Can you keto and not cook

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Salmon I can’t do but I’m sure I can get another fish I like avacado is Ok mixed :blush:

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Thank you, yea I’m looking for dirty keto or at least no cooking I’m not a picky eater tbh I just hate cooking living a busy life.

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I took a walk around my local super market, found a load of foods but most of not is not that high in fat I will take a look around a few more fingers crossed as I want the high fat diet so I actual get fat adapted.

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Oops, i should of proof read :man_facepalming:, mistakes happen hehe.

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I’m glad you didnt, it was funny. I enjoyed it.


Canned foods are great, like tuna. Sunflower oil is inflammatory, but tuna in water can be added ro any kind of salad, with whichever fat you prefer.

Sushi is marinated rice, to which one may add fish, meat or vegetables, and not keto at all.
Did you perhaps mean sashimi, which is sliced raw meat or fish?

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I did wonder when I wrote that whether I had got that right. I meant raw fish. Japanese never was my strong point! :joy:


Most people don’t seem to know the difference, they think that sushi means raw fish when no fish or meat is even needed… But sashimi is great, the word just means sliced body (meat/fish). I hope to one day have bear sashimi. I have had bear stew once, and the meat had almost a sweet taste. Would probably be much better raw than cooked.

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I know here in the US at least, you can buy bags of pre-grilled or fully cooked chicken in the cold section and beef steak strips (like for fajitas)…add some mayo, boiled eggs or cheese…might not be too bad, no cooking if you find the already made/shelled eggs too and maybe 5 min tops to put together :wink:

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Fish sashimi

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Kebabs? And what about fish without the chips? What do the local pizza places serve? In the U.S., it’s generally possible to order meatballs or sausage and peppers, etc., as main dishes, hold the pasta.

Cheeses don’t always need refrigeration, and nor butter. Buttered Brie or Gouda would make a good snack or even a meal. Perhaps some pepperoni or prosciutto to go with.

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Preaching to the converted here although I have both a kitchen and enjoy cooking… fish tends to come battered though which can be a real bugger to remove if not done extremely well. Pizza joints in the UK mostly do pizzas with more carby crap alongside…

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Pity. Guess that means going to the local naff caff and ordering spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, and spam . . . :grin:

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Tbf fired spam is actually banging :joy:, one think I could probably eat day in day out.

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My nearest takeaway is like a 45 min walk from home as well I like walking but not to get food :joy: I will figure something out, just need to make sure I hit my macros, don’t want to make myself ill by under eating.

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Our take away are not great tbh, think all the kebabs are stuffed with fillers and fish mostly comes battered, as for the restraints that do meatballs and stuff like pizza hut it’s like £20 a meal, i will figure something out from super markets and what not most have a bit food counter, i can probably rob some chicken or pork from there, at least it will be warm food.

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Not a fan of fish in general I ate some bad salmon like 3 years ago and it just put me off ever since, i do like other sea food though like lobster and prawns, and tinned tuna, will have to try some raw wish wee if I can do it if not no big loss.

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I do most of my cooking on an induction cooktop with one small skillet. Heat a pan with a little coconut oil and/or butter, put in some vegetable - I like Brussels sprouts, broccoli, or asparagus and leeks - in, stir them around then I throw in half a steak (I’m a small woman so I stay around 1200 cals) and cook them until the veggies are bright green and the steak is to taste (I eat mine rare) and that’s it. I usually only eat one meal a day. with maybe a protein shake or keto bar of some kind. Simple and delicious. I like Montreal seasoning on the steak, which contains no sugar. The same process will work with pork chops, fish or chicken, too, but start with chicken first since it takes a lot longer than the veggies.

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Okay, we lived in a hotel for a long time whilst looking for a house and I got some top tips from my mum.
Canned tuna and those ready made salads you can buy is your best friend. My mum used to make wraps but you can use a lettuce leaf instead of the bread. Drizzle a bit of mayo and seasoning and you’re set to go. A kettle works really well for boiling eggs. We also found packaged cooked salmon or those cooked meats you can find at the store and make them into a meal. When you want a hot meal, you can buy something from Subways without the bread or have a good breakfast with eggs, bacon, mushrooms and etc once in a while. Good luck and wish you the best. Hope I helped

Edit: When we were in a hotel, we weren’t allowed to cook anything cuz of the fire alarm but I realise that you probably can use a rice cooker or those electric pans with a cable or even a good sandwich grill could serve useful for cooking steaks.


Totally doable, but you might get a little bored since there are more options (and cheaper meals) if you do a little cooking.

If you have the space, you could try an air fryer. You can make a lovely steak, chicken, or hamburger in one quite quickly. You can also do veg or even eggs. Technically you are cooking, but you don’t need a kitchen and it is super easy.