Carnivore 30-day Challenge - Meat Chewin' June 2024!

(Bean) #101

I’m speaking at a fundraising event tonight and I know there will not really be anything there I can eat.

Did my ground beef lunch a little early and grilling some chuck as soon as I get home from work (leaving early). The caterer promised to set aside a little celiac safe shaved tenderloin for me, so I’ll have a little nibble, anyhow.

Cheese went okay. Not sure if it will be a daily thing, though.


So we will have awful weather until October. Summer is my least fav season I guess though winter can be too long sometimes as well. But summer always happen so I shouldn’t complain about it much… I do love many aspects of it (great looking Nature, long days… well too much time for the sun to warm everything but I love the light. I love dark too though) but the temperature is often unbearable. 25C in my room, I can’t handle that high so imagine when it’s 35C outside. Pure hell.

Even mowing the lawn is difficult, I do it in tiny bites now as I get overheated in minutes.
But we use the A/C inside (the humidity is huge again anyway) so the downstairs is nice cool, I like when it’s below 22C.

Food… I couldn’t resist having a second dinner (just some of my lovely lean pork, yum) yesterday, it’s normal when I have nice meat after low-meat days. Now I try to resist :slight_smile: I am not hungry yet, after all. But I am not sure I can skip lunch this way. My focus and desire is definitely on carni food again and I have lots of lovely lean pork so I expect a very nice, leanish carni day.

Well it’s June. But it was still a pretty okay day and all my normal food was carnivore, I just had extra treats (obviously fruits). It keeps developing my good habits that I eat carnivore dishes, even if I have off days.
I have tracked. It’s so surreal. I can eat lean now… And it’s effective… I had maybe 1200 kcal today… Not even minimum protein. And 2MAD.
Well lean pork IS satiating and I avoided all the usual fatty dairy items and added fats :smiley:

About 260g pork for today and yesterday. I have an egg and dairy phase, you see. I work on lowering our slightly too huge egg supply (Alvaro brings 40 eggs almost every week from the egg lady and we eat about that much unless we do something. this week it was only 30, yay!) and I am really into egg whites and quark now. And sometimes cheese but I can go overboard with that so it’s better to keep it low, I could afford more on lean pork days but I ate so much in the previous days I just didn’t want it today.

New recipe! Alvaro didn’t have the usual carby dish that he eats with cheesy fluffs while I still eat extra yolks so I had several egg whites. I wondered making soft/crispy biscuits (a relative of both sponge cake and quiche) using egg whites, quark and cheese (20g for the whole batch)… And it went better than expected. It’s really great. I don’t even notice it has no yolks (what is wrong with me…) :scream:

I only made a shot before dinner but I mostly ate such things. 12 biscuits and less meat than this. The not photographed pork was prettier but I wanted to eat them, you understand…

The pork wasn’t as tempting as yesterday, it always happens with lean meat (with fatty meat too but that’s slower as I love it more). It still was nice but I rather wanted something else. Fortunately I had my biscuits (and I got satiated super easily). Or how I should call them, “biscuit” brings various things to mind. But cookies are sweet to me so let’s call these biscuits. They are carnivore anyway so nothing like the usual biscuits or cookies.

At some point I put my leftover cream cheese on the lean pork, that’s always a nice way to make it fattier and nicer.

The little thing is a crunchy chicken skin piece. Tiny but enjoyable.

That’s where my satiating red meat shows how amazing it is. Probably not always but it works well quite often. I originally thought it’s surely habit, personality or whatever and I need a lot of time and effort to change. It turned out the right food choices (and amounts) immediately solve it, almost surely…
If I still want to consume something when satiated, I drink :slight_smile: Mostly tea now.

It works for me if my goal is making sure I will be quite satiated until bedtime. And with OMAD and the right food, I don’t even actually overeat (I call it overeating when I eat too much on a day. not when I eat after satiation but that usage makes sense too).

(Liz ) #103

That’s very encouraging information! Thank you


I had very good experiences with carnivore right away :slight_smile: Meat was a game changer, I must say :smiley: The stop sign (that I don’t always get), the “better than eggs” satiating effect of red meat… But many benefits came from the (almost complete) lack of plant carbs. It turned out those carbs can easily mess with me even in ketosis.
But meat is special. Now that I ate very little for days, it was very apparent how good it is for my satiation. I get satiated anyway but it feels different. I am not just satiated after dinner but perfectly satiated (I got this term after carnivore, I can’t explain it, it just feels perfect), really satisfied and eating more is just out of question. (Not always but I enjoy this these days as I do so often.)

(Liz ) #105

I originally went carnivore from keto to stop craving food, triggered even by very low carb vegetables. But my food addiction doesn’t really care if I’m eating zero carb, I just keep eating once I start. Sometimes I feel “done” but it’s a struggle even if I eat a pound of ribeye. I’m just one of those unlucky people! I still have hope that eventually maybe my satiety hormones will regulate. Meanwhile I’m grateful the carnivore food I eat is health food :smile:

(Megan) #106

Hi Liz, when I 1st went carnivore (May 2022-August 2023) I ate 1.5-2kg of meat most days, occasionally 1kg. I’m 6’3", 62 years old, sedentary). Despite this I lost 19kg in the 1st 9 or 10 months before plateauing. My hunger/satiety signals changed, but the over-eater in me and the “I have to finish my plate” in me not so much.

This time round I’m eating a lot less meat and am finding satiety comes quickly and easily. Not much money is partly taking care of my over-eating problem, as is reduced appetite from being in a slightly higher level of ketosis (due to eating less protein).


I find this normal, it’s not necessarily a big enough meal when you do OMAD…

No idea what my hormones do, I didn’t expect changes after all these years… But suddenly I could get satiated with way less food than before (at least on some days). Odd but nice. I expect fat-loss now, it has probably started already. I need to focus a bit as just because I get satiated by little, I can eat much… But I only do it if I jump my beloved fatty dairy again.
By the way, in the end I had an after-midnight meal yesterday as the “protein must be over 130g” rule is very, very, very tricky to break and it only happens (slightly) on OMAD. I am so good with lack of satiation and even hunger now. I can stand it if not strong but it wore me down. Along with my love towards the pork in the fridge. I don’t like it enough to be able to use it as the majority of my meals anymore but a little? That’s lovely.
So my lean pork appreciation days continue. Not much desire to do fat fast days now… But I should bring them back eventually.

(Liz ) #108

Thanks for sharing your experience! It’s so particular how the switches get toggled, I’m still hoping to find my savory spot (rather than my “sweet spot” lol)

(Alec) #109

Going back to the early discussion on this thread: when I first joined these forums in 2018, I saw the “zero carb” section, read what they were talking about, and my reaction was very simple: absolutely crazy, barking mad, can’t be healthy. Carni seemed to be populated by some folks with very specific health issues… that was my impression. Crazies…

I had no intention of starting carnivore, I just fell into it early in 2022 when I was really trying hard to lose bodyfat, and I noticed that I lost more when I didn’t eat any plants. That led me to read some carnivore books, and it started to dawn on me what I had been doing wrong all these years, and why I had been heavy most of my life.

Right now, after 2.5 years of carni, I would not dream of moving away from this… it is right for me, it is so easy, it works, it has helped me keep my extra weight off for longer than ever before, and without even trying. My hope is that some of my ramblings help some people to give it a try… I am sure that many (even most) people would benefit a lot from being carnivore or being close to it.

(KM) #110

I think I’d be more inclined to try strict carnivore or even a lion diet if I lived alone, as the experiment wouldn’t be so fraught with conflict. As it is, I have always believed in a varied diet of fresh foods, and plain old “keto” seems to work for me, so I don’t take the extra step. I’m lucky in that I don’t seem to have a particular issue with any natural foods, at least nothing acute that I notice. Still, my curiosity may get the better of me one of these days. There’s no such thing as “too healthy!” Carni on, everyone! :grinning:

(Liz ) #111

I was just reading your accountability thread and enjoying it very much! I had to chuckle when you warned folks about your shirtless pictures because what do you suppose we all look like lol? I mean, 95 percent of us have the same before photos, right?? Anyway, you look great, I’m so glad you are feeling good. I did carnivore three years then wanted to add veg back in but six months later I’m back carni and glad of it.

(Liz ) #112

2 weeks in on my carnivore reboot and my knee swelling/pain has resolved! Elbow much improved as well. Keep calm and zero carb on

(Alec) #113

Interesting… welcome back to the light side! Did you find yourself gaining weight? Why have you come back to carni?

At the moment I have no desire to add back veggies. I can’t think of a veggie that right now I would want to eat. I always hated the leaves (kale, lettuce etc), my old favourite veg were the sugary ones… peas, sweet corn etc, and I only ate things like broccoli and cauliflower because I grew them and I could have a fatty sauce with them.

If there is any food I miss it’s things like croissants where it is as much the texture as the flavour. Anyone know of a carnivore croissant recipe? :joy::joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Liz ) #114

I like vegetables! Cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini, oh well lol. It was easier to cook one thing for all of us. I hoped I could use meal timing/intermittent fasting to mitigate the effect of the extra carbs.

I did gain weight, but I can gain fat on carnivore as well, gaining fat is my super power lol. I came back to carnivore to reduce inflammation and get that endless energy which does seem to be working.

Hoping to drop 10 pounds of probably the 20 I have left after losing 100 on low carb. But I know my method isn’t quite dialed in correctly and even after two weeks back on track, not much to show on the scale. I don’t have full freedom to eat as I probably would if I lived alone, or even in my own house.

For six years we’ve been living with my elderly disabled mother so I can be her 24/7 caregiver so I cook for her and my husband, luckily they are both keto, but it’s a lot of work and it’s not my kitchen.

This part of my life is basically survival mode, don’t fall off the wagon (food addiction) just survive until I can live a life for myself again. Meanwhile keto/carnivore keeps me healthy.

(Megan) #115



I am sorry I am here again… While not on carnivore. I packed a little very fatty something (pork jowl, dry sausage, cheese and an egg, surely Alvaro’s Mom will have chicken again*) for tomorrow, we will be away for longer than usual as there will be the yearly “night of museums” in the city too… I will melt or burn, possibly both. It’s SO HOT all day already :cry: At least most of the buildings will be cold. Old stones, temples…

*Oh my. There will be chicken, there is always chicken. And I ate chicken today… I enjoyed it (I am still in love with my air fryer… :smiley: ) but it’s not nice too often. Oh well, I can handle another day I suppose, it was a tiny leftover chicken today, I had pork and liver too.

Oh it’s good to learn how it started for others… So you got to where you are in such a little time, wow. It really works for you :slight_smile: I had a great experience but my off eating tendencies linger for reasons. But I still got pretty much from carnivore (well, I trained myself too, I had to put in some effort but it was nice :slight_smile: ).
I was immediately charmed by the carnivores here I guess… Reddit was the place for the weirdos when I frequented that place… I merely considered carnivores extreme. And of course it’s impossible for me with my forever burning love towards vegs (and fruits). Going vegan would be more probable (still not very much, no one can take away my eggs and I couldn’t keep my carbs low enough even on vegetarian keto with plenty of animal fatty protein)…!

Now I know life has these weird surprises and sudden changes. I suddenly lost interest in most vegs and it just got “worse” since. Vegs aren’t the culprits when I go off.

I don’t lose fat on any diet though, without lots of effort and extra rules. I am almost at my heaviest ever now. But I like the direction I took and I think I see the light now.

Makes perfect sense. I enjoyed my low-carb until it worked… Keto brought fat adaption and not a single other benefit, it was just harder to do (not too hard but it wasn’t fun for long without getting ANY benefits. I already had my fat adaptation, low-carb was just as good. except I felt the pull from lower and lower carb and eventually I could do it better)… But carnivore and even near carnivore is another world, losing most of the keto plant carbs made great changes.
I still can eat any edible food without feeling bad (okay, so not those low-quality overprocessed sugary things, they make even my high-carber SO unwell) but carbs still mess up things.

It’s how I work and think too :smiley: Oh and experiments, they are fun.

Yay! Good for you :smiley:

I know it’s rhetorical question but it can’t stop me.
You know, I am a hedonist who gets really creative when it comes to food desires… Even I had to accept some baking goods just can’t happen on carnivore. I can make a perfect bread replacement (that doesn’t resemble bread at all), the best pancakes and soft but a bit crispy biscuits… That’s it. I should be happy with it.
I can’t even made a proper pizza :frowning: I can’t make a proper pizza using wheat flour, mind you, just like probably most pizzerie can’t, I have high standards. But my standards are way lower for a carni one (or near carni one if I cling to tomato… but sour cream is a perfectly valid pizza base too. and we pretty much ignore the basics when we omit flour so who cares, it just need to work and taste well. nope, the upper part isn’t a problem, only the crust) and I still can’t make it right. Not like I try as I can live without the stuff. I only think about it sometimes because I bake “pizza” regularly for my SO. I don’t want anything like that, it’s not what I want either… I have the same with my crunchy biscuit/cookie desires I sometimes get. I can’t make it happen on carnivore - and I can’t make it happen without rules. I can bake but not crunchy things. Oh well, maybe I lose my interest one day. The desire only comes rarely.
I can’t even make a crunchy toast on carnivore :frowning: (It helps that I never had a toaster so I never could do normal toasts either. We had these black burned things when I was a kid… But now I have an air fryer… It can make crunchy things… Thankfully it is nice on meats and chicken skin too.) I probably could make a traditional pastry as the dough is so tasteless and super thin (it has 2 roles: keeping the filling in and being super crispy, flaky) that egg white can do the trick :smiley: And one version has carnivore filling.

Simple eating is tempting but I do need my experiments, new recipes and sometimes trying to scratch an itch (I usually just forget about it, it usually works. or just eat a crunchy non-biscuit).

It must be so hard for you. Thankfully, my lazy self can be happy with the fact that I need to cook so much less now (part of it that I only have my SO to cook for and he can cook too and does it in the weekends). Vegetarian high-carb and vegetarian keto had extremely little common ground, I almost never could cook a dish for both of us. Even carnivore and low-meat high-carb had way more but my SO managed to forget his idea about not eating meat every day (he still have meatless days but quite rarely) and he loves egg dishes too. Now I realize how much work is cooking with vegs (not always, of course but too often). Good riddance! And I like baking so that’s not a problem 1-2 times a week. Or 3 or 4 but that’s mostly for me at that point.

Ouch. Stalling/maintenance is mine, much better and I am still not pleased… I can gain fat but it almost never happens, my old high-carb could pull it off but extremely slowly (I suspect that it would go quicker now that I am somewhat older though who knows? and I couldn’t do high-carb again anyway). I can’t really LOSE fat, apparently, I can but it has a so severe condition (eating little) that I just can’t met longer term. But I figured it out, only need to realize and stuck to it most of the time.
Good luck for both of us! You will reach your goals way, way quicker than me and it’s fine, I just want to slowly go into the right direction already.

You should be a bit more patient, 2 week is a very very short time.

Yes. It’s already a big help even with tiny or no fat-loss. But hopefully you will get some decent fat-loss too soon! Best wishes!

The savory spot was a nice one :wink: Fitting too. Even when I had a huge sweet tooth, I preferred some lovely sour or salty item especially when hungry. Sweetness was for desserts (and way too many main dishes, actually. vegetarian ones, sweet meat is horrible and not a common thing here).
Carnivore is lacking at sour compared to what I had before. But it’s fine, the little remaining is enough.

(Megan) #117

I don’t think I’ve passed the mystery metal object yet; I’m still having pain in the area it was stuck in. I’m feeling less unwell though and am having no symptoms of perforation - so here’s hoping I either pass it at some point or it behaves itself until my hernia repair surgery. The surgery is freaking me out. I’m very glad I stopped smoking in December last year, I’d be even more scared of having to be anaesthetized for 6-8 hours if I still smoked. Plus, the smoking was very probably a factor in why the 1st hernia repairs failed, given it interferes with wound healing. The biggest factor was how the repairs were done though, so I’m relieved to have a surgeon who really knows what he is doing!

Carni is going well. Still not eating enough, especially now I am so busy with Moses. Not having an appetite is also messing with my head. Having been an over-eater my entire life I am liking it way too much!

(Bean) #118

It might have been an impuse purchase, but I bought a cheap tiny waffle maker. My first attempt isn’t too scary. One pastured egg and one small cooked skinless chicken thigh pureed together. It’s crazy that it makes 2 decent little zero carb carnivore sandwich size waffles. This is my first egg white… so fingers crossed.

(Geoffrey) #119

Guinea eggs and pafflecakes.

(Robin) #120

I thought surely this would have been resolved somehow by now!
(I keep having the totally unrealistic vision of guiding it out with magnets.)

I would be freaked out if I were you and I don’t freak out easily. But a nail stuck in my gut sounds so scary.
Plus I would still be obsessing about how the heck it got in there!

I sure hope docs come up with a plan soon. Keeping you in my thoughts.