Carb Binge after Wine

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I drank a bottle of red wine the other night. Then hunger. My wife gone to visit her daughter for a couple of weeks and left a bag of cookies. I had one, then two, then eight, then found the boxes of mac and cheese, cooked and ate it all. No profound side affects, but feel ashamed. Carbs are like Lays potato chips, I can’t have just one. I am back on the Keto wagon.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #2

Just take it a day at a time. You can have all the glazed doughnuts you want—tomorrow. For today, just stay keto.

(Peter) #3

Also worth considering avoiding stuff that you know is a trigger for wanting to eat carbs.

(UsedToBeT2D) #4

That is the lesson. A cold Keto pizza would have helped.

(Tracy) #5

Speaking of pizza, the one I make is very easy, very low carb, and better cold. Check it out in the recipes section.

(Niqi ) #6

Oh Iv been feeling the shame too … quite a few vodkas and coke zeros last night … I don’t even know why?!! But it happened put it behind you. We enjoyed now we move on!

(UsedToBeT2D) #7

Coke and vodka? Never tried that.

(UsedToBeT2D) #8

I will try the pizza. The fathead dough is not difficult, but I do like easy.

(Joey) #9

@KetoType2 There are a lot of great keto pizza/crust recipes out there. Try 'em all. Almond flour bread is also a winner for sandwiches, spreads, etc.

FWIW, I make a few “pizza” crusts (basically shredded mozz cheese and egg) rolled out real thin and baked on parchment paper. Then I store extras in the fridge; they make great wraps for meats, guacamole, salsa, smoked salmon, whatever.

Recipes like these give you that occasional feeling of a bread-like substance - but without the bread. Makes it easier to pull together some crowd-pleasing meals when you’ve got a mixed set of eaters/guests around the same table.


yea the alcohol can trigger alot of people to backslide real fast.

we can ‘excuse’ any reason to eat up all the carbs when we are buzzed a bit :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

one reason I avoided booze on my journey for a very very long time. Now I finally am in that zone to have a few drinks and not carb out. Took me a darn long while to get here to this stage LOL

glad you are back on keto and doing well…next time you do want to drink a bit…before you drink, you have ALL THE GOOD keto food ready to go so you know what you will be eating if you spy the cookies or whatever else might be in your path. No reason to feel ashamed, it happens to all of us at some point thru our journey, only thing ya can do is learn from it and prepare up a bit to handle situations.

(Tracy) #11

I’ve been crucified in the past about my comments regarding fathead dough, so I’m only telling you about my experience with it. I can’t get it to work when using cheese I shred myself. If I use preshredded cheese, the starch content raises my blood sugar more than I’m willing to accept. I believe the reason it only works with preshredded cheese is due to the starch which doesn’t seem to be counted on the nutritional facts since the serving size is only 1/4 cup.

(Bob M) #12

For me, alcohol typically makes me hungry. I only drink in the evening, and almost always have to eat something after I have a drink.

(Bob M) #13

Interesting. When I was wearing my CGM, I had soup that I thought was “clean” (nothing but shrimp + vegetables), but that caused a huge spike in my blood sugar. I attributed that to whatever starch they used to thicken the soup.

I have not seen a blood sugar rise due to cheese with starch in it, though, but I don’t eat Fat Head dough much at all, and usually use the cheese during Taco Tuesday (without the “Taco” part of that). But I also will have salsa, sometimes red onion, etc., so there’s too much going on to attributed a blood sugar rise to starch.

(Tracy) #14

What I find interesting is that if a person who is Keto saw a recipe that said, “shred 2 cups of cheese, add 1 tablespoon of corn starch”, they wouldn’t use that recipe because they would know starch is a no-no. But they have no problem using preshredded cheese as long as the label says less than one carb. There’s a reason the starchy cheese comes out fluffy like bread and the one lacking starch is a hard blob.

(Bob M) #15

I also wonder about the type of starch. Some of them use potato starch, and I did a while with potato starch where I was able to keep in ketosis by eating the (edit: potato) starch. And my blood sugar did not seem much affected, though back then I was using finger-pricks and thought that I needed to take blood sugar at 1 and 2 hours after eating. After wearing my CGM, I realized that my blood sugar goes up and down within an hour, so after one hour, I’m back at the start. I wouldn’t catch the peak by measuring at one hour.

Consequently, if I buy the shredded cheese, I buy the variety with potato starch.

(Diana) #16

I’m in this boat right now. Had a glass of wine then had quarter cup of pumpkin seeds, some pecans, an archer farms stick. I know this doesn’t sound that bad but in theory I shouldn’t have had anything. This was above and beyond my meals. Always happens with drinks.


I am glad to see that you are a human. Readers will benefit from your story of avalanche survival @KetoType2

It is also good to see that the ketogenic forums are a place to release some demons :japanese_goblin::space_invader::ghost::clown_face:, as they don’t survive here. And as you have shown, they don’t survive long at all, if you don’t feed them (processed carbohydrates).

Well done on bringing the tale and the learning to discuss in this thread.

If you were keto-carnivore, instead of considering climbing back on ‘the horse’, you could consider eating it, at least the legs, as that would make it shorter, then it is easier to get back on it.

That last paragraph is the coffee talking :smiley:


Too funny! :horse:

hmm, ya sure that ain’t some scotch or whiskey talking instead of coffee LOL