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Mk 1 and Mk 2 sniffer nose goes into action. And most of us don’t even need a dog for that.



Hasn’t anyone else got the nuts to call it out?


Clearly you’re talking about me, so why don’t you?


Clearly what? And do what?

Wise up, we are more friends than not- and don’t mistake that for some sort of weakness.



Can i try again?


Yes, something happened there with double posting or something.

Here’s what I was trying to post, without prejudice btw:

Not you, you mad bastr.!

The Practice! In general, not specific…I’m pretty sure you’re not involved because of your posts on here, trying to help people.

Ok bro?


have the nuts you demanded of others and just say what you want to say, then I can make the fool out of you that you’re being. Go ahead… I’ll wait. PLAIN ENGLISH, SPIT IT OUT!


Look above mate.


But really. BIG LETTERS?


totally lost now, but fine…


It happens- context is lost, and tone.

I’ll go back and explain if you like?


Still mates?



ya… we’re good :+1:


O kay.

Sling’er under the hook cow boy (in a purely metaphorical sense!).

(Marianne) #55

Did you ever see the movie Napoleon Dynamite?

(Little Miss Scare-All) #56

Is this where you got your habit of putting tater tots in your pocket for convenient snacking? :thinking:


Yeah. Iconic dancing!

(Marianne) #58


Used to - I don’t eat tater tots anymore. :laughing:

(Marianne) #59

“Son, I didn’t understand a word you said.” (Napolean Dynamite reference)



Hey, at times I don’t even understand what I’m saying!