Carnivore 30-day Challenge - Meat Chewin' June 2024!


I almost panic below 40!

(We have 100 all the time now. The egg lady gives us 40 every week and we eat about that much since I seriously dropped my egg consumption. But I still cling to my eggs. I can’t imagine an egg fast without at least one yolk… How on earth did I do 5 plant-based days several years ago - my personal record and I hardly will do it better. I don’t even know if I had a meatless day since years. probably yes but few and they almost surely weren’t vegetarian ones. I may skip meat extremely rarely but lard? :smiley: - and 1-2 eggless YEARS (the smell turned me off for a while) way before I don’t know.)

My fat fast day plan is ready, it will be lovely, most probably.

I still don’t know why it is called that. But I am clueless about lots of our pork terms too… Pork belly has the epithet “emperor”, that’s nice, we have “priest slice” and “chain”, spare ribs has “tin” (I have just learned it yesterday) and I forgot the rest.
And if it’s fowl… Pope’s nose is “bishop’s bite” for us and I wonder if bishops had an odd taste or people hated bishops. That part goes to the cats, I would never eat it. Well maybe in very serious starvation… Ew. It’s mostly fat. I am not super choosy, I would taste all of @Geezy56’s grilled things… Well they seem good stuff (I never ate a kidney I liked though but I only avoid lungs, they were bad while kidneys were meh. never ate testicles but they are allegedly good so I would expect a nice experience and heart is always lovely!). But I have my problems with a few things. I never want to taste tripe either. Animal parts with a low meat content rarely have good chances, maybe with some processing, curing, smoking and the like.

We have folktales where the poor peasant gets the role to distribute one or more chicken among the noble family and himself. He always makes sure he gets the vast majority of the meat but he explains why :smiley: Like the head of the household gets the head, the girls get the legs to be able to dance better…etc. When there are 5 chickens, things are better, every group will contain 3 persons+animals, 2 nobles with one chicken and the peasant with 2… Our folktales often are about peasants outsmarting nobles and especially devils. (I don’t think the devils are so stupid.) But sometimes they just kill innocent witches, giants and dragons, I was pissed off because of that. I am a dragon, after all. It’s still my year. It doesn’t feel like that yet but I still have time… :upside_down_face:

I will try that. Well it won’t be an old brie as no way I forget I have a fresh brie… I usually have Camambert though but I am not a gourmet enough to tell them apart… I do buy brie sometimes.
I always just ate it as it is. Never tried to fry it.
My fried cheese but it was with eggs (and flour. no breadcrumbs though). It was nice but I almost never bothered with it. Cheese is already perfect. I do love melt it a bit, that’s fun. Or nuke it but I do it to cheaper, more meh cheeses most of the time. Except when the spicy Camambert was too ripe and had to reduce the flavor as I wanted to eat it all alone. Alvaro considers eating cheese alone wasteful but I don’t eat much and carbs aren’t an option for me. And any other thing isn’t much cheaper than the cheese.

By the way, cheese sales continue, it seems the prices go a bit lower again? It’s high time, Alvaro says people go to buy cheese and other food to nearby countries and not only if they live next to the border. Slovakia allegedly have better cheeses for half the price… Our dairy prices got bad since the war unlike in other countries. And they went down a bit but it’s still super high. It’s no fun when you already spend the majority of your income on food and then one highly important food group gets 200% or more more expensive in 1-2 years. It’s still not so great for cheese but the butter went down to 160%. Meats kept their price WAY better but we had those price caps too and maybe they made a difference in general.
Grains got WAY more expensive too so simply all food got way expensive. The counted inflation may be modest (for Hungary. we always had it pretty high. I only remember a few items from my childhood but we can buy one for IDK, 200 times more money now?) but for food, it’s enourmous. I don’t even understand how we still can buy enough food… Though the pretty stable meat prices helped. Of course salaries didn’t have any significant raise, why would they.

I couldn’t help it and can’t delete it, the last part will compare meat and plant prices and my frustration about some of my fruits came out too. So this is your warning.

I entertain myself with looking fruit prices sometimes (not specifically, I go for carni items but I see other things in those supermarket ad papers, whatever is their name)… They are just crazy, the local ones in their actual season, I mean. I saw blackberries for 1.6 times more than our maybe-ribeye was. I don’t even like blackberries, violent bothersome stuff and we have a lot every year. Sigh. Alvaro is attached to them. They even need repairing their bearing often, I just looked at that. More work for those things not liked by me. Oh well. Life has such things sometimes, you don’t wanna do it, you don’t feel it’s justified but one of your loved ones find it important and there is a reason why to do it instead of them. So it’s still justified in the end but it comes from somewhere else.

I deleted the rest of my fruit complaint talk. Not fully complaint, some trees and other plants are cute enough not to bother me with the need of canning :slight_smile: It gets bothersome quickly and Alvaro has his fruit eating limits (thankfully. it wouldn’t be healthy even for him to eat a ton all the time). I don’t help particularly much since several years and it changes every year and in the logical direction.

So I still think some carbs are the expensive stuff, not animal food. Of course, there is very expensive animal food too but I don’t need them to eat well.
And aren’t grains supposed to be cheap? Not so valuable, not so expensive. But they are, now. My chicken is significantly cheaper (and I count it without the bone) than Alvaro’s rice flour… Okay, the chicken has much water but much more protein and nutrients too and I can get cheap calories (and the chicken has a lot too as it has so much fat). Well yes, that’s why I buy the chicken and he buys other things, their usefulness is vastly different for us. There are times when I bake something and consider it wasteful for him as he is fine with the cheaper, carby options and probably wouldn’t even like my version as much. We already talked about that regarding eggs in baked good. Some needs it, clearly but Alvaro’s bread and pizza has none while mine loses flour way earlier than eggs (they NEVER lose the egg. the best example is my carnivore bread, 100% egg sponge cake buns. Good stuff for sandwiches. Floury breads can’t compare. But they are two totally different things. My sponge cake has no crunchy crust. Crispy for some minutes but not crunchy. I love crunchy crusts. Can I cover them with cheese somehow I wonder…? I will try!) Sometimes we don’t even get nutrients just joy (or not even that). See my coffee. I think about it sometimes but I still can’t stop drinking it. But I should as moderation doesn’t work either. I binge drinking coffee. Sigh. I need to hide all the coffee again and suffer the discomfort in the beginning. Purely mental discomfort, thankfully.

(Judy Thompson) #22

Does eliminating dairy help with weight loss? I hear you all quitting dairy and wonder what that would do for me.

I’ve been reading more Thomas Seyfried, the keto cancer researcher, lately. Then DD had a cranial mri last week and found a dark spot on her brain. I started spouting Seyfried and no doubt have alienated her. But her appointment with her neurologist yesterday negated any sign of a tumor! Relief. I don’t know what it is and she may not tell me… She went back to VA last Thursday so we’re back to just texts.

A general Google search says a keto diet adds about a year to the life of a glioblastoma sufferer but Seyfried finds anywhere from 6 years to complete reversal. I just find this science fascinating.

The sproutarian/wheatgrass juice pundit I followed in the 80s also reversed cancer. But they had to continue to follow the lifestyle which was high maintenance, difficult, and socially isolating for most. One man I knew slipped and ate some green beans and his cancer came back. He just missed cooked food too much.


As far as I know (as my experience shows that), my fat-loss depends purely on calories. And dairy boosts my calories… I love dairy, it’s super easy to eat a ton but it doesn’t satiate me so I need a lot of other food as well.
If carbs still happen to do anything regarding my fat-loss (as it’s not out of question, I just never experienced it, I lost fat better with much more sugar but a bit less food… though I was freshly fat adapted so maybe that does things to people, who knows?), sugary dairy (like cream or milk, not butter or my zero carb cheese) may pose an extra problem.
I am totally unable and unwilling to try to live without dairy so IDK what would happen there. When I was super determined, I could do 1-2 dairy free days but that’s it. I am just not motivated enough to ruin my diet that way, I love my dairy… They are lovely, they are helpful, they are a tad bothersome but I can go very low just let me keep my several beloved items. Little is just fine, right? I really hope so!
The only safe dairy for me (except anything in tiny amounts… or the fatty stuff when I base my day on leanish meat so I can afford non-satiating dairy and need more fat anyway) is quark. I imagine it being satiating, it’s rich in protein while not having much fat. But I never could eat a lot of it at once so I can’t really check. It feels a bit satiating when I still need something… Unlike cheese, for example, sadly. Cheese is so nice though… I had none today.

Oh my, never knew it was a thing! Why?
According to a super quick seach, it’s worse than raw veganism and I never understood that either. (I liked the raw vegan kitchen, it’s fun somewhere between meals if you ask me… Getting satiated even once wasn’t really a possibility for me though I admit I didn’t try hard. I just made some recipes and kept eating my high protein high animal virtually vegetarian low-carb diet.)
But I got reminded of the raw vegan use of poppy seeds… They are allegedly not okay just like that. Sprouting is good but it’s enough to soak the seeds and dry them. To us, it was like the joke where one person buys stuff at the greengrocery, 1 kg each and ask for wrapping the pieces separately. Apples… Oranges… Oh and what is that? “Green peas but they AREN’T on sale :rage:”, says the greengrocer. We have a saying “Do it the person with six mothers” when there is some outrageously difficult/bothersome thing we are very much NOT willing to do. It’s me and drying out poppy seeds (when I have zero problem with cooking things to begin with).

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. That was an interesting time, looking at raw vegan blogs. It helped with my keto later. Just a bit but I appreciated it.

I would miss cooked food too. I am glad I am healthy enough. I would try to cure cancer with sheer stubbornness (and a good woe, sure, that is the base of health to begin with).
What is the connection between cancer and cooked food…? I never heard about that. Or it’s more nutrients from certain raw food? As some items are better raw and some are better cooked…

But I should talk about carni food here. Here is my planned fat fast OMAD dinner (almost 1000 kcal. I had some cream too):

BEST tasting fat fast day EVER!!! My favs :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Oh, did I say normal sausages with paprika got boring? Well I either got over that or I am a different person when seriously hungry since 2 hours (I surely am)… It was amazing. And pork jowl? The lovely, lovely item I always was into but neglected it due to its super high fat content… I could have eaten much more of it… It was pure bliss, 10*/10.
And fried, still a bit runny egg yolk is great any time (though I tend to overdo it lately, I need to focus on it, not doing other things… still great though). Just like cream and whipped cream. Yum!

But I stayed hungry. It didn’t pass. So I ate a bit more pork jowl (it was half frozen from the freezer but who cared? not me. it is better normally though). Waited. Still hungry, subtly desiring something with protein. So I fried an egg. And it had to be enough so I waited and yep, eventually I was fine.
Guesstimation says 143g fat, 23g protein, 92% fat (personal record but I can do “better” :smiley: I am not sure I need to do that but maybe I will be playful and experimental one day). Not a very low-cal day but I was hungry.
I wonder if fat fast days don’t work for me if the protein is too low. I suspect the protein must be low enough (will experiment later) but maybe it’s not okay if it’s 15g…? I don’t know but if I do 2-3 fat fast day attempt per week, I will have so much data! These days won’t even be very varied so I can test very similar days multiple times! The previous days surely have a big effect so I always plan to have them after good, normal days, i.e. lots of meat and carnivore or close. OMAD dinner if possible as that should keep me fine until next dinner when I have my fat fast OMAD dinner.
We will see. I want to play with my protein/fat ratio a bit, it’s so interesting I am able to get satiated below 130g protein and I don’t even need super much fat for it. I know moderate protein never works but low apparently does. I want to find my vague limits :slight_smile:

No nausea today, of course not, 92% fat is fine and dandy as long as I don’t eat too much pure fat. And pork jowl has meat, just little. The stuff doesn’t even feel very fatty. It feels perfect. I don’t understand. It’s allegedly 86% fat in weight, 98% in calories. WHY doesn’t it feel very fatty? It’s just a silky soft lovely thing, super light on the digestive system - I mean, I have no idea what it is on my digestive system, I just say what I feel it is like. Lots of calories without any burden, it feels like that.
I always found it odd that fatty food is “heavy” to many people. It is light to me. Carbs are way heavier… :thinking: Not always but some are. Or a lot of any kind I suppose.

My chicken heart/liver stew smells nice :slight_smile: We will enjoy it tomorrow. I probably will make egg dumplings to go with it… That sounds nice. The stew looks so empty alone. And I can try it with cream or sour cream…

Alvaro brought home 40 eggs again. We have 138 eggs now :flushed: We eat them slower than the speed the egg lady’s hens provide them with. We always buy all the available ones, since many years. We never ate them slower, needed lots of extra. In the past, I ate 50 per week and Alvaro ate 20. We were pretty stable regarding this, eggs are lovely, versatile, wonderfully nutritious and we didn’t eat meat (except a few times a year).
Once we had 250 at once, it’s a tad risky in summer… And 138 is not any less compared to our egg eating speed. But we may have eggier times now while 70 was close to our natural limit. (I could have eaten more but it would have felt forced.) I think even Alvaro eats less eggs now, it makes sense as he eats meat quite often now. My early carnivore days had the same amount of eggs as I simply replaced my plants with meat but it meant little meat and I learned to get and enjoy more. So, less eggs now. Still great, I still would give up meat before eggs, most probably (though meat is more useful but I NEED my eggs. okay I don’t want to give up either, ever. maybe dairy in the distant future but not the 2 pillars of my diet!)… But I don’t need or want several a day.

(Robin) #24

I guess it depends on how many carbs are in your dairy. I used HWC in coffee all day long and add cheese to many meals. I haven’t counted in years but looking at the labels, I probably get 5-carbs a day from dairy. and have been maintaining for a few years now.

I sure hope your DD gets good news!

(Geoffrey) #25

When I hear of someone struggling with weight loss on carnivore one of the first things that responders say is cut the dairy.
I’ve cut out dairy because it has the potential to put weight on me because it’s a trigger food for me. While I no longer had sugar or carb cravings I was finding that I was getting a dairy craving. I can down a lot of cheese but my homemade yogurt is the worst. I’ll make a half gallon at a time and once I get started it’s very hard to stop. I could easily wipe out that half gallon in a couple of days. Since I’m not a moderator, when something starts to control me I must abstain completely. For three weeks or so I was getting bad cravings for yogurt after a meal but that’s finally gone so I’m over it now. I’m not even using cheese in my chaffles anymore. Instead I use pork rind panko. Paffles!

(Geoffrey) #26

Liverwurst and egg tacos today.

The eggs were Guinea eggs. The liverwurst was homemade. The taco shells were Egglife wraps. Then sprinkled with a touch of Maldon’s smoked salt.


I never understood how one can eat little yogurt (as long as they like it. I only knew the low-fat kind until some years ago and it was almost water to me, I had kefir sometimes as I love sour but I bought a tiny cup per 1-2-3 years)… It’s super easy to get a lot of carbs from it for me… I like Greek yogurt now and then. It’s so soft, almost liquid, not very rich, of course I can eat a big amount and even if I try to moderate (I am pretty good at it regarding most items), it’s so watery lil thing that a really tiny bit isn’t worth it to start eating it. Because sour cream? I can eat 20g and feel satisfied. But yogurt? 2-3dl is the minimum. It’s just tasting it… No way to eat even less (without feeling it was a very bad idea to start if I stop there, at least). Yogurt is something I easily live without so I rarely have it, it’s not a problem. But when I have it, my carb intake can’t stay low. Not like I care about that but my calories go up too while I get only a barely noticeable extra joy for a few seconds. But sometimes it still seems a nice idea to have some.
I am great at moderation regarding any other dairy item. Except when I really fancy milk. But that has a very low chance. And I can be indulgent when it comes to cream but I usually know what I am doing, I know I can afford it or don’t care :smiley: If I want to have little, I have little. Even if I need to put all my whipped cream into the freezer. As whipped cream has an extra charm. I still can moderate. I have huge experience with it. I trained myself to eat things in moderation. I had to, low-carb required it and I saw the benefit of it regarding so many items. Now it’s for everything except maybe meat though I actually try not to overdo that either, I just probably wouldn’t anyway, at least if it’s fresh meat and it’s either lean or I do OMAD… And if I seriously moderate eggs and dairy, that helps as it leaves more room for meat. I plan several eggs today so I will be careful not to eat much meat. I don’t think I can wait until dinner with my new stew… But it’s a low level carefulness only, meat is pretty safe, at least the normal ones. I could overeat certain processed ones when in the mood for them. More like, I eat my meat and eggs and dairy, my needs are met - but I still could eat too much extra on top of that. If I have a few items only, it’s fine but if I eat every kind of stuff, it adds up. My fatty ~1400kcal meal yesterday? I could eat that stuff after a proper carni meal, most probably. It depends what I ate before, I do have some lovely stop sign after a lot of meat. (I still could eat 100g pork jowl as it’s just some easy bites but I wouldn’t want it, wouldn’t do it semi-accidentally.)

The sum of all dairy… That got out of hand in the past. I mean, I didn’t eat much… But zillion calories. The food itself looked and felt modest and I could have eaten so much more…
But even if keeping my dairy really low is challenging, giving it up is out of question and the realm of possibility as I stated a few times already.
I don’t think I crave dairy though (I probably would if I stopped eating it). I just like it and needs variety. I can’t live on meat and eggs alone, it’s not comfortable for me. If dairy would be taken away, I would need to add a lot of different plants to mitigate my mental anguish. But that has its own problems. First of all, it’s very hard to find very low-carb plants. And my stubbornness. I don’t want to eat plants if I can help it :slight_smile: But I have very good reasons for it and about zero desire for most plants so it works out well. I just need my dairy.
Today I realized our few kinds of cheeses aren’t enough. I need some bland cheap cheese for certain purposes and a nice normal cheese for others (Gouda is good for that). I have Masdaam but sliced and I need a not sliced one. It turned out the Red Leicester keeps its flavor when making a whisp, it’s too flavorful for me. The too flavorful COQ Camembert lost some just like I usually experience when I nuke my cheeses. That was useful.
I do love very flavorful things but when I eat them alone, it can be too much. My cheese whisps should be crunchy (they do it perfectly, never a problem) with a mild flavor. Too bland or sour cheeses (the cheap cheese here, Trappist is often sour. yuck. I tried it out 1-2 times after decades but nope, still not good. poor cheese, Hungary messed with it. when I was a kid, it was even wet and too white sometimes… we weren’t even poor but Mom always bought that :frowning: ) make bad cheese whisps but the too flavorful ones aren’t perfect either (they are lovely alone or on eggs, I need them for that). So I buy some cheap but nice and mild cheese to make my crunchy darlings and it’s good as the base cheese in pizza too (I do use flavorful cheeses as well but an okay just mild tasting cheese is good for volume. we like our pizza very cheesy. mine is more like an omelet, whatever, the same applies, lots of cheese on top).

It’s only 7 (I woke up at 4am), I shouldn’t even think about food but of course I do.

And it rained again :frowning: I planned some lawn moving, not today then. The weeds LOVE the weather so the garden starts to get out of hand again. And I say this with my low standards. I don’t mind bigger grass and some prettier flowering weeds here and there and I have learned it is impossible to keep even this small garden tidy without too much work that definitely doesn’t worth it… But now it needs a mowing. And lots of weeding by hand but I do that every day.

(Robin) #28

Dang! Looks good.

(Liz ) #29

Hi all. Long time no chat :slight_smile: I’m a person who is pretty much maintaining a 100 pound weight loss from a decades long low carb lifestyle. I was carnivore for three years starting in 2020 after being keto the three years prior to that. I had gone carnivore to stop carb cravings that could be triggered by something as innocent as cauliflower, and because I’d heard amazing stories about improvements in mental health. Well maybe the cravings eased, I don’t know. My mental health, no idea. I’m a 24/7 caregiver for my 90 year old disabled mom for six years now and it’s completely stressful.

This year I put vegetables back in my meals because I like them and I missed them, but now I’m experiencing joint pain and an inability to lose about 10 pounds. SO. Back on carnivore I go! Truly I’m fine with it, I just wanted more flexibility, but I don’t think I get to have that. I love the carnivore diet and find it delicious & satisfying so it’s not a hardship. It’s only that I make keto meals for my husband and mom every night and it was nice to only have to cook one thing and I like my recipes but lol whatever!! It’s worth the extra effort to make my own meals. Plus I’m OMAD so I only have to deal with dinner.

This time around I’ll really watch for joint pain improvement and that mental health thing again. It’s great I can still come to these forums and find like-minded folks. I don’t suffer any social pressures about my lifestyle, but it still really helps morale to have a group to align with.

(Doug) #30

Liz! :slightly_smiling_face::sunglasses:

Sounds good.

(Liz ) #31

Hiya :smile: thanks, old friend

(Karen) #32

Blimey miss a day and wow i have 18 posts to get through!

Food for last couple of days

Eaten a lot of chicken … not for any particular reason just what has been in fridge. Went dancing this afternoon to Lichfield and had a lovely time. May dance tomorrow evening …feeling a bit indecisive as it is right down the M42 and i hate that motorway…it just goes on and on! Probably no further than when we go down the M1 to Northampton but i just don’t like it. Anyway we are also dancing on Sunday local so it won’t really matter not going tomorrow night. I’m booked on CrossFit tomorrow morning.


At least carnivore has super simple meals… One can make more complicated ones, true but it’s very easy to make simple ones. I cook WAY less now than before as my high-carber SO’s diet has a much bigger subset with carnivore than his old, meatless version had with my vegetarian keto… We barely ever ate the same food. Meat is very useful :smiley: Even if he wants plant dishes all day, I just fry or roast some meat and cook some eggs and grab some dairy, simple. I do have slightly more complicated dishes but it’s a choice for days when I fancy more cooking. I still need to make various things but they are usually simple and when not, rewarding and it’s a hobby. My SO can cook (and do it in the weekends) and isn’t choosy, he eats meat (quite often now. he complained a bit in the first years - no problem, he can eat eggs too - but it passed) and doesn’t require low-fat food (I would be a tad lost, only having a few ideas)… Lucky.
I had no idea my vegetarian keto was complicated but compared to what I have now… Oh my. I never would want to go back.

This one is mildly complicated as it’s a stew :slight_smile: Still super simple :smiley: With egg crumbles instead of dumplings. And sour cream for this bowl, we run out but tomorrow is city day so some shopping will be involved. We could live without most dairy items but sour cream and cheese is a must.
Not a pretty food but a classic and we like it. 3:2 chicken heart:liver ratio is too livery to me. I will try 2:1 next time. I seriously overdid the water but it still works but it may be one of the reasons it’s not pretty enough. Oh well, it’s food, not decoration, prettiness is good but not required. I will make a proper one next time and I will use sunshine :wink:
It has a minuscule onion in it, Alvaro didn’t complain. He never would have used so little but I was the cook now (and he uses way less than normal people too). I could forgo it if it was just for me, most probably but it’s negligible carbs from plants (way more from the carnivore items but I don’t care about that) and I am not sensitive (or carnivore though I do what I can. making a stew is rare and I know it’s off a bit but still fine for me).

(Liz ) #34

I often wonder how my meal habits and patterns would change if it was just me. I think the timing would change at the very least. I imagine eating my one meal at 4 pm instead of our traditional dinner time of 6:30.

As it is I like eating with my family and often I make them something where I can just leave off the veg for myself. if I can’t, then I make a 1/2 pound cheeseburger which I always enjoy. It’s certainly a very easy way to eat, carnivore. But it would still be much easier if we all ate the same way :slight_smile: so it was a nice holiday for a little while haha

(Bean) #35

I’m also strict 30 days this June. Beef, lamb, chicken, water, salt (and weirdly garlic) at a 2.5:1 ratio. I know carnivore is typically not about ketosis, but I doing it for therapeutic reasons.

I started to transition the last few days of May. So far… really good. Mental health is a 180 degree turn around. My overall physical health is good. My workouts are not suffering. My body composition is changing for the better. I’ll be curious to see if I break my 8ish month weight stall. My clothes fit a little better regardless.

I’ll pop in for accountability, but I won’t even try to keep up! Carnivores are chatty. That and I want to keep myself focused on meat only. The lovely cheese and egg photos always tempt me.

Good luck on whatever June holds for all of you.

(Robin) #36

Hi Liz…first, constant caring giving for your mom is incredibly hard. And absolutely has to be impacting your mental state. So you have done incredibly well hanging in there. And congrats on your many years of keto/carni.

Reintroducing veggies can be tricky after so long. But in small doses, you may be able to.

Hang in there. You got this!

(Bean) #37

To add to what Robin said- only add one veggie at a time, focusing on the least reactive/ lowest “natural chemicals”- iceburg lettuce, peeled squashes, peel and seed everything. There’s a hospital in Sydney, Australia that does a lot of food intolerance research. A lot of the plant foods we default to in keto are also some of the hardest on our systems.

Good luck!t

(Liz ) #38

Thanks kindly for the support! Much appreciated. I’m so incredibly lucky that mom, 90, is happily Keto (my husband, too), makes for a very calm and healthy environment in which to deal with the challenges of mom not being able to walk. At least we can interact! She’s got deficits, losing short term memory, body confusion, but imagine how much worse if she hadn’t gone keto in 2018!! She reads all day, watches movies on the iPad. She’s very content and incredibly grateful not to be in an institution. I’m sacrificing my freedom all these long years to give her that. I’m so sad but it’s still worth it. I’m suffering but I’ll never regret it.

(Liz ) #39

Right! Thank you. I suspect nightshades, specifically tomatoes, my favorite :tired_face:


Very rarely I wonder what that would be. I just can’t imagine that, it is so super far from my reality! But I enjoy many aspects of living with a high-carber. I still can bake bread and I love doing that. There is someone who eats most of the fruits and vegs the garden produces… I can taste some old fav here and there…
It could be easier though. I surely would have avoided plenty of temptation and the inevitable off eating (I don’t resist temptation or very rarely and only very mild ones. my method is avoiding the bad ones, it’s my only chance)… But it probably helped a bit to get desensitized. But that’s a two edged sword, being around mildly or occasionally tempting carbier food. I can resist easily for a while and give in eventually.
Oh well, I can’t change this. I don’t want to, either. My SO is thriving on his high-carb diet and he is very health-conscious so I am fine with it.

I just popped in, sorry. But it seems I come back sooner than thought as we almost run out of cherries now. Good, I had enough of fruit canning for a while. The blackberries can take their sweet time with riping…
Oh and the relative visit got too carby and not from the normal okay sources and it wasn’t nearly as enjoyable as my better carni days and I pretty much crave carni now. Well, I crave fasting first… I really hope I will learn from this.

We got several cheeses (we have 10 different kinds now? I could go higher but I decided it’s enough… not counting the cream cheese as that is more like fat to me) and stuff. 2 new packages of quark, butters (not like we lacked them but they are different brands and I am curious and wanna compare) and even mascarpone, oh I so love that stuff.
We didn’t buy turkey thigh filet because it was in tiny, 500g packages in a too huge and thick box that I can’t even throw out selectively. But I strongly prefer just a little plastic on it anyway (as I can’t avoid at least that), not a BOX :rage: Stupid insane high plastic waste of humankind.
Oh well, I bought fish so Alvaro will have something to make curry from :slight_smile: It’s either fish or fowl for him.

We went like “oh we had some thorough shopping lately, we barely need ANYTHING”… And managed to fill our 2 cooling boxes again. We need a bigger one… But we have some huge variety regarding carni food now. How I will resist eating much dairy I don’t know but I need challenges and Alvaro helps anyway. And the cheeses are long lasting.
But next time we really should practice modesty… We did spend way less than usual but still, zillion dairy items, some meat and just a few other things… Even with Alvaro, the majority of our items are animal stuff, we always have that but now it was overwhelming. The cats approve though they get little from the dairy items.

It feels good to have things, it’s a tiny problem the fridge is quite full now. Alvaro still can fit his pot tomorrow (thankfully he cooks things already in the fridge) but that’s it, I need to eat things before I can put something I cooked in there. I still have some old pork shoulder, there is my stew… I even have sponge cakes… In the past I ate up my food so quickly but now that I have fat fast days (and learned to have variety so I make a meaty dish before I ate up the previous one), things slowed down…

This thread is slow lately, we had times when multiple people wrote a lot every day! (And I was just the worst.)

Yeah I sometimes feel bad about my inclination to write fondly about some groups just because they are mentioned. Or not, I just ate them. Well I can probably promise low dairy fat fast day photos (I don’t need dairy if I have my beloved pork jowl) but that’s it, I am in love with my dairy items now.

I plan a lowish-fat day for tomorrow (and carnivore or very close, of course. I had other plans but I got very good to follow my desires instead my old plans lately). I have some fattier items and anyway, I need fat too but I ate a lot in the last 2 days and I feel the need and am ready for a lower-cal day (feel ready, at least). I still eat my meat and it is not lean at all now (just the liver) but I will avoid the usual fatty things (like cream… it won’t be easy as I have an opened box but I do what I can).

As far as I can tell, you are a hero with a big heart. I wish you the best, if someone deserves it, it’s probably you. I can’t even imagine what you need to do but it’s good it’s not just sacrifice but you see a content mother, it could be so much worse…

I kept 2 plant food as they was in the few almost carnivore dishes we really liked and it would have been very hard to avoid those. Tomato and onion. Eventually, they almost completely went away and I just don’t miss them. It’s quite good I had this with vegs, the whole carnivore flirting started with me losing interest in almost all of my formarly beloved plants. I love when things are easy. I have my other difficulties but I need this easiness when it comes to plant.s
(It’s another matter I had a lettuce eating phase because it’s my first time I could grow them properly. I never liked lettuce but they are mine and mostly nothing just fun… But I am pretty much finished now.)