Carnivore Help! Bowels & Energy


Hello Amber / All,

I need help and reassurance!
I have been strict Carnivore 11 days. I know that’s not much but that’s probably why I’m currently struggling. My main reasons are mental clarity and to relieve a psychological disorder. Also to stabalise weight and fix suspected insulin resistance.
I am a 6ft 1, 172 lb Male.
By strict I mean I have been mainly eating Red meat. Predominantly Rump Steaks. Then various cuts of lamb. Chicken and Calfs Liver (which I have recently removed as I suspected it exacerbated the below issues). Then a bit of Pork along the way.
No eggs, no dairy, no herbs, no spices, no coffee, no zero carb oils or additives.
Just Water, Meat and Salt. I have been supplementing Potassium and Magnesium.
I can feel benefits. I can’t pinpoint what they are I just feel more stable. Even in this moment at 02:00 am in the UK in a bit of turmoil I am in control (just) and trying to work through it.
So my problems. Like I said, Day 11.

  1. Stomach issues. Gurgling and rumbling for 2 - 4 hours after eating. To the point that it keeps me awake.
  2. Bowel Movements, or lack there of. Nothing for 4 days now. Nothing substantial for the 11. I understand and accept people have smaller and fewer on this woe but I feel like I want to go but just nothings coming along. The longer it goes the more uncomfortable I become with it.
  3. Sleep! As I said it’s currently 2 am here in London. I want to sleep. I’ve got work soon. But I toss and turn and wake up regularly. This time I have got out of bed and come to the kitchen to eat some lamb mince.

I’m urging myself to keep going. I have a 30 day target where I will reflect and take stock. But this is currently grinding me down. Satiety is good. Body feels good. Mind is stable. I’m even keeping up a moderate amount of daily miles running as an endurance runner. But the above are becoming more and more difficult to deal with each day.
Any advice, anecdotes and encouragement would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for reading.

(Elizabeth ) #2

The first thought is that you need to make sure your stomach acid is nice and strong. That means not drinking anything for at least an hour before you eat. Don’t dilute that stomach acid so that it can’t properly liquefy your food. As far as having regular movements, if you’re eating mostly steaks and muscle Meats without a lot of gristle there’s not going to be much left to come out the other end. Some veterans say they go once a week and that is normal. The only time I go everyday is if I eat almost exclusively ground beef because I think there’s a lot more gristle and other parts of the animal that don’t get fully digested. The sleeping thing is normal it happens to everybody it takes some time for your body to adapt 30 days is the minimum but 60/90 is a little bit more realistic. You could try sipping on a mug of hot water before bed it can be very relaxing. We call it silver tea haha. Zero carb for months after 2 years strict Keto. I’m going to post again and send you some links on what to expect when you first go carnivore. Also I might recommend not supplementing anything, as it can make adaptation harder.

(Elizabeth ) #3


Hello @Elizedge and thanks for the reply.
It just so happens I started questioning my stomach acid today. I read about the effects of drinking water before, during and after meals. I’ll take that forward over the coming days.
With regards to bowel movements I don’t feel bad like I would if I didn’t go for 4 days on a high carb diet. It’s just that I feel a little heavy and would like to go. Might just be in my head.
I keep telling myself the sleep might just be an adaptation thing. Although at this early stage it might all be connected to that. I am determined to pull through it but there will come a time when enoughs enough.
I could also do with some reassurance on the idea that if I feel shit and lethargic to just eat meat and relax. Yesterday I took this approach and although I’m not tracking macros and calories I have worked this out tonight given my fears and it resulted in 3,400 Calories with 330g of Protein. That just doesn’t seem right, although the more I delve into this the more I question what is right. I mean compared to what we’re told is ‘right’. I suspect most days I am calorie deficient but that startled me.
Thanks for the link. They all help settle the nerves.


Also any thoughts on Apple Cider Vinegar to help stomach acid?


Oh and finally if ypu could elaborate on what you meant by supplements making adaptation harder? I seem to read everywhere that I’ll be flushing my body of all electrolytes and it’s essential I replenish

(Elizabeth ) #7

Probably not something that is plant-based will ultimately be your solution. I mean if you’re taking it for a short period of time medicinally then by all means plants can be medicine. But if you start to rely upon it it can be more of a problem.

(Elizabeth ) #8

You’re not flushing your body of electrolytes, fresh meat has all the potassium and other things that you need especially if you salt it to taste. Some long-term veterans don’t use any salt at all but I find that I taste my meat and if I think it needs salt I add salt.

(Elizabeth ) #9

(Elizabeth ) #10

And actually, you’re spot-on. If you’re tired, eating meat. If you can’t sleep eat meat. If you’re cranky eat meat. I cook up 3 or 4 lb of burgers rare and keep them in the fridge so that I’ve got cooked meat ready to quickly reheat. I have found after four months however that two large meals of a pound to a pound and a half of me each or all I need for the day. I don’t snack at all.

(Sondra Rose) #11

Sounds like you could use more fat. See if you can find fattier cuts at a butcher. Or ask the butcher to add fat to mince for you.

This should help with sleep and elimination.

(Chris) #12

You need to splurge the first month on fatty cuts. Even going from Keto to carnivore was a change for me. Took a good 3 weeks before things began to settle down, and about 3 months before my bowel movements became more regular.

I understand the sleep issues as well. I had to really begin focusing on sleep hygiene to get back into a normal state. Dark as possible, quiet, no electronic device usage, turn off the wifi/Bluetooth/cellular on my phone.


Thanks @Elizedge, @SondraRose and @Untraceable.

Felt better the last couple of days. Still mentally getting over the idea of restricting food as well. Find when I just allow myself to eat it becomes a lot easier. 2 weeks today so satisfied with that. Definitely enjpy the fattier cuts. Also making my own basic bone broth to have here and there.
Stomach gargles have relaxed since changing my drinking habits around eating and I think that in turn has helped me sleep better. So all good advice thank you.
Few cravings for cheese and cream but want to go this first 30 days at least just meat and water. Feeling good though. Physical performance in my running is reduced but I can’t have it all. Patience.


Hello all,

Day 26 and still experiencing a lot of stomach discomfort. It never settles. Also haven’t passed a good bowel movement yet. Very unpredictable. Took salt out of my diet the last week and have been sleeping better… until last night which was awful. So I’m at my wits end. Feels pretty crap actually. Very lethargic. No bounce. Somethings not right. Just eating the cheapest meats I can get from my butchers which are Rump Steaks andd beef steak mince. Any thoughts? Stomach just gargles all night and all day. It’s never settled. Help!

(Chris) #15

I don’t want to assume, but my thought is you just need more time to adapt to the diet. It can take some people 6 months to a year before all of the effects are in. 26 days is a drop in the bucket TBH.


Can anyone tell me anything about rendered fat and if it possibly could be causing gastro issues? There’s a few mentions of it here and there but nobody really talking about it. I’m going to give it a go without eating it. I’m just concerned I won’t be getting enough fat to fuel my day.

(Chris) #17

What issues in particular? Too much fat is a common cause of diarrhea.


Hi @Dread1840,
Not Diarrhea. Specifically gastro upset and noises straight after eating. It’s quite uncomfortable and can keep me awake or wake me up through the night.

(Chris) #19

Ah- gotcha. Then I agree with you, go without it for a week or two and see what happens.


Hello everyone,
What can people tell me about ZC and SIBO?
I’m one of these that suspects SIBO rather than being diagnosed. After years of the doctors kicking me out the door repeating IBS, I refuse to go back now. UK doctors have a 10 minutes clock on appointments so it’s much quicker to just say it’s IBS and get to the next patient.
Also I did the Baking Soda Stomach Acid test this morning. 1/4 teaspoon in 6 ounce of water. I didn’t belch within 10 minutes. This aligns I think with my difficulty digesting meat and the stomach issues I’m having. I’m also wondering if this is why I am severly fatigued on Zero Carb compared to Keto. So I’ve ordered some Betaine HCL with Pepsin to start tomorrow.
Thank you to this community. I feel I’m on the cusp of optimising my health finally. It just needs some tweaking.