Can someone please explain Richard's calculator?

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I am at a loss trying to understand how Richard’s calculator works. I just don’t get it.

I am speaking about how in the description, Richard says that his friend is 135 lbs, her lean body mass is 110 – so she has around 25 lbs of body fat. Which means from body fat she can only draw 878.5 kCal/day of energy.

My stats are similar to hers at 141lbs total weight, lean body mass at 111, so why do I not require any additional fat with such a small change in stats.

Can someone please explain this to me? I think the residual carbs I ate over the weekend are leaving me with brain fog, I am just not getting it :crazy_face:

Does this mean I do not need to eat additional fat to fast without damaging my metabolism? blinks a few times…

Backpacking on a caloric deficit . .
Should you restrict calories and fat when fat adapted to lose weight?

It looks as though you’ve entered 600 kCal as your metabolic rate.

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I did not enter that, it was automatic after I entered the data, but now that I am redoing it, it is sitting at 2000? Weird lol
I have recalculated, I still do not get it,

Can you please explain if you understand the results?


You need to enter your own metabolic rate as it will differ from person to person. My maintenance calories seem to be around 1650 so that’s what I’d enter as my metabolic rate.

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Ahhh, jesus christ, what am I doing!!!

I will sort it out eventually :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re just having one of those days :rofl:

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I certainly am, I’ve done it! I’ve figured it out lol.

Okay so by my understanding, I only need to eat an additional 50g of fat a day (which is easily attainable with all of the cream I put in my coffee) to not slow my metabolism down?


That seems to be the idea - no idea if it works or not but I like it as theory for those who don’t get the awesome highs from fasting.

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Thanks @anon54735292 :slight_smile:

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Yeah, it ends in “y”


Katie, the calculator is based on studies using a calorie-restricted HC diet. I have no doubt that (all else being equal) fasting is easier when we have more fat to burn, but beyond that I don’t think the formula has any real application to ketogenic folks or to all-out fasting.

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I was failing so bad until I found the calculator. It got me fast long enough to reach my goals.

Since I am at my goal weight, I find it helpful still. I put enough HWC in my coffee or drink enough bone broth to make it easier to continue a fast.


hmm - that’s interesting. I think it makes sense in general, and it might be that the numbers actually do work for some people (well, obviously, because it worked for you!). It doesn’t work for me at all.

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I didn’t know that calculator was there, thanks for bringing it up @ava_ad0re

I wonder why my metabolic rate is so much higher then average he has listed.

Granted this is somewhat guessing, as I didn’t do a dexa scan, I went by

which gave me these results for lean body mass and has quite a variance.
The Boer Formula Result: 136.5 lbs .
The James Formula Result: 139.2 lbs .
The Hume Formula Result: 127.0 lbs

Mine is showing 2000 while he says average is 1696 for males.

Total weight 186
Lean body mass 127
Body Fat 32%
Metabolic Rate 2000
Required Metabolic Deficit 142 kCal
Required Metabolic Deficit 7.1%
Additional fat 15.7g

I know he explains some of it, but more information leads to more questions sometimes. LoL.

This website is informative but uses different terminology then Metabolic Rate it instead uses Basal Metabolic Rate, maybe no difference?

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@ava_ad0re have you gotten it figured out? It took me a minute too😊
When I entered my stats and I was 148 at the time. It said I should supplement 44g of fat a day

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I’m in the same boat as @ava_ad0re was. A little confused. Lol. So does this mean that you should consume this much fat whilst fasting?

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Yes, your body can only pull so much from your stores daily. IDM has a good post about this as well, sorry I don’t have the direct link, but Richard’s post explains how much etc.

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This is really interesting! Because my first three day fast was a piece of cake. But my second one was horrible and I quit early. I definitely had more HWC during the first one. Thanks @ava_ad0re for bringing this up!

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Yes, that’s what it said I needed a day while fasting


I think if you’re doing the odd extended fast - say a three to five day fast every few months - you could probably get away with not supplementing fat. If you fast regularly, have little in the way of bodyfat & don’t feel great then I think the supplementation is a good idea otherwise you really are just calorie restricting.