Carl's Deep Fried Chicken Skin Chorizo Rolls

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These rolls resemble crispy egg rolls, pot stickers, Fillipino lumpia, Mexican taquitos, or any fried stuffed appetizer. Once you use chicken skins you won’t want them any other way! Get chicken skins from a meat packing warehouse, a butcher, etc. I got 10 pounds for $1 pound, frozen in a bag. I had to sort through lots of small shards, though. They made lovely crisps. You can fill them with any kind of spiced ground meat, or anything else for that matter. I used ground Mexican Chorizo, which is meaty and spicy.[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Carl’s Deep Fried Chicken Skin Chorizo Rolls - - chicken skins (5-6 inches square), Mexican Chorizo (or any other spiced ground meat), sea salt, kitchen twine (for tying up the rolls), You will also need a deep fryer and fat for frying. Tallow is the best fat. Lard is second best. If you have to use an oil, use peanut oil. It has a high smoking point, and doesn’t break down Omega 6 at high temperatures.; Find a piece of chicken skin you can cut about 5-6 inches square.; Take a good meatball’s worth of ground meat and roll it into a football. Place at the edge of the skin.; Fold the edges in so the contents won’t spill out.; Roll it up tight.; Tie kitchen twine around the roll to keep it together when frying.; Toss in your favorite salt and fry for ~7 minutes.; Serve immediately as is, or with your favorite sauce.; - [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]

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Okay, so the precooked pictures don’t look great (like almost NSFW), but the finished product looks AMAZING.


That’s a great way to make a ton of different wraps and “egg rolls” with dipping sauces!!!

Thank you!

Am gonna try to track down ordering a delivery of skins from my fave chicken producer - asked at the Whole Foods butcher counter and was surprised to learn they don’t do any chicken skinning there, it’s all shipped to them like that, etc.

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Awesome! I’ve been missing crunchy egg roll flavors and just don’t dig pork rinds so much.

Looking forward to making these puppies!

~Class of 2017!

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I picked up my 40lb case of chicken skins last Thursday. I divided the case into 3lb bags for freezing. They’re awesome. I’ve been filling them with everything I can think of, as far as meat and veggies.


Thank you for this. I shall be freezing my chicken breast skins between parchment paper to make delicious spring rolls!


Where are you getting the skins?


PS will bashing the skin with a meat hammer make it thinner and bigger?

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I have a meat wholesaler not too far from me, since it has a retail market as well so they’ll sell stuff by the case. If you can find one, try that. But, any butcher shop or meat department should be able to order cases in. If you’ve a large freezer you can save big bucks. The skins cost $1.00 per lb. and a case of 80/20 pork only costs about $1.30.

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what I do is buy a family size tray of chicken thighs. My family is not keto so they get the chicken thigh meat…I take the skin and fry them in chick-arones and roast the bones to nibble on and save them for bone broth later on… :+1::heart_eyes:


Holy crap!! I havebben looking for a way to make egg rolls. This looks sooo good.