I watched.

We are 20 miles from a small coastal town. On a diagonal. Across to the ridge and up into the hills. Through the woodlands and tiny farms. On the edge of a forest as old as time. So old that time is forgotten. Rare cockatoos fly past calling to the remnant flocks. There is no phone reception. We need to drive back up the dirt track to the paved road. Disconnected. 100 ft tall trees sway in the wind and clouded sky, it’s hypnosis. It seems important to read and share lines from our books, or talk about interesting beetles found on plants with leaves like fur.

Straight, as the crow flies, to the south, is the ocean. Wilderness and an orange dirt track split between. Out deep the ocean is dark bruised wild and white cap foaming. Screaming cold. This is high summer. It takes vast resolve to leave the shore. But it seems we are caught in a burp from Antarctica. Billion year old striped granite humps like shallow dinosaurs, the calm water in pools between so clear to be almost unseen. Disconnected but so connected. The cold stays on your skin for a day, at least.

3 egg omelette with bacon cooked in butter and about 40g of floomfing Jarlsberg melted cheese. 2 coffees a few hours apart. I’m all outa pouring cream, so they are without dairy. Fasting BG: 5.8 mmol/L and blood ketones: 0.2mmol/L.

(Judy Thompson) #10

Happy new year, here’s to another year of a simple yet perfect lifestyle, the ultimate elimination diet. Simple yet with a bottomless trove of information always with something new to read and learn, study and share.
Two years ago today I started the PSMF, on the advice of an article in a checkout aisle rag. The diet was endorsed by Maria Emmerich, many of whose keto books is read over the previous decade. Started doing this plan, skimmed a dozen books on it, got Maria’s book and in that book she said her family was now carnivore - so, I ordered her book Carnivore. After day 10 of the PSMF I took a day off and started my Carni journey on the 12th.
I had joined KF back in 2019 when I started OMAD, so it was easy to just stop back in here and find this thread - here I’ve been ever since.

All of us here have a convoluted journey behind us, no question. And I’d certainly heard of the carnivore woe, but ALL of a sudden it came clear in that one instant and though it’s not always been easy, I haven’t doubted it for a moment.

I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be doing the gig I do now eating what I did before, it really requires endurance. My arthritis and sciatica have reversed to a great degree through reduced inflammation, though not gone altogether - I still take the 2 meds at night. I have only lost 45 lbs of the 80-90 I needed to, but have not regained any, and not “dieting.” I know my body will regularize itself with time. I have no pain.

This year I start my 3rd year of ZC. It is my goal to stay the course and to keep learning and studying.

(Judy Thompson) #11

@FrankoBear This is the new property you describe… Glad to get to know it! Sounds hypnotic.

We ate chafflebugers and ice cream today, I had another tonight. We’re so exhausted from 15 hours of performing this weekend and both slept all afternoon. Back in VA we have never worked this much!
Two more sleeps til we drive out of here headed for Virginia. Tomorrow all the fridge food goes out with the garbage truck, a clean start.

This forum thread is the best of ZC! I’m trying to tolerate some of the Facebook carnivore threads - they are amateurs compared to us.


It’s good. So far from convenience. Just take bacon, eggs, butter, cheese, coffee, and steak. Stay for a week on those rations and let everything clunk into place.

(Robin) #13

Just weighed myself to see how I did in 2023. I am at 138. Crazy, I tell ya!
I started at 215 and my goal was 180. At 5’7” and 69 y.o., I do believe I have finally found my body’s happy place. I give zero thoughts to what I eat, my diet is so routine and not even on my mind much. Just found my stride, I guess. It’s never too late.

(Alec) #14

You look simply fabulous! Absolutely fantastic! Well done, and I know you will keep it up.




Thanks @Fangs, I slept much better last night :slight_smile: It’s rare that I am sleep deprived, poor Alvaro is the one who just can’t sleep until 4am… He is on holiday and nope :frowning:
But it’s good not I am the one with sleep deprivation as I am a total miserable useless zombie then. I just can’t handle it. No energy, no mood, I can’t think! Horrible.

Just my attitude :wink: I know I shouldn’t force myself to lose tiny and pretty harmless things, I can’t even as I don’t see the point… It doesn’t mean I just eat things willy-nilly, I do my comfortably strictest when I am serious :slight_smile:

I haven’t tracked yet but here is my bicolor cheese whisp! (Emmental+Cheddar)

I had my lunch - at least not together with Alvaro who eats super early… It was 2pm, I just got hungry, it happens. I had no meat yet except my tiny lean leftover, I ate those, sponge cake buns with pâté, ice cream and coffee with cream. At this point, not drinking coffee until my first meal is a challenge enough… But with freshly whipped cream? :smiley: No chance at all for a no coffee day. Yum. I rediscovered the joys of whipped cream. Of course I always was aware it is wonderful but I really, really enjoyed it now (just like all my food, this is a good day food joy wise).
I wondered about things eating my very cream heavy ice cream (one yolk, 40g whipped cream, just as a test, I have an eggier, bigger one) and decided whipped cream easily wins over ice cream as a dessert. I am not into ice cream since ages (and never particularly was… no wonder, store-bought ice creams aren’t good, too watery and not nearly fatty enough and don’t even talk about the protein content. the time when I really loved ice cream were my low-carb/keto times. when I didn’t even use dairy in it, maybe a tiny butter… and still didn’t need it often or in big amounts) so nowadays I just make it to use up extra yolks or this time, cream. As I opened a huge container, 500ml… It was challenging enough to use up 200ml when Alvaro helped too! But I have plenty of dishes containing cream and if it’s just my ability to eat it up, it’s no problem… I just don’t need all that fat… So 500ml shouldn’t be a problem with some focus on creamy desserts. It turned out it’s no challenge at all, I can use it up very quickly. I made my beloved fluff (that originated from a marshmallow recipe. IDK where and what exactly, I tried to look up marshmallow recipes and got traumatized… 3 egg whites, 800g sugar… I used 3 egg whites myself. and 40g whipped cream for the nice sweetness… not a huge one but I bet 40g xylitol would be more than enough even for Alvaro! but he doesn’t want the stuff), 2 different kinds of ice cream (only using 4 yolks as I have way too many whites. the jellied fluff uses 2 extra and that’s the limit, it is actually tastier with 3 yolks…), some quiche yesterday, I am putting it into my coffees generously… There won’t be any problem to use it up!

But I write about a single thing in too many words again.

@FrankoBear: Nice photos and text! Or how should I call your impressions, text is such a wrong word for it…
I got reminded to my childhood summers. They felt almost neverending… I lay on the ground (actually, on high grass and camomile so it was clean enough… not like a proper kid minds some dirt, of course :wink: I loved walking in mud barefooted too), closed my eyes and listened to the animal sounds… There were so many! The ants there were nice, not biting me. This place has meaner ones (they climb me just to bite my boob, rude little things. they are little but their bite is very powerful for such tiny ones. I am just glad I don’t live in Australia, that’s another level). Wasps are the same, they never hurt me at Grandma’s (and later our) place. Unless I actually touched them accidentally but that’s rare and understandable. These ones flied out of their way just to sting me. Shockingly rude.

We have fog but had a little sunshine, even during our walks. We had SO MUCH RAIN lately, the big lake got way bigger, water among trees and on the path normally next to it… No freezing temps so even my little jacket was too much sometimes. We climbed a hill in the wildlife park. Saw many lovely mosses and bracket fungi too, I sooo love and can’t get bored of both/either!

Oh my, that’s such a nice number and I had that at my lowest point… Maybe I will have it again. Probably not in 2024. And I was fat then too, at least my belly… Maybe I am more muscular now etc. and it will be better next time I reached it?
But I talk about me again. Congrats, you did well! :smiley: Impressive. I never even weighed more than 180 in my life but it doesn’t mean it’s not super hard to reach 140-150 and it still would be too much for me (unless I miraculously gain muscles). Okay, I can’t not talk about myself.
You look really good too! :slight_smile:

(Robin) #17

Thanks, McQueen, Alec McQueen. I know I will keep it up too… cuz it’s been just my normal lifestyle for so long now. But I was surprised at the number on the scale. I knew my body was shape shifting still and clothes were looser, but didn’t equate that to weight. A nice surprise. Although I honestly don’t care about the numbers anymore.

(Geoffrey) #18

Congratulations Robin. Such an inspiration.

(Marianne) #19

You look perfect!!! And that hair! :hugs:


darn I am jelly and super congrats for you!!!

@Alecmcq, wowza, remember when ya started and cheered you all the way and you have donee SO well A! very happy for you and continue on zc and only the best well being will come to you!!

@FrankoBear, wonderful post. I remember you spoke of 'getting down to the Earth and Ocean before a few times! I feel you in that I am also a ‘off the grid’ type personality and we crave it literally but in this day it is very hard to achieve without a monster commitment to do just that!! I get ya FB on it!! Maybe we types were meant to be born in an earlier time line :slight_smile: :slight_smile: well, I think that of me alot, lol, whcih is probably why I left the corporate world in late 20s and switched to farming for a lifestyle…,hmm

fab post JJ! love reading your journey!! oh you will be ok for sure cause more comes to us later on the zc plan and I love how you find where you are at is ‘ok’ and feeling ‘fine’! and darn if life should not be just that!!

AMEN ON THAT! lol too funny reading this :slight_smile: you made me smile!!

Looking so fine R!!! so happy for you and ‘finding your easy’ thru all the dieting crazy is the TOPS of it all…the cherry on top, well, hmm, the steak on top HA

-----TODAY is zc simple. got pork country ribs in oven…ALOT of them for a few meals. haven’t eaten yet but will hound down a big thick cut pork chop in a bit and around 5 or so my ribs will be ready so it is a pork day for this ol’ gal :slight_smile:

Hubby sick. YUP…got chills, sweats etc. Avoid like the plague that he is, sure it was from ER visit with his mom I guess. Kiddo says she ‘feels off’ but is ok so far. ME…I AM FINE AS HELL LOL

I tell ya the hubby goes down alot, weak immune system, his not as strong as my zc immune system for sure. I see it clearly.

I tell ya guys, carnivore all the way baby to give true health against this icky world.