Carnivore 30-day Challenge - Meat Chewin' June 2024!


You probably sounded a happy hedonist :wink:
In our family I am the enthusiastic one and my SO is more like a black box with a poker face (we are pretty much opposites there. I can be VERY excited and happy if my food is good and it often is. I am quite vocal about it too). He just eats and I need to ask if he likes it to get feedback and he is often unsure… He can tell if he likes it or not but more than this…? It’s so odd to me. Once we talked about enjoyment from food, it’s hard to put numbers to it but one can try… And I usually had 9-10/10 food and he said it’s more like 5 for him. Poor thing :cry:. (Today was way lower for me too but I had to eat the leftovers - I didn’t so tomorrow won’t be a fat fast day either but it’s good, I need more food - and it’s fine if it’s rare. I did have a 9/10 item, my quark quiche. And cream is always nice too but it still wasn’t awesome today, just good.)

You don’t sound like a proper hedonist here. Harm isn’t hedonistic so if I know something is harmful, it’s usually enough for me to turn off all desire (that’s why reading the ingredients list was so effective when I occasionally got tempted in the supermarket in the past. now I don’t even need to do that). Not always but usually. Of course I have experience, about 14 years on low-carb, many years on/off keto and some years on/off near carnivore… I did a lot of conscious training too :slight_smile: I usually want the right things. It gets surreal when I decide that now I totally can afford some wilder days for reasons - and I just can’t do it because I don’t like or want the food. Keto never did that, I enjoyed my off times but carnivore changed things. Sometimes I even try vegs (beyond my tiny occasional extra), my old HUGE favs. I grab a modest but not tiny amount and I just can’t eat it, it’s just not good. Still surreal, even years after I suddenly stopped loving my beloved vegs and started to eat meat every day. I very rarely even try, the desire is never there and I do get curious and nostalgic sometimes. But I have changed.
Salads are easy as I disliked the vast majority of them even as a huge veggie lover vegetarian. Green leaves are a bit like grass to me anyway, usually. Raw vegs were fine but not in a salad just as they were, Alvaro (my SO but I use his name in the carni threads where I am most active and everyone knows everything and their circumstances) still eats them that way. Never as a salad. We don’t complicate things like that. (By the way, in Hungarian, salad and lettuce are the same word. And the two traditional salads I know have no “proper” dressing, just water, vinegar - and sugar despite they are salads to go with savory food… Well the cucumber one often gets paprika too :slight_smile: Paprika can be part of any type of food. It’s almost like garum for the ancient Romans… But we don’t put it into everything. Only most things :smiley: Sweet things are a possible target. Just like for garum. The romans were crazy. “With honey and garum”… I never will get over that. Garum already sounds bad to me but for sweet things? Oh my.)

I couldn’t resist writing about these but I find them interesting and couldn’t bring myself to delete it. I hope no one gets triggered by the mere mention of very boring green vegs… Though some people couldn’t live without them in summer here. Juicy, fresh, cold… I get it, I just don’t need it. Beyond my tiny occasional extras, at least.

(Geoffrey) #62

Venison stew today. Slow cooked in the crockpot with bone broth and a stick of butter. The meat was seasoned with salt and white pepper then seared in bacon fat.


What is muenster, Liz?


Today I made chicken soup on the woodfire. Chicken drumsticks fried off in butter and salt then added to a large soup pot that had some beef stock and beef bone broth added, topped up with rain water and some more salt. A winter cabin with a fire with wholefood cooking on it are very comfortable perfume.

(Liz ) #65

Haha! A type of cheese :smile:

(Karen) #66

Food pics

Steaks have been very tasty…just on a bit of a deli kick but that won’t carry on past today!

Been a bit more consistant with CrossFit and the wods have been tough. I run there most days though yesterday the weather was very temperamental so i drove and then ran the 200m circuit 5 times to at least run a 1k before the class session. Everything has been doable this week and i am not feeling as fatigued and drained as per last week. Back on steaks which i had been lacking. I have some chicken in the fridge but will eat steak on the same day as i eat it to make sure i can keep my energy levels up. Been coming home after CrossFit the last couple of days and been potting up more bedding plants…it’s nice to have the passion for gardening return after last year when i was just watching to see which plants returned and which didn’t and lost interest!

Went to the sauna with my daughter yesterday afternoon. It was really nice to catch up and spend some quality time together again…like during covid lockdown! It was the first time she had been to the sauna since doing IVF treatment and also first time she had come out without little man, leaving him in the capable hands of his Daddy.

Dancing tomorrow and friday afternoons and saturday evening so we’re looking forward to the next few days. Booked onto CrossFit in the morning then straight home to scrub and dolly up :wink:

(Geoffrey) #67

Venison stroganoff today. All carnivore of course.

(Judy Thompson) #68

Nearly the middle of June already, how time flies! @Karen18 Freddy’s already 5½ weeks?? He is so cute!
Liz I’m with you, that carnivore is just a stricter form of keto. An especially good line of thought when talking to waiters! Just saying “I eat an animal based diet” goes a long way without getting into the nitty gritty.
BTW hubby is quite close to keto now and I cook just one meal a day, so my plant food workload is pretty low these days. I read in a carnivore book a couple years ago that raw veggies are worse for you than cooked, so he quit eating salad. That was a huge load off, in shopping as well as prepping!

@FrankoBear it’s fun hearing about your opposite seasons. I play Animal Crossing and selected a southern hemisphere island so it’s snowing there now too and my avatar is all bundled up in wool. Meanwhile irl we’re out buying cooling fans and trying to stay cool on the gigs, one of which is basically outdoors for 3 hours.
My Butcher Box came last week and I sous vided a pork shoulder roast which was fantastic. I have salmon and tilapia in the freezer but he won’t eat fish so I’ll have to fix it and give him something different. But I’ll eat some of his meat too :wink:

This morning we took the yorkie to be groomed, then went to Home Depot where she made friends with lots of people, and then celebrated by going out to eat at a dog friendly restaurant. We all split a platter of German sausage and cheddar cheese.
Here’s some food:

This wrap is made from cottage cheese and eggs.


Last night I ate an 800g tomahawk steak. Today I scrambled 3 eggs in the left over steak fat. This evening I ate a tin of sardines and will eat the rest of the chicken soup with 5 drumsticks in it. One coffee this morning out in the winter sunshine before the clouds rolled in. Cosy by the woodfire.

(Liz ) #70

Love all the updates. I wish I could spend time & energy learning new ways to prepare meat, open up my horizons, but caregiving takes up all my RAM lol, so I’m looking forward to doing that in the After Times. Hopefully at that time we can also get our tiny 1988 condo kitchen renovated into a modern, efficient, chef’s delight.

Day 6 I’m noticing the food messages fading away, the ones that go “eat, eat, get something to eat” which I can ignore but they were annoying.


I realized I never should react to anything about plants because I get carried away. So nothing about that. My garden already does its best to overwhelm me with the topic anyway…

Carnivore-ish fat fast day today. Once I did a non-carni one with chocolate and cream, I was curious and they are super fatty items and seemed easier to consume than balls of lard and unusually much butter… And yes, easier and more normal than that but I can do much better. Pork jowl and pork belly (and fried yolk and sausage) gives me a borderline normal meal (except it has no fresh meat and that’s pretty abnormal). I keep that style. Just lovely. I have plenty of pork belly, pork jowl and sausage now and it’s not like I need very much for a fat fast day.

Alvaro had problems with eating the deviled egg filling so I helped him out a bit, hence the (non-carnivore but I don’t care about this level now) deviled eggs despite the fat fast day. That is not a proper one, only 86% fat but it’s perfect for me. I can’t eat nearly as simple as @FrankoBear… Or anyone else here, not even on my low-cal days but we are all different and who knows what the future will bring.
I may need some better name than “fat fast-ish day”… No idea yet. It’s around/below 30g protein, 1000 kcal (a bit more if I am hungry afterwards) and 85-90% fat, the majority of my food is processed meat and I always have 1-2 yolks.
(The 7g Double Glocester cheese is leftover from yesterday. I reached the point where I just couldn’t happily eat that tiny last bite. How I have fallen…)

It seems the rainy days are over. Yesterday was sooo cool, even my room cooled down and all the windows were open all day. But hot weather will arrive soon :frowning: Oh well, it’s summer, it’s inevitable.

I cooked the slightly meaty bones from the freezer. Wow. I took out 2 bigger beef bones and 10 duck not-complete-wings (the best part is missing but it costed almost nothing, cheap cat food with some bites for me)… And my freezer is completely full just like before! But the fridge is better now, we ate up all the leftovers, it was high time, they have almost spoiled already. We are good at avoiding that but sometimes it’s not enough. I won’t cook meat again yet, I have fried pork, fried chicken and processed things in the freezer. And the time is ticking for my quark.

I can’t track the bones so I stop tracking for a while, I need that anyway.

(Geoffrey) #72

Two buttered paffles topped with venison stroganoff topped with three over easy’s.


(Megan) #73

LOL!! When the number of eggs in my fridge get low I stop eating them too. They go to Lulu and Sophi!!

(Megan) #74

Hey everyone,

That was a marathon catchup!! Hey Liz, always great to hear from an old timer. I restarted carni in Feb after stopping for 5 months. Carni = much reduced inflammation in my body so I relate to what you noticed when you ate some veg. It’s a crazy world tho, “popular science and non-science masquerading as science” says veg are good for us and essential. Ha flipping ha.

Can’t believe Freddie is 5 and a half weeks! You’ll be walking him to school before you know it @Karen18. They grow so fast huh?

Any update? I hope all is well.

Anyone know how Fangs @Fangs is doing? She hasn’t been on in ages, tho last I heard she was very busy with yucky real life stuff.

All thanks to you, I’m sure. Good stuff!

Got home yesterday from 6 days in hospital. Somehow I’ve swallowed a 3cm piece of metal. Looks like a nail but with no head on the xray. Went in with abdo pain and nausea and was put nil by mouth for 5 days. Had an Xray and CT every day but it seems well and truly stuck in the same spot - in the weeny pouch where the small intestine joins the large intestine. Because my hernia repair surgery is going to be very complex, the surgical doc I was under (after I asked him to talk to my hernia surgeon) was sitting back, wanting to hold off on operating to remove it.

On day 6 they said I could start eating to see if poop might help move it along, so I asked to go home and do the watching and waiting there. The surgeon half reluctantly agreed and sent me home with a long list of symptoms of peritonitis (caused by a bowel perforation) to watch out for.

I would have stayed in hospital a few days longer but I have ptsd and other junk thanks to a nasty trauma history and I could feel myself reaching the end of what I could cope with in there. Plus Ruby (my friend who lives with me) was hypomanic and quickly getting worse and I needed to get home to remove as much stress etc I could and can from her life.

I definitely don’t feel great but I am very glad to be home. Have been wanting a cigarette like crazy the past week but am holding firm. Hope the urges ease off soon tho!

I’ll keep this short(ish). Keep rocking all on you awesome people :heart::heart::heart:


Strange way to get iron, Megan. There has to be a story here. Were you building something and holding nails in your mouth? Lucky they didn’t do an MRI. Those big magnets might have zapped it right out. In the vet world we would be straight in there and whipping it out. But saying that we also moved interesting foreign bodies (most often fish hooks) through an intestine using food - not carnivore. If that nail is near the hernia site, it probably is better getting it all sorted in one go. I hope things turn out well for you. What an amazing post.


Ouch. Best wishes, get better real soon, @MeganNZ!!!

My life is a chaos right now, I try to sort out my eating that just got messed up last evening. I won’t try to push too much fasting and whatever (it’s not so much just OMAD on most days and 2-3 fat fast-ish days per week… while I couldn’t do any until some weeks ago… yep, it’s much while I have some hardships regarding my diet too…) on me. In June. While I have some extra stress. I don’t do stress/comfort eating but I just can’t focus so much and I easily lose my patience and mood and everything. Messing things up doesn’t help much, it just eases some stress and causes some more. Bad deal, not hedonistic so I just should live in a way where I can avoid this.

But I stopped tracking and that hopefully will help. It’s an annoying burden when I don’t eat super simple. My successful fat fast days are a joy to plan and track.

Sunny day, a bit warm but not hot yet! The best type of summer - when one isn’t in the water but that would be fine too. Alvaro is enthusiastically(! he almost never is like that) planning our holiday. We never went anywhere since… IDK, 10 years? Maybe Italy, maybe not. It’s close but it’s by plane so we can go further too like Portugal, he says. Or Albania though that’s not farther I think, it’s very close just like Italy. I still prefer Italy… Alvaro have found a traveling agency with some very affordable near last minute trips or something. Sounds exciting, I miss the sea, only was there at once in my life despite it’s so close. He found some trips to Sicily but not near Palermo where the famous mummies I always wanted to visit are. And who knows what will be available when he will be free… Originally we planned Croatia all by ourselves, it’s really super close, a neighbour country :slight_smile: And it has sea galore. Those areas belonged to Hungary in the past…
It helps that it’s pretty here, we have forests, ponds, a river and 2 mountain ranges super close - but it’s not the sea. Or big mountains. I love those. (Anyway, one should go to places. I mean, not just because of the places but it’s not okay to stay put for long even though most people during history did just that… Whatever, it’s not okay for me.)
But what I really, really love is WATERFALLS :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. By the way, we will visit the local tiny one. Still pretty and not THAT small. Especially now after all this rain! And not that local, we need the car as I can’t cycle so far. I should have but nope, I still very rarely do cycling. I feel I built more stamina somehow lately… But I need more practice to go that far (and it still would hurt my arms).

(Robin) #77

Wow, Megan. What on earth?!
I hope you can get this sorted soon.

(Liz ) #78

Good grief!! And also a hernia? Sending comfort and light for healing and health!!

I’m using my manic carnivore energy to trim the hedges today, I do all my yard work by hand, I don’t enjoy power tools. It wears me out but I need to be very tired to sleep well at night with perimenopause and ketones these days :smile:

Tonight I’ll brown some ground Italian sausage, spread it in a baking dish, add mozarella and pepperoni and bake it to melt the cheese for a pizza vibe.

(Karen) #79

Yep folks Freddie is 6 weeks old today and a proper little smiley munchin :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

@MeganNZ prayers are with you that you get relief very soon from that piece of metal and it isn’t too painful when you eventually poo it out! Bless you! X

Ran to CrossFit yesterday morning and did a crazy puffy workout but it was good then ran home straight into bath and got ready for dancing at Church Gressley. Had a super afternoon. No CrossFit this morning which was just as well cos it took me ages to de-stiff my back! Not felt this stiff in absolutely ages. Hahaha
Went dancing in Lichfield this afternoon to celebrate my birthday…early… no dancing there next week eeek! What’ll we do :confused: have to find somewhere else to go!.

Came home and drove through a very violent hail storm…thunder and lightning and visibility virtually down to zero! It passed thankfully and we got back in pretty good time! Had a super afternoon.

Our friend Kieth was also celebrating his birthday which is actually today so the pic with 4 of us is Keith Me Mary and my dance partner Raymond :grin:

Food pics

As you will see i only just remembered in time to take pic of this evenings steak…i was hungry lol and i had the 2 fried eggs on 2 black puddings immediately after and again nearly forgot to take a pic. I must have been hungry because both meals tasted fab. I am still eating the poached salmon lol

(Geoffrey) #80

Megan, I’m so sorry you are going through this. I hope and pray for the best outcome.

Cooked up some of the fish I caught the other day.
Wasn’t carnivore with it having garlic, herbs and lemon but it was just fine for me being in maintenance mode and those ingredients don’t seem to affect me to any degree.
So, my lemon herb baked striped bass.