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Does anyone know of a carnivore forum with some long term carnivores like Kelly Hogan? If so, can you list it? I saw a video that someone posted a while back. It was about five long term carnivores (including Amber O’Hearn), and they were discussing carnivore. Specifically, I’m looking to learn how Kelly Hogan was able to lose all of her weight and excess skin. I still have 15 lbs. that I’d like to lose to get to my ideal physique. Although I think I’ve been eating clean carnivore for 18 months, I still can’t seem to shake these last few pounds.

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I don’t know about a forum per say but I did hear her on a podcast recently that she does this lean lean fat day pattern (2 days with lean meats, then one day higher fat). If you search on YouTube kelly hogan lean lean fat the video/podcast will come up. Hope it helps!


ZIOH, Zeroing in on Health is Kellys main zc site she is on and chats the most. on facebook.

also she is on ZCH (Zero Carb Health)

frequents Strict Carnivore and ZC UK site I believe to but the other 2 is where I see the most posts from Amber and Kelly. ZIOH being the top board both are on because Kelly started with Charles Washington and ZIOH was his site. In fact Charles just left ZIOH. He has done like 20 yrs of zero carb and decided he wanted to just live the lifestyle and stop his chat participation and just ‘go live and enjoy the lifestyle’ and move on so Kelly is more active now on ZIOH.

all are on facebook. I am a member of all sites.


I can’t offer a carnivore specific answer but I recall Dr Jason Fung make an interesting observation: he has never had to refer one of his patients for skin reduction surgery. He hypothesises that fasting induced autophagy is the reason. I’m a little sceptical but thought I’d throw it out there.

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Dr Ken Berry has a few videos, Dr Anthony Chaffee, Dr Shawn Baker. I have lost 24# on Carnivore. And do intermittent fasting 20hrs every day. My skin is alittle scary. I am hoping in time I will see some improvement. I would still like to loose 17# more. Dr has lowered my metopolol. Blood pressure was 100/60 heart rate in the 50s. And was extremely fatigued. No longer need supplements. If I take them I have almost uncontrollable diarrhea. Have proved it a few times. Go to Dr Wednesday to have blood work read. Anxious to hear the results. I think results differ from person to person. According to age. Hope this helps. Good Luck!!

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Thank you and @Finishingtouches. I will check these out on FB. I could do the lean lean fat as we eat a lot of lean meat that we supplement with additional fat. It’s much more inexpensive than better cuts of meat. I just wouldn’t add it if doing this.

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I saw his video on that and also read it in one of his books as well. I don’t like to fast as it is too much like deprivation to me. I’d be happy if I could just get down to goal weight.


I’ve always thought the same until I found keto.
What works for me is “eat when I’m hungry”. Some days that means I’ll have 3 meals in a day, other days none. I last ate Sunday lunchtime and it is now Tuesday afternoon. I may eat later today but that might just be because I like the idea of eating something tasty, not because I’m hungry :grin:

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Wow! Great work!

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It took a couple of years before my eczema finally resolved, and it starts up again when I yield to my addictive cravings and eat a bit of extra carbohydrate. Keep calm, keto on, and you’ll get there.

It may yet happen. Give your body time. The last 20 lbs. always take a lot longer than the first 200.

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Funny how that varies from place to place. In my area, it is the lean meat that is considered the “better cuts,” and so they charge a lot more. The fatty cuts are still reasonably priced, which is great for how I eat.


He also said fasting wouldn’t screw your metabolism…WRONG!!! I listened to that genius going back to the days of his podcast with Jimmy More, bought two of his books, and was stupid enough to believe him. Took me over a year to fix the damage.

He should stick with Kidneys…

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Thanks Paul!!

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Oh, that would be fabulous! I wish we’d “catch on.” :roll_eyes:

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Huh? Tell me more! I didn’t find that, but I only read half of The Obesity Code.


When I was plateaued for a long time (100% my own fault) I did what many did, started eating less which would clearly work, I was aware of the calorie trap at that point, but wanted to lose, I knew that was a bad move, but Fung claimed a bunch of studies (which I probably should’ve read) saying people weren’t losing muscle and weren’t screwing up their metabolisms, that’s when I started fasting, for the first time ever my appetite started being controllable, then it started disappearing… because my RMR was sinking like a rock! Also lost a ton of muscle (so that was BS as well).

Once I could barely eat 2 adult sized meals anymore, I got my RMR measured as well as a DEXA scan just to learn I’d totally destroyed myself both metabolically and muscle wise (which I did notice in the gym, but blamed it on my energy and eating too little, didn’t connect at the time that I was fueling that happening the whole time.

Once I got all that I started tracking calories per what my RMR test showed (which was about 1000cals less than every calc on the planet came up with and I started losing again. had to reverse diet for around a year to VERY slowly get it back up.

Went from a RMR measured at 1700 to 3400. What I learned, track what you eat, don’t fast if you like your metabolic rate or muscle mass (I will do PSMFs every now and then) and don’t listen to people just because they can say they’re a Doctor and have patients.

I can now lose while still eating like a normal person, have my appetite back, have most of my muscle back and a metabolism that works again. I’ve also been able to get down to a lower BF% than I’ve had in 15yrs. That’s while eating much more food, and I like food!

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Right, I’ve heard him say that. He’s also said that in these studies, those fasting on a ketogenic lifestyle, acctually fixed their RMRs. His reasoning was that if said person ate 1,000 a day, and their BMR was 3,000 per day, the body would get that 2,000 calories from stored body fat. Obviously this wouldn’t apply to someone not in ketosis and fat adaptation.

So what you’re saying is really very interesting to me and I really appreciate you sharing this. It gives me something to think about regarding fasting.


No prob, and to clarify, since many here know I do a TKD/CKD Hybrid approach, that wasn’t the case then. That was the tail end of 4yrs doing pretty strict standard keto, so very much in ketosis and fat adapted while all that was going to hell on me.

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Now do you think this applies to long-term fasting, i.e. 48 hours and beyond only? What is your opinion about the RMR toll on IF of say 23:1 or 20:4?

(Bacon enough and time) #20

If you can eat enough during the eating window to meet your energy needs, then it should be fine. But the risk of permanently slowing one’s metabolism is not one to trifle with.