Carnivore 30-day Challenge - Meat Chewin' June 2024!

(Megan) #81

Thanks everyone for your lovely responses. Mostly having a bed day b/c I’m exhausted. Stressful being home but still very glad to be here. Ruby is picking up her 9-week-old Golden Shepherd tomorrow (golden retriever/german shepherd). It’s going to be agony for me if it was a purchase because of hypomania and she decides to rehome it. I know I am going to fall head over heels with him in 2 seconds flat.

(Bean) #82

I made “burger butter” today. I cooked off 6# of 80% ground beef. I’m freezing most if it for family who do not eat as much fat as I do. I reduced the liquid, chilled it for an hour and whipped it. I was careful not to put much salt in the beef. These are generous tablespoon portions.

(Judy Thompson) #83

Megan, how scary! This week should resolve it one way or another, they can’t just leave it there! Best luck! I’d love to see the new pup if you get to snap a shot of him.
Karen, Freddy is growing so fast and so adorable! Glad to see the pics. And the dance pics too. Nice of you and Raymond. Happy upcoming birthday!

We just finished the 3 hour afternoon gig and in an hour will be leaving for the evening one. I don’t normally post on weekends but then there’s so much to catch up on!

Lastnight after we finished playing and the restaurant closed, I was talking to one of the waitresses about tallow lotion and she was surprised to learn I was carnivore and told me she and her bf (whom we know as he works at another restaurant we have played in) went carnivore 2 months ago! It was such a happy conversation! I’m looking forward to chatting with her more about it and who knows, she may end up here yet!
More later - gonna rest before the 2nd gig.


I am inspired to have fish tonight.

Quite an exciting storm rumbled though last night. Thunder and the awesome sound of rain on the tin roof. Last night’s dinner was a 330g scotch fillet steak with two fried eggs on the woodfire. We have to be frugal with our off grid power. So, lots of woodfire cooking and stove top kettle drinks.

Mid- winter is next week. An eventful time for pagans. Not that I am one consciously. The beef steaks I am eating more and more rare these days, with a sprinkle of salt and allowing the time to ‘rest’ after cooking. I often say to Mrs. Bear that, “you can’t under cook a steak.”

The same can’t be said for lamb. Lamb loves a long slow cook (link below). My 82 year old mum cooks beef ribs in a similar way, many hours (4+) baked in an oven with stock or salted water in the base of the roasting pan. Mum loves that I am so easy to make dinner for (no big food prep). Billie the Labrador loves her ‘broth’ drink that Oma Bear makes for her from the renderings.

I also had a tin of Portuguese sardines (so many food miles!) and our pet cat ‘Boots’ thought I was the best thing ever. I must have had some sardine juice in my beard. The fire stayed glowing in the woodfire stove in the kitchen all night. So, a sunny Sunday morning eggs breakfast should soon be perfuming the place with steaming stove top coffee.

Kettle is whistling. The skies have cleared. The cool morning is crisp. Looks like a great day to plant another tree, or to go to the beach and collect some kelp for the garden.

Photo is of the approaching storm yesterday afternoon.

Lamb cooking (keto-style):


I cook my eggs each lunch-time in the renderings of the ruminant red meat of the night before. Sometimes with added butter. Such a great nutrition resource. Especially for keto-carnivores.

I hope you get to the seaside Shinita! The waterfalls here are just starting again as the streams carry the winter rain to the sea.

(Geoffrey) #86

Venison stew today. Just too busy for anything complicated.

(Bean) #87

I’ve started using unscented tallow soap and I like it a lot. I still use cold cream on my face, but the tallow soap works fine for me as shampoo if I rinse with baking soda water to adjust the PH. (I have short, fine hair)


Butchering Tomahawk steaks, Cowboys (Cattleman), rib steaks, and rib eyes.

The perfect ribeye!:

(Liz ) #89

Felt like I could smell the air! Thanks for the virtual travel :smile:

Though I eat keto/carnivore for overall health, and that remains my lifelong goal, I always do hope for more weight loss. But I’m not new to this lifestyle and I know it’s a fool’s errand trying to game the scale. After all this time, hundreds of hours reading on the topic, I have no idea what might specifically work for me to get back down to where I was happiest. Screw my Phinney weight lol! I have cute clothes I want to wear and they are currently a size too small. I’m just trying to lose ten pounds of what is probably an extra twenty.

So while I wait and see if eating OMAD high fat carnivore to satiety does the trick on my vanity project, I can report that 8 days in, my joints do seem less inflamed. And even the other day when I way overdid it pruning a massive hedge by hand in the hot sun, the next day I barely noticed any soreness or fatigue, a bonus which I attribute to carnivore. Also, though I often can’t stay asleep past 4:30, I don’t crash during the day or even in the evening.

I might be detoxing a little and I’m curious if I’ll get an oxalate dump like the one that clobbered me the first time I went carnivore in Feb 2020. I hope not! Ouch!

Currently I’m probably not losing weight because I’m stressed completely out trying to plan for a three and a half day vacation away from my disabled mom in one month’s time. I wasn’t even sure I should try. But I’m so burnt out on 24/7 mom care, I kind of have to or I’ll lose my mind. I’ll be anxious while I’m away trying to manage her care from afar, so I’ve decided that if I have a 50% good time it will be a success. I have a terrific agency that sends great people but mom is completely bonded to me and will suffer great anxiety and sorrow while I’m away though her physical needs will be met.

I’m trying to make sure I leave instructions for all the daily needs she’ll have plus how to handle contingencies. I won’t be able to train the caregivers specifically before they arrive so I need to leave a How To guide anyone can follow. I’m hoping to recruit some friends to stop in every day so if mom has issues she can confide in these ladies without alienating the caregiver.

This morning’s 4:30 rumination was deciding what keto dinners I can prepare ahead for her that she can chew with her fake teeth and that the caregiver can prepare without much effort or burning down the kitchen. Right now the three meals I decided on are: the chicken soup I make with bone broth and extra fat from olive oil and butter, zucchini casserole with ground beef, marinara, and cheese, and baked chicken strips with avocado and tomato, swimming in my lemon vinaigrette.

We’ll return on a Friday evening frazzled from travel but I’ll still make dinner. I’ll make cheeseburgers in the iron skillet for me and my husband, mom loves a hot dog with buttered veg and sour cream on the side! Easy.

In the After Times I’ll mourn my mama, never regret my many years of service, but boy will I cherish my freedom. And my THREE useless, cowardly siblings might get a holiday card from me once a year, we’ll see!! lol I always say to mom, “Good thing you had four! The first three were duds” :laughing:

(Karen) #90

Always ends up down to one sibling being the caregiver … hope you can let your hair down for the short time you’re away and not stress too much worrying that your Mum is being looked after properly.xx

Food pics over a few days…

Had a fixation with fried eggs :grin: i needed to counter balance my fixation with last weeks deli meat :roll_eyes: i suffered on thursday and saturday mornings with a bad tum. Not bought any more! Eggs have fixed the problem lol and they have been so tasty.
Did CrossFit Saturday morning …in between the loo trips…ran ther then ran to the bus stop to bus home, just in time before the rain set in. We have had heavy rain and thunder storms Friday and Saturday. Saturday night went to Ibstock dancing. Ibstock is about 35mins drive which is quite a short drive for us lol. Had a lovely time but i was very tired this morning. Not surprisingly I haven’t done much today just a bit of shopping. Kept my fingers crossed that i would be able to get the stuff in the freezer … a bit of a rejig and everything fit in fine!

Bens birthday tomorrow so i have to be up early to get ready and get to other side of town to pick him up. We’re getting the bus into Derby which takes about half n hour from the bus stop near Sians house. We Are hoping that little munchkin Freddie is a happy chappy cos we don’t know how Ben will react he’s fractious.

(Geoffrey) #91

Smoked 12 pounds of bacon and 2 racks of baby back ribs today.

The bacon is chilling till I slice it tomorrow and the ribs were fantastic.


I chose the best thick rib steak at the butcher and ate it for dinner. It was delicious.

(Karen) #93

Had a super day out with the birthday boy Ben, Sian and Little Freddie. Took the bus to Derby and had a bit to eat and a walk about then took Ben to Heavenly desserts before back on the bus to Sians and the car trip back to his home. I had the usual 2 fried eggs,2 sausage and 2 bacon as there really wasn’t much else i could eat on the menu. I was quite hungry by the time i got home so i had a sirloin steak and followed that a litle later with half a chicken.


How did Ben go with Little Freddie? You had concerns. But it sounds like it was a great family day!

(Bean) #95

Today’s lunch (well pretty much everyday). 8oz ground beef patty with reclaimed fat.

Everything is better with high fat. I’m between 2:1 and 3:1 fat:protein carnivore.

I added pastured chicken egg yolks back (a little early), but no problems. I have a local farmer who has ducks. I think I want to try pastured duck eggs for egg whites before venturing to chicken.

(Bean) #96

Dinner. Pretty typical for me this week. Grilled chuck and some hard boiled egg yolks mashed with a little chicken fat. I forgot to take a picture of the yolks. Nellie-dog liked the whites.


Rib steak. Took up the whole plate. Working like Atlas at the moment.


I just wasn’t into meat for DAYS… But we have so many eggs and cheese and the quark would spoil too… Not like I eat only carni food but only things okay in my book for off times (so protein rich, satiating plants).

But today I cooked lean pork and it was AWESOME. The leanest green ham parts. No visible fat. I added some old chicken jelly from the freezer (I didn’t want it back then but it was tasty… not really fatty but nice), still super lean and yes, the texture was lean meat texture, not the absolute best… But I still easily eat some and immensely enjoyed it. Yep, taking a break works for meat too, I knew that it was especially effective, but never enjoyed lean meat this much before :smiley: The meat was pretty too, maybe I shot the leftovers tomorrow.
I had an almost meatless lunch (lots of eggs, cheese, a tiny sausage) and had my pork for dinner (with a bit more eggs and cream cheese but not much). It gave me such a perfect quick satiation, even meat isn’t always this effective but lean pork usually is and I really enjoy when it happens. I am very content since (about 3-4 hours passed).

Tomorrow will be meaty :slight_smile: I plan to go back to that as that is my normal anyway, IDK what happened in the last days…

But it’s still June and I don’t do pure carnivore, I don’t even try. Staying close is good enough for me.

It’s HOT and my room starts to become unbearable. I may need to sleep downstairs, possibly bringing my computer too. We will have another A/C one day, possibly soon but we have enough things on our plate to our liking. Even the holiday is a problem as okay, the cats will survive just fine (it’s not a big deal for our fav “neighbour” to feed them occasionally) but what about our veggie patch and the few flowers needing us? Though a holiday may worth more than them… But we try to find something not too long, we probably don’t even need a whole week. This place is lovely, we have peace, we just need a few days of sea and something different, maybe?

(Bean) #99

Lunch was my usual ground beef. Dinner was steak from last night, along with a little intro of aldi sheep cheese that I forgot to take a photo of. :eyes:

(Liz ) #100

Slipping back into carnivore has been seamless. Last night I made pork carnitas with two fried eggs. I have an urge to graze after dinner but I’m trying to do OMAD with a two hour eating window. So to hopefully discourage kitchen loitering after my window supposedly closes I’m trying a bit of overeating, eating a bit past satiation at the dinner table. Has worked the past two nights. Not sure how it will pan out on the weight loss, we’ll see.