Carbs around training?

(Hannah) #1

Hey there!!

I’ve just restarted keto after a month break. Whilst on my break, I started taking more interest in weight lifting and started seeing a lot of progress quickly. I’m going back onto keto as carbs don’t really agree with me but I’ve been having protein yoghurt with granola as a pre-workout.

I was just wondering if anyone targeted their carb intake around their training? Do you increase carbs on training days? Or just generally what people have as a pre-workout, if anything? I just don’t want to regress after I’ve improved so much!

Thank you!!

(Allie) #2

Nothing special pre-workout and never use carbs around training. Been training with weights since 2002 and now keto close to four years.

It’s the glucose burning “you must eat every three hours” mentality that created the need for pre / post workout meals. Eat when hungry. If I happen to be hungry before or after gym then I’ll eat whatever I was planning to eat that day, but I prefer not to eat anything for several hours before training.


Hello Hannah,
As this is something that I was interested in too I found this book to be very helpful in understanding carb use around training.
It is co authored by Jeff Volek who as you may know is a serious researcher in keto athletic performance.

Hope it helps


I acknowledge that it’s cover sounds a bit grandiose :slight_smile: but I think it’s worth a read and I have personally produced good results following its message.

It’s general themes have been around in body building for years I believe.

Despite its cover it is equally applicable to either gender! :blush:

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Hi Hannah.

You might find something useful in this thread:

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Here’s an easy suggestion. Buy a bag of Smarties and a stick blender. Before training, grind three rolls into water and drink. After training, grind and consume six rolls. This will give you 20g of dextrose before and 40g afterwards. Since it’s dextrose, it will go right into your system. Do not include it in your daily carb count. It’s a normal part of a TKD. If you’re adapted, it will effect lipolysis in only a minor way.


Dr. Peter Brukner - 'Carbs. Fats. What Should The Elite Athlete Be Eating?


Best calorieless preworkouts imo are creatine and caffeine, both give nice kick if u want more energy to ur lifts.

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Follow this guy - all about fasting / working out and carb cycling

(Karim Wassef) #10

It depends on the purpose for the exercise… losing fat? Building muscle? Building strength? Toning? Flexibility?

Carbs can have a role if you’re pushing into elite muscle building or endurance building. It allows for increased intensity while exercising and can improve recovery. Is it necessary? In my experience - no.


Assuming energy isn’t an issue, post workout carbs will do more for you than pre. I use Carb10 as a post workout carb to replenish muscle glycogen which will help the next workout and help shuttle in nutrients to the muscles I demolish during the workout. There’s also TKD which is pre workout Dextrose for energy, that can help if your doing super high intensity stuff but typically not needed otherwise. If you’re really getting into lifting and taking it seriously and want to maximize results, your going to do some things differently than many here. Some of it may be the carbs, and most likely be increased protein.

(Fast Freddy) #12

It’s up to your goals, but - you don’t need carbs pre workout especially if your fat adapted which is the whole point.

The closer you are to your ideal physique, the more lenient you can be with carb additions etc. It’s entirely up to you and your goals.

You need to do what’s right for your body and gauge How’s it going for you.

Personally I always train 100% fasted - works great for me - been doing it for years.

(Chris - #13

I have, gained back a bit of fat as a result. Did nothing for my energy.