Carnivore nutrition

(Elizabeth Stern) #21

Well since none of the long-term carnivores that are super healthy and fit do anything but eat muscle meat, I’m not worried about it. If you have some genetic variant or a proven deficiency you might want to add in some oily fish once in awhile. But I don’t have concerns about any deficiencies. Eat meat drink water


My DNA is pretty much all northern European (Irish, Scandinavian, German) with a very heavy dose of Neanderthal so I’m not too worried about it. I do eat liver, thinking of incorporating some other organs as the opportunity (and sense of adventure) hits. Have really been considering ordering cod liver to try instead of the oils; I have some concerns about fish oil supplements.

(Elizabeth Stern) #23

Why not eat sardines or salmon or mackerel occasionally?


I was eating a lot of sardines for a while and got kind of tired of them. I haven’t tried mackerel, may have to give that a shot.

(L. Amber O'Hearn) #25

Thank you, @Ilana_Rose!

(Karim Wassef) #26

I do
cod liver for omega 3
bone broth and pork rinds for collagen
egg yolks for cholesterol
liver for most other things

(Ilana Rose) #27

Your welcome! No one has done more towards making me feel carnivore is at least a safe alternative, if not a superior one. Also, in spite of my concerns over correct carnivore nutrition you’ve made the argument very well, and from several angles, that we don’t have to worry about the RDA’s. I’m very grateful for your perspective.

(Ilana Rose) #28

Where do you get cod livers?

Pork rinds and liver I’m having several days every week. I don’t do a lot of bone broth, but I should get into the habit.

Why yolks for cholesterol? Are we not getting plenty form meat and fat?

(Karim Wassef) #29

Amazon $3 a can

(Karim Wassef) #30

Eggs have the highest cholesterol density

I consider cholesterol key to making it easy to repair and rebuild so I take 4 egg yolks a day

(Bernhard Reknes) #31

D vitamin should come from sun through your skin. Then the body will pick up what you need from the skin. This vitamin is vital and it will directly improve your energy, immune system and bone/teeth health. I do not advocate supplementing with oral “synthetic” vits and minerals. It should come from natural sources. There are sold over the counter D3 vitamin cream with doses of 10000IU. If you are thinking of suplementing, this is the best option. And everybody should consider this if they do not get enough sunlight.