Can you keto and not cook

(Kieran Paget) #1

I’ve been looking at keto for a few months, currently I don’t have the facility’s to cook, I’m single and live in a 2 bedroom house with no kitchen, up until January I would work 12 hours a day 6 days a week and just order a take away on the way home but now I scrap the take away and go subway, i want to change my eating habbits completely but is there such thing as a no cook keto, apart from the ready meals that cost you a arm and a leg.

Current calorie intake is 800 calories from food and around 1200/1400 from soda that I have cut out since Monday.

(Jody) #2

Long term, I don’t know how. Hire a cook?

(Kieran Paget) #3

Unfourttunetly I’m not a millionaire, to hire a cook around here would set me back a good £300 a night.

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #4

If take out is your only option for freshly cooked food, I found that Subway can make a decent meat/cheese salad and Chipotle has burrito bowls (no beans/rice, lettuce base). I haven’t looked into the burgers from fast food places but I hear a lot of folks get double burgers and take off the bun, you can get fried chicken and take off the skin.

If you have a place to keep non-perishables consider canned meat, beef jerky, nuts, pork rinds, etc. I like to get chicken at the grocery store, already cooked. They sell it roasted with a few pieces in a container. They sell hard boiled eggs in six packs, already peeled which could be a meal.

I think if you are giving up all those calories from soda you’re already going to see and feel a dramatic difference while you make your way. Best wishes!

(bulkbiker) #5

Which country do you live in?

(Kieran Paget) #6

That’s what I was looking at ready cooked meat from grocery stores, aswell as like cheese strings and stuf, and yea I’ve been the same way for over 7 years ballooned from 190lbs to 330 in 3 years actually feel sick looking at myself, but most of my weight is from soda I don’t eat slot because I never have the apitite

(Kieran Paget) #7

England my friend, Coventry to be precise.

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #8

My sister in law stopped drinking Coke and lost, like, 40 lbs without changing anything else. It’s a LOT of sugar throughout the day. I hope that single change will get you feeling better and hopefully jump start your weight loss.

(bulkbiker) #9

Someone has to…
So supermarket roast chicken counters
Burger King & Maccyd’s will both do bunless burgers…
Chinese get a roast duck without pancakes and sauce have the srpring onion and cucumber if you like them
Indian chicken/lamb tikka main with a low carb veg
Stick an induction hob in your room for stirfries (they do them in Ikea - induction hob not stir fries…).
Cold meats and cheese from the supermarket.
How’s that for a few ideas?

(Kieran Paget) #10

Great thanks my burger king got shit down though for rats haha so I think that ones ruled out lol.

(bulkbiker) #11

something like this should even cook a half decent steak…


Do you have a fridge, Kieran? There are plenty of non-cook keto-friendly foods (cheese, deli meats, take-away rotisserie chicken, a bit of salad, avocado) you could survive on perfectly well without actually cooking. And if you can get hold of a just small electric (plug-in) skillet, a whole world of bacon and eggs and steak options will open up to you too! Keep it simple, and good luck! :slight_smile:

(bulkbiker) #13

Extra B12 in the shit

(Kieran Paget) #14

I have a induction hob, just don’t really use it, last time I used it tried cooking burgers and they fell apart so just went back to eating subways and takeaways.

(Kieran Paget) #15

Yea I have a mini fridge full of beer atm though, burn can always clear it out, (I know beers not keto but looking for advice and ideas of simpke/lazy keto before I even jump on)


There are lots of options, many have been suggested already. Think it’s a question of thinking out of the box a bit.
Take time to ho round your local supermarket and look at what they’ve got.
With the induction job you can expand the possibilities enormously. From simple bacon and eggs to steaks and masses in between. Again, look found the supermarket and find out what they have.
Chuck (or drink) the beer and grill fridge with bacon, eggs, cream and cheese if nothing else. Loads of possibilities just with these and then you can experiment and expand from there, depending on what you like, can manage to cook.

Good luck!

(Dan) #17

Good for you, to start cutting those soda’s. Well it definitely sounds challenging. As mentioned before start by making space in your mini fridge and get a 1 hub electrical stove. Stock up on cheeses meat and salads.

(Robert C) #18

One way to get into ketosis is through fasting.

Given your current 330 pound weight and inability to cook, you could consider a 5-day fast weekly - carefully doing 2 large mostly-Keto take-away meals during the weekend.

Without cooking and trying to eat daily, you would be having to include Keto “snacks” (nuts, bars etc.) which, given your weight, will not help you for a number of years. That is, even if you could sustain the discipline - that is doubtful as it is exactly these snacky foods that cause people problems.

(Marie Dantoni) #19

Many great suggestions here for take out meals. There are also quick keto foods you can prepare from scratch with a plug-in skillet…eggs,bacon, burgers, frozen veggies, steak. Sausage…, Intermittent fasting helps free up time and is very cost effective as well.

(Janet) #20