Canola oil: yes or no?

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In the 30:30 timestamp here

Phinney shows a composition for canola oil that seems pretty good. I guess this is why in a Jimmy Rants I heard a few months (?) ago, Moore was saying that Phinney likes canola oil, which Moore disagreed with.

That PUFA composition does look pretty good. So, is canola the exception to seed oils being bad?

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Why? Would be my question… why risk it?
Plenty of far better animal fats or fruit fats to use

Do you want something that has been through this process inside you?

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Phinney actually uses olive oil from Kirkland (the Costco house brand).

The issue with all the seed oils is the quantity of ω-6 fatty acids, which, while essential to the human diet, are inflammatory in quantity. Not only that, but ω-6 fatty acids compete with ω-3 fatty acids (also essential) for the same cell receptors, so you want your polyunsaturated fats to be essentially in a 1:1 ratio. The healthiest fats are saturated and monounsaturated, so if you want to use an oil, the fruit oils (avocado, coconut, and olive) have a much better profile. Even better is to cook with butter/ghee, lard, tallow, and bacon grease.


Exactly why I avoid it.

I love EVOO and avocado oil. Some cold pressed sesame and the occasion walnut or hazelnut oils. Or rendered bacon fat.

OP If you need a neutral oil for cooking use avocado, less flavor and high flash point.

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He literally says, “I’m not a big fan of canola oil.” His point was that it’s better than soybean oil.

Being the best of the bad isn’t high praise.

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Some years ago, I bought canola oil. It was difficult to import to Europe, but supposedly (according to those pushing for it) it was short of magic.

The first time I tried, I had a strong stomach ache. I never have digestive problems (except with canola oil).

Olive oil is great.

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Canola oil is rapeseed oil which is fairly ubiquitous through out Europe surely?

Those huge fields of yellow flower crops that are seen everywhere?

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About Europe in general, I do not know. About Spain, rapeseed oil has a bad press, due to health issues in the past (due to “bad” companies, not the product itself). Nobody AFAIK buys rapeseed oil or canola oil in Spain. Only olive oil and sunflower oil are used, by the general population.

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Interesting story

Probably for the best for Spain though… rapeseed is pretty widely available everywhere else in Europe though.

Especially in mayonnaise

Is Hellmans available in Spain?

What is the main ingredient there?

Edit to add just found it

Must have a really bad rap in Spain…

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Yes, Hellmans is available in Spain. But most Spaniards I think prepare their own mayo with sunflower oil, at home.

Apart from sunflower oil for mayo (twice a year, say), all my oil consumption is olive oil.

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Wow! No kidding. I did not know about that case, unsurprisingly. Fascinating.

From The Guardian:

The principal scientific premise - that evidence should be gathered and, on that basis, a conclusion reached - appeared to have been reversed: a conclusion had been reached, and then the evidence manipulated in order to support that conclusion.

Sounds a little like Ancel Keys at work. Or Mark Hegsted. :face_vomiting:

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Canola oil: Yes but only if you can find fresh Canolas. You must get them as they fall off the Canola tree by catching them in mid air. This is why fresh canola oil is so expensive and rare. The older non-fresh canola oil tastes just like rapeseed oil and its use is discouraged.

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