Carnivore Help! Bowels & Energy


I’ve learned a lesson going almost totally animal based; apparently eggs are not my friend. They’ve been a staple in my diet but I figured out finally that they were causing my stomach to go nuts.
Damn! :pensive:


How are you cooking them @barefootbob? I find that I I ensure that the whites are completely 100% cooked through then I can stomach them. Whenever I have them scrambled and running then my stomach also goes nuts

(David) #104

I like the yolks poured over fried ground beef with salt. Not a fan of the whites at all.

Mind you I remember the delight of a crispy fried egg sandwich with a runny yolk on soft white bread with plenty of salt. Oh boy, that’s a last “meal” right there.


It doesn’t seem to matter. Of course it may be dose specific as I tend to eat 4-6 at a time. I first realized it may be a problem eating them steamed. Confirmation was found by several times eating nothing but eggs; steamed, fried, or scrambled.
So I’m doing a temporary elimination then I’ll add them back in easily, one or two to begin, and if I tolerate them they’ll go back on the menu. Sucks because I really love eggs, they’re a great meal option, and they’re really inexpensive.


I love a runny fried egg on top of a burger patty.

(Nicole Sawchuk) #107

So I finished my month long carnivore experiment and decided to start slowly adding veggies back into my diet. I just didn’t see the mind blowing results everyone else had. I don’t have any auto immune diseases and only did it because I love meat! I am of the theory that we should maybe cycle in some veggies occasionally. Or so I thought. Oh my!!! The pain in my guts I have had with the few small amount of veggies I have eaten has been awful! I have been doing fasts to help heal my gut because it has been so painful.

Has anyone else experienced this and been able to slowly add veggies back occasionally? Is it my gut just relearning to digest veggies again?

(Chris) #108

Yeah you need to adapt back to being able to digest veggies again. As far as the experiment, probably wasn’t long enough to see much more of a result than perhaps digestion improvement or possibly energy. Adaptation can take a month to over a year.

(Nicole Sawchuk) #109

Oh I totally agree it was not long enough and definitely have nothing bad to say about going carnivore. I will definitely try it again. I just gave myself 30 days and did it. Now I want to go back to more of a keto diet for another 30 days, see how I feel on that (maybe benefits I didn’t recognize on carnivore diet will become more apparent) and go from there! Sometimes the trial and error is what makes you appreciate something more.

(Sondra Rose) #110

You may be FODMAPS intolerant. Google low FODMAPS foods.

I feel best eating Carnivore, but have no problems with small amounts of low FODMAPS fruits and veggies, mostly as condiments.

And there is no need to add in plant foods, unless you like and tolerate them. Check out Dr. Ede’s blog at and do a search for vegetables.

(David) #111

Can I ask what veggies you added back in?

(Nicole Sawchuk) #112

It was Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada so one night I added a small amount of asparagus. The next night it was cooked shredded brussel sprouts. But what I think got me was the couple of carrots I had when I picked them from my garden. I think that pushed me over the edge. Since Sunday, I have not had any more vegetables as I have been fasting. I broke my fast yesterday when just some meat and today my gut still is a lower sore. I know my choice in veggie addition wasn’t the best. Oh well…live and learn.

(Louis Ramsey) #113

I’m 3 weeks in on carnivore and stomach distress is almost unbearable at times,maybe i should go raw

(Chris) #114

Few things that cause this, aside from you just being incredibly NEW to it and normal adaptation. Could take 2 months to stop diarrhea regularly happening, not sure if raw will do anything about that.

Here’s the 2 things to try:

  1. Don’t drink ANYTHING within an hour before or after eating.

  2. Try to limit rendered fat, so tallow, bacon grease, etc. Use it to cook if you need to grease a pan, but try not to chug it.

(Nicole) #115

Could it be electrolyte imbalance? Sometimes low sodium caused by reduced carbs can cause nausea, stomach upset and BM issues.

(Lisa) #116

YES! I realized I was diluting my stomach acid by drinking too much tea/water. I went to get some digestive enzymes at the health food store and they work great. I take them when I eat and I do not get the major bloating I used to get.

(Norma Laming) #117

I’d be interested to know what particular enzymes you use?

(Chris) #118

Paging @Brunneria

(Lisa) #119

I started using “Raw Enzymes” for Women make my Garden of Life! They seem to work really well. I take them every time I eat a meal.



I bought the Solgar ones, which worked a treat. :slight_smile:

(Norma Laming) #121

Thanks for letting me know :pray: