Carnivore nutrition

(Ilana Rose) #1

I’m interested in what carnivores do in order to try to maximize their nutrition profile. Specifically, I’m very interested in any sources that rationalize a good carnivore nutrition plan.

I am already eating a fair bit of liver, and increasing my seafood as well. I also eat a fair bit of fried pig skin. But I feel this is all a bit willy nilly and worry I could easily be missing something key that results in some low vitamin or mineral.

Advice anyone?

(Robert C) #2

I am not Carnivore but I would think if you wanted to have a good Carnivore nutrition plan - you’d really have to research the nose-to-tail approach (which I think is difficult to sustain in a modern food environment - unless you hunt a lot).

Another approach is to go off Carnivore - stay with whole food Keto - for a few days to a week per month. Essentially hedging your Carnivore-handles-every-nutritional-need bet a bit. I actually am moving toward doing something similar - throwing multi-day Carnivore periods into well formulated Keto spans of eating.

(Ilana Rose) #3

The problem is twofold with this.

First, I’ve gone to carnivore because it seems anything with fibre just plain hurts my gut. I’ve been in pain for half a decade, really bad pain too. Although keto helped it didn’t solve it but sticking pretty strictly to carnivore is incredibly curative to whatever the hell it is.

Two nights ago I slipped. I’d felt amazing for two weeks and craved a sweet. So I had a bit of coconut. Two days later my issue is still in full flair-up. Plant matter just hurts me.

The second thing is I have as little idea of how to correctly manage a mostly meat diet as an all meat diet. For all I know that could make getting correct nutrition even more difficult.

(Ilana Rose) #4

I’m curious, why are you considering this?

(Robert C) #5

Weight loss

Carnivore (muscle meat only version) is an elimination diet that - almost as well as fasting - will bust a plateau or (if not at a plateau) moves the needle faster than just Keto.

(Robert C) #6

In this case - I’d get quarterly blood tests and supplement as necessary.

(Ilana Rose) #7

That’s a really good idea.

(Ilana Rose) #8

Well, I doubt I’d supplement. I’m not convinced that supplementing isn’t actually the opposite of healthy. But, blood tests are a good idea. I could track levels and compare it to various diet changes and physical states of health.


Keep in mind that on carnivore your body works differently, even than standard keto.
I found this interesting:

Starting Zero Carb Trial

Also, just personal opinion backed up by nothing other than my gut, I think alternating back and forth on a compressed schedule might lead to more discomfort than progress. I’ve switched from keto to carnivore back to keto and now am kind of lazy carnivore. It takes a bit of adaption each switch to keep my stomach happy.

(Robert C) #11

I think supplementing is case-by-case.

If you restrict yourself in some way - it might be worth considering.

If I moved way north (restricting sunny days) and was testing low on vitamin D - I would look into supplementing before I would jump in to a tanning bed.

Also, I guess the blood tests could guide somewhat - if you are low on X and X is high in bone marrow, brains, kidneys etc. - you could eat more of that.

(Ilana Rose) #12

Thanks!.. I’ll watch this today, I like this guy a lot.

(Ilana Rose) #13

I’m really not certain that supplements don’t do more harm than good. The evidence for benefits is terrible and there is a lot of evidence for increased disease and mortality with many of them. Until I see better evidence or I actually feel sick I won’t take something that I basically consider a poorly tested drug.

(Ilana Rose) #14

I think this is how I’d be inclined to use blood tests. Especially if I’m actually feeling symptoms that are considered related to a deficiency.

(bulkbiker) #15

Most just eat meat… some have liver too…
Have you watched the full suite of videos from the Carnivore Conference on @amber 's youtube site?

(Ilana Rose) #16

No, I have not. Thank you!

(bulkbiker) #17

Some stunning presentations… well worth a look!

(Khara) #18

Great video, thanks! The info on fiber and oxalates alone is priceless. I’ve read about these before but this format makes it easier to share.

(Chris - #19

Going to invoke @amber on this one. Set aside some time!

(Ilana Rose) #20

Will do. Amber is a favorite of mine. She seems to control her bias and stick to the evidence extremely well. She’s also sharp as a tack.

I’ve seen you post that first one before and I’d bookmarked it but still haven’t got to it. I’ll watch it tonigh too. Time to set aside crap tv and take in some knowledge.