Can you be Keto and get really fat?

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My weight is pretty stable on keto, varying within a ten-pound (4.5-kilo) range. Body composition seems to shift a bit, however, depending on what I’m eating (especially on what carbs people leave lying around for me to trip over, lol!).

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LOL. Good one.

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I saw my weight gradually creep up. I was overindulging in HWC and eating more than I should have been at meal time. I can easily ignore satiety signals (what are those, lol).

In the last year, I tweaked my eating and have lost almost 30 pounds. I just know that I do have to pay attention to how much I eat or it is not going to work for me.

On the positive side, I gained much more slowly on Keto. On a HCLF diet, I could have put that 30 Pounds on in a month. With Keto, it took a few years.

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