Carnivore 30-day Challenge - Meat Chewin' June 2024!

(Bean) #121

The only yard bird more annoying than a guinea is a peacock….

Our last pair of guineas disappeared mysteriously when they started tagging along with my husband no matter where he was in the yard. It was like being stalked by tiny, very annoying dinosaurs that were trying to run him out of his own yard. Well, tiny compared to a dino. I always thought of a guinea egg as worth two chicken eggs. I tried to give the birds to the neighbor, but her husband was too smart for that.

You’ve got me thinking… I’m not have much luck finding duck eggs. I wonder if guinea eggs would work? I need to ask around some more.

Chicken egg whites (well at least the store bought pastured ones) are still causing me a little trouble.

(Geoffrey) #122

You are correct. While I have chickens they don’t keep my supplied as well as I’d like. A neighbor and friend across the road from me has the guineas and they are producing too much for him so I get them.
It does take two to equal a large chicken egg but the are good.

I had a salmon omelette today and normally I’d just use two chicken eggs but with the guineas I have to use four.

(Megan) #123

Thanks Robin. I was so relieved to get out of hospital but now I’m feeling a bit annoyed about the lack of follow-up - i.e. an xray a few weeks after discharge. I need to go see my GP soon, so I’ll ask him to organize one.

I know how I swallowed it, what I don’t know is what “it” is. Looks like a nail on the xray, minus the head. The CT report said there was a point on one end and possibly one on the other end.


(Karen) #124

@FrankoBear Ben has been absolutely fine with Freddie. He looks at him now and again with very little interest. He hasn’t been around him yet when he has been really unsettled and only when we arrived back at Sians house did Freddie start with a little hunger crying. Ben was using the toilet and may have heard but didn’t come out to investigate. It was more Sian being concerned, i don’t think she will have any reason to be…perhaps when Freddies goes through the terrible 2’s lol!

It was my birthday the following day after Bens and i must admit i was feeling incredibly tired…all that driving across town in rush hour and the long bus journeys i guess. Usually go and get him on a Sunday when traffic is pretty quiet. Didn’t do a whole lot except meet Raymond at the Hospital for his appt. We had a spot of lunch at usual cafe… 2 fried eggs on 2 blackpuddings and had some cheese in between …it was tasty but it gave me a thing for cheese again :roll_eyes: i have bought and eaten a slab of cheese since!

Sian’s pressie to me

best ever :heart:

Dancing Wednesday afternoon at the Council House in Nottingham…the lady Mayor and silver service :blush: well loked after lol. Yesterday just took Raymond for a cuppa at Heritage centre. We didn’t stay as long as we would have liked as a couple said we looked very peaceful and then the man came over and never stopped talking till i politely excused us …as we HAD to get back! He was giving me a right headache…his Mrs didn’t say very much just stayed at their table watching their grand daughter…she was probably happy for a break from him! Lordy​:roll_eyes:

Heading off for a U3A meeting now.
Food pics

Ooops didn’t click the reply so I will just continue for the rest of the week and hope I don’t duplicate any foody pics!

Roofers came in the morning of Thursday to do a few maintenance jobs. No dancing Friday at Boley as the host was on a glamping holiday! Went to a local dance on Friday evening which was pretty rubbish and we left at 9.35pm!

CrossFit Saturday morning…first CF of the week and today, Sunday i have been so stiff across my upper back n shouldars! We have had glorious weather this week and so i have had to start using the hosepipe in the garden. Only the second time this year! Last couple of years i was watering from April right through the spring and summer till almost autumn! Did lots of walking yesterday and today…nice being back to using my feet instead of the car!
More food pics

Fish was hake fillets and was quite nice though i prefer seabream/ bass. Thought i had picked up bass but really just got hooked by a reduced sticker :grin:

(Megan) #125

Happy birthday! @Karen18

(Megan) #126

Last night was insane. I knew my body was hurting but it wasn’t until I lay down that I realized how much. It felt like all my muscles were inflamed, I hurt everywhere! No way was I going to be able to sleep so I took some morphine, panadol and ibuprofen. Looking forward to Moses getting a bit older and I can do a lot less up and down and being on my feet too much.

He’s a good wee pup so far. He pees quickly when I take him out (he seems to get why I’ve walked him to a particular spot) and he takes himself out some of the time too. Proud mum smile :slight_smile: Was very quiet the 1st 3 days which is typical of pups when they arrive in their new home. Now he’s romping about at times and is generally a lot more active. I’m going to need a lot of chew toys and large cardboard boxes he can destroy! His need to chew and destroy is very obvious already lol.

Going to make sure I keep loaded up with pain relief today. I forgot to take my late afternoon dose yesterday and paid for it.


Well, they ARE tiny dinosaurs :smiley:

Even non-avian dinosaurs came in every sizes. IDK what was the smallest one but definitely much smaller than a guinea fowl.

I had to. Dinos are one of my fav subjects and I watched insanely many videos and documentaries about them :slight_smile:

I watch various bird web cams and one is a yard with very many various chickens and guinefowls, some other animals too (sheep, rabbits) but mostly those. There are quite many roosters, they are fabulous (and they crow almost all the time). The guinea chicks were so adorable but some animal caught them lately. But there will be new ones :slight_smile:

I only saw a peacock kept as a pet once. He was glorious, of course and he was called Pável. And it’s fun as the Hungarian name of peacock is “Páva” and Pavel/Pável is a male name in several countries (slavic version of Paul).

I never ate either duck or guinea eggs ever, sadly. I even bought chicken eggs from people keeping guinea eggs but they didn’t sell those.

The night of the museums was informative and tiring. But the temperature was nice, the day started very hot but there was a little rain and it just became perfect afterwards. It’s still fine when it’s not the hottest few hours!
We have a guinea pig now to care for now, just for 2 weeks while Alvaro’s Mom is on holiday. She ADORES my lettuces, it’s a relief, I have so much… She barely ate anything but greens since she is here (her fav is definitely the lettuce :D) and it’s not bad as she is a bit fat and this diet she seems to thoroughly enjoy will do her good. Poor thing is a lone piggie but I can’t help that, she isn’t mine and her owner doesn’t care (it’s true the previous piggies couldn’t have kept together either for some reason but it’s known guinea piggies need pals).

@MeganNZ: I am sorry to hear you have pain :frowning: I hope things get better.

(Megan) #128

Thanks Shinita :heart::heart::heart:


The drive, the road trip, was a 2000km round trip to go to a friend’s 60th birthday. When I had control of the menu I ate bacon and eggs. But at the party the beef and lamb were mixed in with other stuff. So, I just copped the contamination. My heart is full of joy for seeing a lot of friends, and we are still young enough to not be meeting at funerals. I swam in the cold Southern Ocean. There are some second weddings coming up, and next year, 2025, is the year of the 60ths. It was great to chat with decades-long friends. People were shocked to see me looking so well. Many of my university days friends are vegetarians, and they are all quite slim. In contrast, I look like an Ostrogoth who has just burst from a dark forest to sack the peaceful village. But quite a few of the ‘healthy’ plant-based eaters are mentioning memory loss, tiredness, joint pain, and loss of strength. My birthday friend is a veterinarian in a remote regional coastal town called Esperance.

On the way home I took a detour and went to our forest farm. Winter has set in with cold rainy weather. Here is a grumpy, grey postcard from the farm.

I’m back at the home homestead this afternoon and dinner was lamb chops. Before the final 5-hour drive home I loaded up on bacon eggs and coffee. The drive was a doddle listening to low carb and philosophy podcasts.

Tomorrow I drive to the city for administrative meetings with managers who think meetings are work. I’d rather be planting trees and chopping firewood. But I get to see my mum, she gets to see her favourite family member (Billie the Labrador) and Mum will feed me beef.

Speaking of my heart, it has been many weeks since I had an atrial fibrillation problem - I would need to look back through the posts, back, probably into May.

(Liz ) #130

Ooh that’s good about your heart! Loved the photos and travelogue.

I know before I went keto in 2017 I was losing words, so frustrating. They all returned with keto. And yeah the joint pain is resolved with carnivore. Plus the lightning-fast recovery time after exertion that @Alecmcq mentions in his accountability thread.

I have dear friends who are vegan for ethical reasons and I’m so sad for them, rail thin and plagued with health issues. And they are 15 years younger than me! I feel robust and energetic at 54. I’m never letting this lifestyle go.

(Liz ) #131

I don’t have a diet mentality per-se, but having battled life-long food addiction (and other behavioral addictions) I lack trust in my body’s signals. I read with envy the way other folks are able to listen to what their body needs and follow the carnivore or keto path ad libitum. Even after all these years (low carb since 2002, keto since 2017) my addictions seem to override my signals, with a definite catastrophic worsening due to perimenopause hormonal disruptions. To the point I started reading about addiction recovery for any kind of hints!

Annoyingly, most addiction recovery literature is about hard drugs and irrelevant, I don’t even struggle with alcohol, thankfully, but I was still curious as to the addiction mechanisms. The food addiction books and coaches are, of course, more relevant but the best advice they give is on managing behavior. And if they are suggesting keto to curb cravings, I’m already there and still I struggle. I went carnivore for 3 years to shut down as many of the relentless addiction messages coming from my own head as I could, and it still didn’t bring full relief.

Luckily I feel no shame only chagrin. I was set up from literally day one to be an addict when I was born with a predisposal to addiction genetically, then given soy formula loaded with corn syrup when my mom was unable to breastfeed.

All this to say, I really feel for food addicts! It’s a bear. I am relentless if nothing else, though, and I will stay the course forever. This way of eating gives me more health and freedom than any other.

Last night I ate a 1 pound fatty ribeye, 10 strips of bacon, 4 ounces of cheese, some unprocessed pastrami, and I could have kept going but I ran out of time lol. I’m 54, 5’ 7” and 166 pounds. I want to eat to satiety, but I’m not sure I have that. I want to trust the process but I have gone down wrong paths doing that before. But here we go, let’s do this again. I’m game.

(Karen) #132

Went to CrossFit today. I ran there did a whole lot of running and skipping in wod and then walked the longer route home. Then walked to post office and back into Long Eaton to return a blouse to charity shop then back via Tescos and the longer route home. Then I met my daughter and little munchkin Freddie for an early evening walk round the nature reserve. 30,000 steps today!

The broken omelette was chicken vindaloo in 3 duck eggs…it was big and tasty. From the deli platter i ate 1 piece of cheese and 1 piece of each of the different meats then had enough . Hopefully it won’t upset my tum! Think i am ready for bed :blush:

(Bean) #133

In addition to my three community friends who had aggressive neuro- degenerative diseases, I ran into another long time vegetarian acquaintance at my event the other night. She look fragile and was complaining of many of the same things.

(Bean) #134

Had a work lunch meeting today. Ate a couple chicken chaffles in the morning and was able to order an 8oz sirloin, but there wasn’t enough fat for me. It was a three hour drive home in traffic (I went out of my way to drop off a passenger).

I came home and inhaled three egg yolks in tallow, probably 5 ounces of broiled chuck fat and a small chuck steak. I could feel a little anxiety at the edges of my mind… the fat fixed me right up. I was still hungry and had one of the grandkids cheese sticks. I’m not sure that’s food. Blah.

Oh- and out of the blue yesterday, hubby pointed out that I’m stronger than I’ve been in maybe 15 years. I guess I am.

Nice evening. Cooler after a hot spell.

(Robin) #135

Wow… so long since AFib… good for you! You must be living right.

(Alec) #136

Nailed it! :clap::clap::clap:

(Geoffrey) #137

Chicken fried venison steaks and eggs for me today and the last of the ice cream I made yesterday.

(Edith) #138

Isn’t that a nice validation!

(Karen) #139

Another full day of exercising… the weather just screams walking! Very hot again but i still did a run to CrossFit…wasn’t sure about going this morning after yesterdays running and walking but decided to go when i looked at tomorrows workout that i really don’t want to do… lots of bar overhead work which will niggle my neck too much. So i got myself together and went and did the workout which was very sweaty. Mind you i sweat from the get go after running there. I walked the longer route home and had some brunch of vindaloo chicken followed by the deli meat. Then walked to Stapleford then to Beeston then 3/4 s of the way home till my hips were niggling abit. So i got on a bus which was just coming by for a few stops to my house.

Nice to have my mojo and energy back seems like it’s been forever!

This evening i ate 2 sirloin steaks, one was thinner than the other and also had a bit more deli and just eaten 2 black pudding. I find i am sleeping better if i have a couple of black pudding just prior to going to bed. Last few nights i have slept quite well only getting up twice through night for a wee …and it has been very warm but not needed the fan on! This mini heatwave is lovely and has been late coming. I think it is forecast rain at the end of next week :confused:

(Megan) #140

Definitely a great thing to hear!