Carl’s pork belly recipe?


Hi!! I just listened to the 2 keto dudes recipe where Carl gives a Chinese pork belly recipe. I can’t seem to find this recipe anywhere. Has anyone made this? Or found a recipe for it??

(bulkbiker) #2

Not sure if its the same as Carl’s but for oven cooked we follow this one

Produces great results.

Otherwise I sous vide then pan fry.

(Bob M) #3

What temperature do you use for sous vide?

My problem with pan frying is that our pans don’t get hot enough, even though we have gas.


It may be the pans. I have better quality more expensive pans and they cook more evenly than the set of extra pans I bought.

(Bob M) #5

This cooking technique does not make the oven rack dirty?

(Bob M) #6

I think it’s the gas. We have cast iron, All Clad, and De Buyer pans:

Of these, for searing, I like the De Buyer the best: it has a ridiculously heavy bottom (so heavy, my wife won’t use it). Still doesn’t get hot enough.

(bulkbiker) #7

I tend to do 24 hours at 52 degrees C (UK)
Then pan fry but I do have a 5kw gas ring on my hob.
You could grill (broil) instead.

(Jocelyne Slattery) #8

I love pork belly but is there a trick so I don’t smoke up my house and dirty the oven so much? Yikes, I have to clean my oven every time!

(Jeff Henderson) #9

Can you just turn it on and walk away for 12-14 mins how many BTU is the burner.

(Stylee) #10

If you have a cast iron skillet you can put it in a 500F oven and the damn thing will be hot enough then! :cowboy_hat_face:

Or you could use a food torch.