Carnivore 30-day Challenge - Meat Chewin' June 2024!

(Liz ) #41

Super kind, thank you :heartpulse:

(KM) #42

Omg, yes. “My fridge is full, I just need a pint of cream, so that’s all I bought”. Said no one, ever. :laughing:

(Liz ) #43

Hey folks, last night my husband grilled some ribeyes for us, I was so happy! I only get them once a week and only during grilling season. I just can’t cook steaks indoors, tried for years. We don’t have good enough fans lol. But I do enjoy my cheeseburgers so it’s fine, and cheaper. I picked up some cooked pork at Trader Joe’s I can shred to heat and serve with a fried egg. It’s only been one day but getting back into carnivore shape feels easy now that I’ve made up my mind to do it.


Alvaro cooked food and needed my epic skills to fit it into the freezer… We are totally full. The freezer too. Maybe we didn’t strictly need that 17 packages of cheese…? But it’s good to have them. (And we still don’t have grated Grana Padano, I like it to add extra flavor and more firmness when I bake.)
And we have so many sausages (most were bought last time, not yesterday).
I am so ready for nearly anything now…

Today was fine! I got hungry after 1pm and ate at 5:30pm as usual :slight_smile: And some more later as I failed to reach satiation but only some eggs, mostly whites. I almost thought I will need a sausage but nope, it eventually did the trick.
My dinner was chicken heart and liver stew with egg crumbles and pork shoulder cubes, 2 sponge cake buns with some cheese, boiled eggs and coffee (with milk and egg white, it was so good! I keep it even when I won’t drink coffee). No tracking yet but I barely could get satiated and I hope I ate modestly. The protein is probably no problem, I ate some eggs and 5 extra whites… I did a “lean day” as planned. I can’t help I had old leftover pork shoulder (not the fattiest parts though and not even much. anyway, I have my limits). So Alvaro will have deviled egg filling tomorrow. I really love my boiled egg whites, perfect texture for me. I do eat them with yolk but a little is enough, actually better than much when it’s hard-boiled. If I boil my eggs, that’s different but when Alvaro does it over open fire, they always get fully hard-boiled. I am into runny yolk. Raw is perfect but I can handle it a tad cooked. Hard-boiled gets old very quickly. So it’s great when I manage to use the yolks for something else.
We need to use up some eggs anyway. So we both eat them in bigger amounts. If Alvaro’s 2 is “bigger”. He has regrets, he will eat 3 next time, he said. How adorable. I may eat less eggs since some time but I still have my skills.

Today wasn’t fully carnivore but it’s June. I really tried to behave and stayed pretty close so I am fine with this. It was a very disciplined Sunday (I usually don’t even expect to last until 2-3pm without food) except nope, I ate whatever I desired and that was almost exclusively carnivore food. And I had no suffering from hunger either. I just was hungry for a while. There is a huge difference.
I expect an even better tomorrow, I plan a fat fast carni day again. Dinner OMAD as it starts to be my normal. Wow. How things change…

(Robin) #45

Yes! It’s all in flipping that mental switch. Good for you!


I found Amber O’Hearn’s Facultive Carnivore online book project. It’s a blog post book but I am listening to the audiobook version that is linked from the posts. I like her teachery voice that holds just enough exasperation at the world to empathise with.

Cold, wintry weather here on the homestead. Great tree planting weather. We are cooking on the wood fire stove and I love the way the meat and coffee takes a bit longer but is more gentle. We eat earlier with sunset at about 5.30pm and sleep longer and deeper with the serenade of wind and rain. The off grid battery runs low every day as we come up to the winter solstice. But the rainwater tanks are refilling after we got through the longest dry spell this region has experienced in recorded weather data history. All summer I was checking the water levels while we had excess solar energy. I like living in response to the place and planet.

Last night we had a strong westerly stream of wind driven clouds preceding another winter cold front from the Southern Ocean. It caught some sunset. The clouds and cold rain have been stealing the sunset in the past few weeks.

(KM) #47

Does your wife live full-time on the homestead or is this the place you both go when not traveling for work?

(Karen) #48

Too many posts again…i have noticed some burning branding type circles on my head again… mainly around the cerebral regions… not sure why and it isn’t all the time and doesn’t tend to last too long. Whether it is because i have felt weary lately or not…think that is definitely from eating too much chicken and not enough steak…just not been getting enough fats for energy! Anyway i am not overly worried, i don’t think it’s pre-empting another stroke. Maybe i am just a little below par. I am managing to do my CrossFit workouts which i am pleased about.

Food last couple of days has been beef burgers, scrambled eggs, spicy chicken wings and rack of pork ribs. Couldn’t eat all the ribs so finished them off for todays brunch.

Tummy wasn’t feeling good this morning which i have attributed to the chicken wings. Wasn’t sure i would make it to CrossFit as i had to keep returning to the loo but i got there and got through the workout thankfully. It was a very leggy workout very similar to Saturdays so legs were cream crackered at the end. I had run there and walked back via the shops, (The Company Shop…dangerous!) and caught bus for the last leg of my return journey… weather kept breaking and the sky was starting ro look ominius!

Went dancing yesterday afternoon and had a super time… it was local so not too much travelling thankfully.

Popped out this afternoon in the car to get some compost and a few more bedding plants :blush: garden looking nice and blooms popping up all over… a bit slower this summer as the weather has been dreadful, we have a really sharp wind and intermittent showers…very low temps for the time of year. Just got too used to the 2.5 good summers we have had over the last few years. …seems we are back to typical British weather again :confused: shorts on shorts off …t shirts on jumpers on …coats on coats off!:rofl:

Steak for tonights dinner yum.

litlle munchkin Freddie 5.5 weeks old…where did that time go?


We still have rainy days. Sigh. But the morning rain was quick. The 11am rain was quick and gentle too. The plants in my garden grows even more unruly with every day…

And I am drinking coffees with cream, of course. Some things almost never change. I didn’t start with them, at least, I had some green tea. Why can’t I drink perfectly fine water? Don’t ask me. I do like my water too. But my focus is primarily on my IF and food choices and can’t do everything at once. Or I say this to myself.

I diligently weigh myself every morning (before bathroom with whatever clothes and objects on me, I won’t put in more effort) and I definitely got a bit lighter, it seems. I will check my clothes, my current ones are a tad too loose to help with this tiny changes. But it doesn’t matter anyway. -10kg will be quite apparent and -1kg is merely a tiny hint I do it right. I know I can do better… But I am doing better than before. Even the carni-ish part considering all the many fruit seasons my garden is going through right now. One can change really much. Oh and the fat fast days help with so many things :slight_smile: It was a fine idea, I just don’t know WHY I didn’t do it earlier?! It solves so many problems and seems a great training for EF as there are many similarities. I really love my fat fast days and today I plan to do one. Mmm, it will be nice, I don’t want my leftovers right now anyway. They need some extra cooking anyway, to make them tempting.
But it’s barely afternoon and my mealtime is 17:30… It works very well, I simply get properly hungry with not very much tolerance for more waiting just then lately (except when not and I eat accordingly. but usually it works like that). So we have our family meal. Perfect.

I had my meal:

Not in the photo: a tiny cheese (I mean it, 5g), butter (because I desired some, I don’t eat fat just to get the macros anymore), many creamy coffees, plenty of whipped cream - or I have felt, it was 70g cream in total… Wow. I haven’t even tried to eat little. Oh and I needed another yolk. I had my meal at 6pm but I wasn’t satiated and satisfied afterwards. But it will arrive and I will be more indulgent tomorrow.

35g protein and the usual barely more than 1000 kcal. My food was very normal except I only had processed meat… Not that “let’s eat 40-50g butter/lard alone” I did in the beginning… I like fat but it didn’t feel natural to me.
85% fat, fine by me if it works and satiation arrives soon. But it may be too much protein, I don’t know yet, I am collecting data.

Maybe I have waited a bit too long (I was busy and forgot I was hungry since long), I feel tired and want a nice meaty TMAD day tomorrow. Even if my body doesn’t need it, some other part do.
And it was easy and I had great food but still. It’s still odd not to have lunch and fat fast-ish days have their special limits too even if I am fine with my meal.

Forecast says tomorrow will be rainy too…

And I have just tracked yesterday… :flushed:
Yep, it was lean alright just as I have planned. I just had no idea I was this successful.
50% fat!!! Well it’s in the realm of possibility, it’s just not something I ever did once per a decade… I may do high-carb or low-carb, my fat was always high.
My protein couldn’t even reach my minimum, 130g but went pretty close. So I ended up with super low-cal, barely more than today. Maybe no wonder I was a bit hungry before and after my meal today and felt a strong sense of wear and tear somewhere…

My scale decided to show smaller numbers though. Wow. Maybe something will happen, finally.

For some reason I still try to cling so something close to carnivore despite everything, fruit seasons and Alvaro’s tentative cry for help (okay, not that serious yet) because he possibly cooked a too big veggie dish for him to handle easily… But it will be fine, he has skills, breakfast slots and the dish is still fresh enough and not THAT much. He barely used ~2.5 kg vegs… :smiley: If he cooks outside, it’s a lengthy process and he wants enough for 5 days. But sometimes it’s still too much. How I loved that dish and how I don’t want to taste it now… Life is funny like that.
It’s so odd. It’s JUNE. I am “supposed to” be off keto (my keto, up to 40-45g net carbs) let alone anywhere near carnivore. I have plans to use the chance. I was sure I just go very off for a while, with visits back of course… But I just don’t wanna. I ignore tempting items I couldn’t do all the time in my planned carni months! I do things I never did because tasty things combined with “now or never in the next 11.5 months” had power on me. Maybe I leveled up, I don’t know. I don’t feel it. I just act unusual.
I have thought I won’t feel things get surreal again…

So I have no idea what the future will bring. Not even about tomorrow. I can’t help but follow my desires and how could I know what they will be tomorrow? (Apart from jumping my leftover meat and making sponge cakes and quiche-like things. I always want my carni food, just not necessarily all kinds at the same time. But after a very fatty day I do want non-processed meat again. Not chicken, I overdid it lately. Should be careful in the future. As I want air fryer finishes crunchy thighs, I may stop eating chicken at Alvaro’s Mom every time. I have not many slots per month.)

I felt super unwell so had 40g cream cheese too. Oddly, it did the trick :slight_smile: Tomorrow I will eat WELL.

(Karen) #50

Hahah funny i should see this on FB after talking about the weather earlier!
Steak for dinner and just had a packet of shredded poached salmon…both were lovely :wink:

(Geoffrey) #51

Went grocery shopping with my son in law today. The selection was limited but full filling.

(Robin) #52

That’s quite a haul!


Mrs Bear will not sit still. She is university qualified in a few things. We (Mrs. Bear and I) had to extract her from a two decade professional job in a big city that was gobbling her up. She is from a hard-working family and culture (subsistence farming peasants from Southern Italy that emigrated with their worlds packed in a suitcase), so she would put her heart and soul into any opportunity be it education, work, or community. Now she is the hardest working yoga teacher in all of Christendom. She loves the movement lifestyle and teaching. She is all for the sisterhood, feminism and the power of communities of creative women. I am pretty proud of her and her power. She bases herself at our tiny off-grid homestead. I’m the one that travels to the city for work. The toxic city. But living uncivilised (outside of a city) carves a more resilient person, I reckon. We are weathered and blasted with fresh air and salt spray, we are goldened by sunshine, ached by working outdoors, and walk around in bear feet tuned in to the growing natural world around us. We drink rain water and eat locally produced wholefoods. It seems to work. Mrs Bear teaches 20-somethings yoga, when they retreat from the city, up to 6 hours a day 6 days a week and she is doing the poses and talking (it might be the Italian genetics?) at the same time while the class is gasping.


What type of fish are those Geoffrey? Did you have some as sashimi?

(KM) #55

How wonderful. Your life is so inspiring to me!

(Liz ) #56

Day 4, feeling on track. I know, as a lifelong food addict, it’s that honeymoon phase lo,l but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy my hope for the future. I faltered with Atkins years and years ago but strict keto has never let me down. To me, carnivore is just Keto Ultra, an extra strength keto that helps you stay the course even more.

Last night I fed my family baked chicken tenders on a keto salad with dressing I made myself. While I was a little melancholy about not having that, I ate the chicken wrapped in muenster with bacon and butter and was totally satisfied! Tonight it’s baked chicken again but with a crushed pork rind Italian seasoning Parmesan coating along with melted cheese & butter as a kind of sauceless chicken parm. Never fails to delight me. Carnivore is not a sacrifice!! Now I patiently wait for the benefits.


I REALLY felt I need some fuel already… But I was unable to eat much, it did the trick for lunch, I will have dinner too.
I had boiled eggs too but they were too ugly to shot.

I don’t know why I don’t like my stew now, I even evaporated most of the water and added more paprika… Maybe I am in no mood for liver. My dumplings(?) got ugly and tasteless, how eggs can do that I can’t imagine (I used mostly boiled eggs to make them denser). I will stick to my fried crumbles, they are good.

The 3 sponge cake like things are quark quiches, with different Red Leicester content :slight_smile: I ate the cheesiest one, it was very cheesy! ~22g cheese per egg is an overkill with this tasty thing, apparently :slight_smile: But it was still good.

I had ice cream as well but I didn’t enjoy it. It wasn’t even sweet enough despite the lactose free cream. Oh well. It seems I need to be in the right mood, not just have it because I had whipped cream and whipped yolk at hand anyway. I should have just let it stay in the freezer despite the extreme lack of space there. I started another fruit box, we have so many even Alvaro can’t eat them right now. I kind of want my new fridge already… We even have too much vegs there now, we had a plan but it wasn’t realized in time and we got beef too and I have bones and it’s a miracle everything fits. Alvaro never tries to open the freezer since years, I am the expert but sometimes I need to be very careful too. I will love the more numerous and closed shelves. These open ones are dangerous with my several little boxes and low level chaos I can’t avoid there. Meanwhile the normal fridge part is packed too but no one can say we don’t have supplies. We surely do. Especially cheese, we have that galore… :smiley: 16 packages or something. We tasted the smoked Scamorza at lunch, it’s nice in its mild ways. It’s special as it’s smoked, smoked cheeses are quite expensive since years - and all cheeses are compared to our neighbours - so we don’t eat them. Or very low quality, we don’t buy those, of course. Some dishes call for smoked cheese so we will use the chance.

(Geoffrey) #58

Those are stripers a species of bass. Nice firm white meat. I haven’t tried any raw yet but I’ve still got a bunch left so I may try it sashimi style. I generally only eat tuna and salmon sashimi.

(Geoffrey) #59

Now to me that sounded way more appetizing than what you fixed for your family.

(Liz ) #60

Haha! I guess, like all addicts, I long for what aims to harm me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: but of course the delicious food is what makes carnivore so doable. I found in the three years I was carnivore, food tasted better! I couldn’t explain to my husband how amazing a hamburger was haha! I probably sounded high