Carnivore / Zero Carb March 2017

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[quote=“Thomi, post:16, topic:7889”]
Ok to mix with a bit of fasting?
[/quote] Definitely okay to mix with fasting. My ZC experiment started with the intent not to fast to separate ZC from fasting and I naturally fasted with reduction in hunger


Sounds perfect! I would love that! May on the square it is!

(Nicole) #19

I may participate too… But I’ll probably include some coconut oil and cream, if that is acceptable.

(Candace) #20

I’m in!

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Greetings ZeroCarbers! I’m ready for ZC March, are you? My inflammation has crept back in February, and I’m ready to have easy moving joints and less stiff fingers for a month or more :sunglasses:. Why are you trying or continuing ZC?

The links below have been helpful for my preparation.

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Get your geek on and follow or join the 30-day steak challenge that started today. @Brenda and @Donna are leading the challange and collecting data with a steak focused ZC 30-days, so not too late to join!

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ZC continuer here!! Too many NSVs to count. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

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Calling experienced ZC practitioners. I’ve read contradictory opinions on salt and ZC. I will add salt to my fatty meat :sunglasses::sunglasses: Some say use salt and others say no salt because it’s not an animal product. I haven’t found links to research yet that say salt shouldn’t be added, but I haven’t dug too deep on the no salt sites yet. Do you use salt? Seasonings?

(Patrick B.) #25

With all my reading, it is said that a person on keto filters salts out faster than glucose burners and we need to up our salt to keep up with electrolytes. I eat 4-5 grams a day. Anyone who says not to use it because it’s not an animal product, in my opinion, is an idiot and has subverted the point of keto. It’s like reverse-veganism.

I just enjoyed a generous portion of deep-friend asparagus with 18g of Kerrygold butter (oh my god, it has taken asparagus to an even higher height) and generously salted.

Edit: Posted and didn’t realize the thread was Carnivore. Ignore me.

(Terry) #26

I’m in! (actually still in from January ZC).
Looking forward to another great month!

(Alex Dipego) #27

I salt and salt well.

Salt is a old and widely used spice for humans. Salt and fat… They store foods and season foods. Keep the flavor :grinning:

(Genevieve Biggs) #28

From the ZC groups that I follow, they say that eventually you don’t need salt. Gradually they lose the taste for it, which is your body signalling for you to stop eating it. Remember that there are no studies conducting on people eating ZC. We have the research on the Masai and the Inuit, etc., but those are not comprehensive studies on all the things that we now associate with proper health. So there are no hardcore studies on whether or not ZC people need to eat salt. However, we do have access to individuals who have been eating ZC for many years, and they all testify to the fact that over time they no longer need salt. ZC on :sunglasses:

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Thank you @Genevieve, this makes sense and I will follow my body :sunglasses: and salt to taste. Perhaps someday I will be blessed and lose the taste for salt.

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Some of the ZCers I know say that even bacon is too salty. :open_mouth: Hopefully we never reach that point!

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[quote=“Genevieve, post:30, topic:7889”]
Some of the ZCers I know say that even bacon is too salty
[/quote] Crazy talk, c r a z y talk! I’ll have to learn how to make less salty bacon then!

(Amanda Jones) #32

I am in for the month of March, possibly longer. I’m starting zero carb as somewhat of an elimination diet due to candida overgrowth and leaky gut, and am considering continuing this woe as a permanent change depending on my results. I’m a little nervous, but excited as well! :grimacing:


Baby steps. Go with the salt. Focus on the main thing being ZC. Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.

(Adam L) #34

I had come to understand that Carnivore/Zero Carb is in fact the opposite of veganism so actually not idiotic for ZCer’s to avoid non animal foods (I.e. plant foods) that contain carbs? And that ZC is keto stripped back and on steroids rather than a subversion of keto ? I think “eat animal products only” is a fantastic way for ZC to be seen as seperate and distinct from keto as it gives people very clear instruction & parameters for what ZC is and how to do it. Dunno, maybe I’ve misunderstood you’re post as I do agree with you in regard to salt use - maybe no salt is a subversion of ZC & is going too far ?

As salt is a non animal, non plant mineral that - most importantly to me in the context of ZC - has zero carbs I figure it is fine to use when ZC so I use it. I don’t use pepper when ZC as it has some carbs & is plant origin, fine (for me) when keto not when ZC.

I had great success with ZC in Jan by eating only meat, fish, eggs & salt, drinking water (and a couple of black coffees or BPC made with lard - no coffee in March for me). These are my personal guidelines for myself doing ZC based on what I’d read from experts particularly @amber . My rules especially “animal products only” helped me make ZC a success in Jan so I’ll use them again. If this helps anyone reading this, great, but I have no desire to tell anyone else how they should be doing ZC.

(Patrick B.) #35

I had come to understand that Carnivore/Zero Carb is in fact the opposite of veganism so actually not idiotic for ZCer’s to avoid non animal foods (I.e. plant foods) that contain carbs?

This is what happens when you go on automatic pilot. You’ll notice that I said subverted Keto… I forgot which thread I was in. This wasn’t a Keto post but a Carnivore post which is a more extreme version of Keto.

I would still salt. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah after I replied I wondered whether you meant to post in ZC, anyway it helped me zero in on what ZC means for me so thanks!