Carbs is the drug that I'm thinking of

(James Studdart) #1

So over the last week I’ve been off Keto, I was going to stay Keto, I am not going to justify why, and I don’t have to :slight_smile:
The long and the short of it is, I feel tired, run down and a little depressed. I think this may also be linked to running around after a set of 18month old twins as well as the huge amount of carbs.

I’ve come to realise carbs are one of those socially acceptable drugs, Iike alcohol and now to a lesser extent smoking. I think in some social situations, at least for me, eating carbs seems like the right thing to do, especially at this time of year. But, I was just sat reflecting on my glutenous eating over the last few days and thought why!? I wouldn’t go to a party and just because everyone else is stuffing coke up their noses, and smoking crack, I wouldn’t do it, so why did I feel that consuming the delicious drugs was okay.

Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed those carbs while I was eating but shortly after I regretted it, I don’t mean I beat myself up about, I actually felt bloated and had a headache. A bit like illegal drugs (I’d imagine) you get the high and then the come down and crash.

I think I need to kick myself back into touch, and get back to the way I eat now. It’s going to be a few weeks of battling to get back to where I was, since Xmas day I’ve put on 6lb (at least) it will most likely be water weight, but after all the beer in Poland earlier this month it took two weeks to shift that gain from just 4 days.

We also have new year coming up, but I’ve got my vodka sorted there :slight_smile: no beer here :wink:

So happy holidays, and happy new year to everyone and let’s get through this :slight_smile:

(Scott Shillady) #2

Keep Calm and Eat Bacon my friend